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No button 360 controller mod

We've seen lots of controller mods around here. We've seen voice recognition controllers. We've seen controllers with hidden buttons. Until now though, we hadn't seen a controller with no buttons. Okay, technically it does have the start, back and Guide buttons, but just follow along, mkay? The mod you see above -- created by one Mactastic Mendez -- uses tiny digital joysticks located under the controller for face button input. How does all of work? It's quite simple really: magic. Well, that, a soldering iron, and some handy crafting skills. Check out a video of the controller in action after the break. Then head over to AcidMods to see how it was made.

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Dragon themed 360 controller a Walmart exclusive

Haven't you always wanted a black and white Xbox 360 controller featuring a swoosh theme, a Chinese dragon, a feminine eye and a ... candlestick phone? Well, you're in luck, because Microsoft and Walmart have teamed up to offer an exclusive dragon Xbox 360 controller bundle.

The bundle (which we're told has already rolled out to Walmart and Sam's Club stores) includes both a dragon themed 360 wireless controller and black wired headset for only $49. Not too shabby of a deal, especially if you were already in the market for both a controller and headset. You can view pictures of this "unique" controller in the gallery below and decide whether its white d-pad is aesthetically pleasing to your eye. But a candlestick phone? Really?

Gallery: Xbox 360 Wireless Dragon Controller

[Thanks, Terry W.]

Curses! D-pad revision is 'limited edition, promotional item'

It doesn't look like everyone should be jumping for joy about a revised Xbox 360 d-pad, yet. According to Microsoft the rumored directional pad revision is currently only slated as "a limited edition promotional item that is only available in Europe, Asia and Latin America while supplies last." Set for release on October 24, Eurogamer confirmed the "optimized" d-pad will be released in a bundle with Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. Also, the controller will be sickly green, as seen in the image above. While plans could change the bundle seems to be the only option for now. No word on a North American bundle, so for now sports fans should hope Pro Evo 09 is region-free.

[via Joystiq]

Rumor: New 360 controllers feature revised d-pad [update]

Update: D-pad rumors are cleared up and it looks like we aren't getting an improved d-pad anymore.

In rumor news coming straight from the Leipzig Games Convention floor, Eurogamer is reporting that Microsoft has plans to release new Xbox 360 controllers featuring a revised d-pad.

Eurogamer heard about the d-pad revision from a third party publisher who confirmed that the new controllers will look exactly like the current model, but with 32 direction support. We're also told that the Games Convention booth for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer is using the new controller and Capcom's Street Fighter IV will supposedly support the new d-pad as well. Eurogamer posted pictures of the revised d-pad controller which is coincidentally the new green controller set to release next month. Does that mean the new green and red controllers are the rumored to be revised controller models with improved d-pads? We aren't exactly sure, so we'll wait for Microsoft to comment.

E308: Up close and personal new red and green controllers

This E3, not only did we receive megaton Xbox 360 software announcements, but we also received two megaton peripheral announcements too. Well, not exactly megaton in scale, but there are two brand new controller colors hitting retailers later this September.

High resolution pictures of he red and blacked controller as well as the solid green wireless controllers (with matching battery packs) can be viewed in the gallery below. If you're a Gears of War 2 fanboy, then we say go with the red / black controller. If you're all about saving the Earth, then go green with the green controller. Then again, if you're all about saving the planet we wouldn't recommend purchasing a factory manufactured petroleum plastic based product. We'd feel dirty.

Gallery: E308: Red and Green Controllers

Video: DIY FPS controller for Xbox 360

F00 f00 over from sent us a tip informing us about his newly created FPS controller for the Xbox 360. As you can tell from the image above, his 360 controller has been highly modified. The right analog stick has been moved to be level with the left analog stick. Where did all the face buttons go? Those are on the underside of the controller, where they can be reached with the middle and ring fingers of either hand.

In other words, your thumbs never have to leave the analog sticks, making the controller optimal for first person shooters. Those with a feeling of déjà vu are probably thinking of the HG controllers we covered a while ago. The difference here is that F00 f00's control moves the analog stick and does away with the face buttons entirely, rather than doubling them. It's a pretty neat idea, and it makes us wonder how many melee kills we must have missed in Gears. Check out a video of the controller after the break.

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Rumor: Microsoft has Wii-mote copycat coming

MTV News recently posted an interesting piece of gossip concerning Microsoft's possible answer to Wii-mote. According to an anonymous developer, Microsoft has had this project in the wings since summer 2007 and hopes to have it out before the end of the year. Believe it or not it's rumored that of all companies, Rare has been working on it. Rare is a games software company, so why they'd be tasked with making hardware is beyond us, but it would answer some lingering questions ...

Rare's The Fast and The Furriest for XBLA is going to use the Vision Cam, and the "X-mote" is rumored to use the Vision Cam. Rare is also hard at work on another 360 project that is as-of-yet unrevealed, and is supposed to hit before the year is out. Combined with the fact that Microsoft is already rumored to be working a motion-sensing controller, and the fact that they don't seem too concerned with with the second half of 2008 make us think that this could be plausible.

But does plausible mean desirable? Read on ...

