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DC, Capcom partner to bring Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to the funny pages

Maybe it was sitting back and seeing the competition (Marvel) clean house in the games industry but DC Comics has really jumped onto videogames lately. From Mortal Kombat vs DC to the game based on The Dark Knight we all know is coming, DC is jumping in the gaming pool with both feet. Another example of DC going for a profit swim is the announcement that DC Comics and Capcom plan to bring Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to the comic world.

The agreement with Capcom isn't the only gaming deal DC has struck lately as the comic giant is also working with EA to release a six-part comic prequel based on the upcoming Mirror's Edge and with Microsoft to publish a series based on Gears of War set to arrive in October.

No other details were given about the two Capcom projects but hope that DC's Devil May Cry comic series turns out well, otherwise they could end up filing for bankruptcy like the last team who tried.

[via Joystiq]

DC producing Mirror's Edge prequel comic

Electronic Arts has announced a partnership with DC Comics to produce a six part comic series based on the upcoming run-em-up Mirror's Edge. The comic will take place before the events of the game and chronicle the back-story of its main character, Faith, promising that "Frame by frame, page by page, [readers will] learn more about the events that shaped both her and the city." The comic will be penned by Rhianna Pratchet -- who is also the writer of the game itself -- and drawn by artist Matthew Dow Smith. The first issue will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Details on when the comic will be more widely available are still up in the air.

[Via Joystiq]

MK VS DC new screens, plus "Brutalities"

When the game was first announced, fanboys on both sides were worried that Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe wouldn't be able to do justice to either property. While the main of that question is still up in the air, one small part of it has now been answered (for those few who really care). See, the very first episode of the MKast went up recently and promised again to its followers that the game would in fact feature the series' signature Fatalities.

Bu- bu- bu- but Batman doesn't kill! Indeed. To rectify this, the DC characters will have what are known as Brutalities instead. Just like a Fatality, except, y'know, not fatal. As you can tell, we're absolutely ecstatic about this news. Wee.

Gallery: Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe

DC Comics swoops in and saves the XBLM

The entire Super Friends crew is coming to an Xbox Live Marketplace near you ... that is if you live in the States. Microsoft and DC Comics have partnered to launch a new DC Comics network onto the XBLM, allowing gamers to purchase their favorite DC Comics based television shows. So far, they've committed to releasing episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Superman: The Fleischer Cartoons, Super Friends, The Adventures of Batman and Aquaman as well as DC based 360 theme and gamer picture downloads. Exciting stuff, especially when you've had nothing but Dark Knight on the mind for the past few months.

[Thanks, Jarvis Slacks]

MK vs DC survey asks what you want in a potential 'Kollector's Edition'

Hot off the heels of announcing a new podcast related to the development of the upcoming fighter, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, a potential list of special edition extras was teased today. Gamers on Midway's mailing list for more info on MK vs. DC were treated with a survey earlier today that asked which extra they would be interested in if a "Kollector's Edition" was made available.

Possible extras include:
  • Comic Book
  • Art Book
  • Soundtrack
  • T-shirt
  • Animation Cell
  • Exclusive DC video
  • Making of MK vs DC video
To be honest we'd like something a bit cooler that deserves the extra few dollars. Not that an art book isn't nice, but how about a statue of Batman punching the lights out of Sub-Zero? Or you know, Kryptonite. In case Superman loses it and someone needs to take him out. Think we'd still prefer the statue, actually.

Frogger 2 achievements reveal possible DC port

When Frogger 2 was revealed (courtesy of the ESRB) to be coming to XBLA, there was some speculation as to which version of the game would end up being ported over. There was the original and then the later update, the latter of which was the game with the most content and most recent release, but the Live Arcade has seen older games show up too. Now that the achievements have been revealed, we can see from their details that they definitely refer to things that the later game had, but the earlier didn't. Given that this will be a port, let's hope that the netcode is that of the PC version, because XBLA hasn't had the best of luck with the online portion of Dreamcast ports.

Achievement list after the break.

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DC set to publish Gears of War comic in Oct.

As if the Prototype series wasn't enough, DC Comics has inked a deal to produce a comic book series for another high profile gaming franchise that some of you may be familiar with. A lil' franchise that goes by the name of Gears of War ... have you heard?

The Gears of War comic will debut later this October with a storyline focused on bridging the gap between the first Gears installment and Gears of War 2 which is set to release in November. More Gears storyline, more Gears artwork and more Gears goodness? Count us in with guns a blazing!

Rumor: Mortal Kombat VS DC Comics?

With this being the year fighting games make their glorious return, it shouldn't be too surprising that Mortal Kombat is going to be getting a sequel (the eighth in the series, can you believe it?). While it is confirmed that there will be another game in the series, the specifics are tightly under wraps for the moment, and Midway plans to release them relatively soon. Some of the outlets that have gotten (or will get) access to the info already have teasers up for the thing, and those in and of themselves may have been more of a giveaway than intended.

GamesRadar posted a teaser image with promise of an exclusive video tomorrow, but they should have looked much more closely at the filename. The image is named "MKDC blog--article_image" which basically gives away the big secret. Not to mention the blatantly obvious Superman silhouette in the picture itself. It looks as though Midway might have an answer of their own to Marvel VS Capcom and X-Men VS Street Fighter. Too bad they're about 10 years too late.

[Note: Since this post's original writing, the picture has been removed from GamesRadar's post, so interpret what that means for yourself. We, however, think "confirmed"]

Gamerscore Blog's Road Tour stops in DC [update 1]

The Gamerscore Blog crew is still on their road tour across North American and still having fun. Today they set up shop in Washington DC with the official event kicking off this evening. And to pass the time between now and tonight they've been seeing the sights, visiting the White House, and getting a feel for what DC has to offer even getting a look at Mr. Lincoln himself. We're sure we'll be seeing more photos trickle in from their DC festivities later on tonight, so keep an eye out for secret XBLA clues or peripheral appearances. We hope everyone who RSVP'ed has a blast at the GSB event tonight, we're with you all in spirit.

Update 1: Doh! Their blog post was from yesterday, which means the DC event already happened, which means all the photos they have up are all you're going to get. It's Friday, what can we say ...

Screens for the Man of Steel

The shaky, disease-ridden addicts over at XboxAddict have posted some new screens of Superman Returns. This could turn out to be a great game, but thus far the screenshots have not thrilled me. They lack zing. No verve at all. Hopefully, my fears are completely unfounded and this will be the best Superman since the arcade game, but I'm not holding my super breath.

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