[Via N4G]

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One handed 360 controller redux

That crazy Ben Heckendorn is at it again. No he's not shoving an Xbox 360 into an even tinier laptop (360book Air, anyone?), but instead making some refinements to his one-handed controller. The new controller is much smaller, and also a little bit easier on the eyes than his previous model. With the right stick on the top, and face buttons, triggers, and bumpers on the bottom, it's got everything you need for some one handed fragging. The right stick, in case you're wondering, is meant to be placed on a leg or available surface, thus manipulating the stick by moving the controller itself. Pretty ingenious if you ask us. Don't go crazy trying to procure one for yourself though, as it wasn't intended for mass consumption. Ben's other one handed controller, called the Access, on the other hand, is soon to be made available to the masses.

[Via Engadget]

Controllers modded specifically for Gears, Halo, etc [Update]

Update 1: It seems that HGcontrollers is not the only company around modding controllers for online shooters. Their products are different from each other, so check 'em both out.

Controllers with turbo buttons have existed for many years, going all the way back to the NES, and controller mods for the 360 are nothing new. But having a turbo button (among many other things) modded into what looks like a standard controller is news to us. The guys over at HGcontrollers seem to have started up a fine little business doing just that. The above graphic is really from their site (can you spot which are the real and fake buttons) and details some of the special enhancements made to the controller for the express purpose of playing shooters.

The goal of these mods is to create a controller configuration that can be played through the entire game experience without having to remove one's thumbs from the sticks. Theoretically, this means that your aim with said sticks will improve, as you no longer have to take your thumb off it to hit the essential buttons. However HGcontrollers does more modding of controllers than simply moving buttons. The staff there will actually create a controller with a custom button layout, toggle switches, microprocessors (turbo) for rapid fire, and more if you've got the cash for it. In fact, their website seems to be a bit behind the times forgetting to tell its readers that there are even controllers specially built for Gears that do your Active-Reloading for you. These controllers look great and all, but specifically modding (or buying) your controller to get better at a game sort of defeats the purpose (FUN!) for us here.

[Thanks, chaostheory0982]

Voice recognition controllers really listen

With Xbox 360 controller and speech recognition kit in hand, the guys over at AcidMods went out and modded their own voice recognition 360 controller. For real. The entire controller assembly wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but the voice recognition (surprisingly) works rather well. Just check out the demo video we've embedded after the break for proof's sake. Though, we're not sure how useful a bulky mod like this would be in the real gaming world (not to mention the mod's cost), but it's interesting nonetheless and packs a lot of potential. Now follow along ... reload, jump, switch, reload and jump. Good!

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Snag a black controller and play & charge kit for $44 [update]

Update: Grrr, we take back anything nice we said about or its Deal of the Day junk. They decided to switch this great deal to something more DS based and did it mid-day. Stupid But we'll make it up to you fellow X3F reader, we'll find another great deal even if it paralyzes us for the rest of our waking lives. No joke.

We love lately and their gaming Deal of the Day program. For some reason we get all jolly and happy when we see an Xbox 360 product appear, so much so that we sometimes break out into a Riverdance mid-day. And that exact scenario just may play out in the next twenty-four hours, because today's Deal of the Day is a 360 combo pack including a spiffy black Xbox 360 wireless controller and a play and charge pack (with battery) for only $44. This combo pack usually retails for $69, so take advantage of the savings and pick up an extra controller if you're in need. We're feeling the urge ... the urge to Riverdance.

[Thanks, Phillip]

Pink and blue controllers join white and black

Getting bored of your bland white and black Xbox 360 controllers? Are you feeling the need for some color in your life? Well, today Microsoft revealed two Xbox 360 controller colors that should make you a happy camper. The brand new blue and pink wireless controllers will retail for $49.99 just like their older white and black cousins and will be available this October. Now remember fanboys, blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

Read - Blue Xbox 360 wireless controller
Read - Pink Xbox 360 wireless controller

Tiltboard gets priced and it's spendy

Talismoon's little Tiltboard project is finally blooming as they just announced that the Tiltboard will available for purchase next week. But be warned, it's expensive ... very expensive. This board, which allows tilt control on your 360, will retail for $39.99 (ouch!) not including a controller or soldering iron. Though, we have to admit it does have more features than we initially expected including adjustments for sensitivity, zero degree setting and an option to invert the Y axis. If tilting is important to you and your bank account/mod skills can handle it, then we must say that the Tiltboard looks to be your only best choice.

The 360 controller is the best of the best

CNET UK decided to rank the top five video game controllers of all time and you'll be happy to know that the Xbox 360 controller did us very proud. Actually, according to CNET the 360's controller is the best gaming controller of all time! They thought that the controller is comfy, practical, and gets extra points for being the first to the gate in being a wireless standard. We agree. Going further down the list the 360's controller beat out favorites like the PS2, N64, SNES and Atari 2600 controllers. But we do have one issue with CNET's controller description. The Xbox 360 and its controller are not "beige" in color. They are a light kinda whitish ... greyish. So, please get it right.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

Black accessories already available

Feeling a little black today? EB Games has come to the rescue by offering a few black Xbox 360 accessories before the Elite makes its grand arrival next week. Right now, you can order a black Xbox 360 wireless controller, play and charge pack, or extra play and charge battery. The black versions all cost the same as their white counterparts and are ready to ship within 24 hours. As we always say, black is the new off white ... or something like that.

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