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UK retailers expect big demand for Xbox 360 post price cut

A number of top retail executives in the UK have spent time with a Magic 8-ball and all agree, the Xbox 360 could be huge this holiday following its upcoming price cut.

"The timing is excellent, and we'll work closely with Microsoft to give customers all the product and advice they need in the run up to Christmas," Tricia Brennan, MD of Game UK, told GamesIndustryBiz.

While the executives from GAME, HMV and top indie retailers could only speculate that a budget Xbox 360 could deal a blow to Sony this holiday, they do agree that the current economic climate may play a factor for those in search of cheap entertainment.

"I think prematurely devaluing the market is a danger, but the reality is the economic down turn is not going to go away tomorrow so anything which combats the rising prices of living helps the entertainment market as a whole and we'll see the benefits of this price cut way into 2009 reflecting in software sales," offered Steve O'Brien, of respected indie stores Action Replay and Gameshop.

Beginning September 19, the Xbox 360 Arcade will be priced at GBP 129.99, the Xbox 360 (Premium) unit will sell for 169.99 and the Xbox 360 Elite will be reduced to GBP 229.99.

August NPD: 360 regains sales lead over PS3

August's NPD video game sales numbers are in and, unlike the 360's depressing July NPD showing, there's actually some good news to report. That good news being that the Xbox 360 was finally able to outsell the Playstation 3 after months of taking the back seat in sales.

For the month of August, again Nintendo reigned supreme in both the handheld and console markets, selling 518,300 DS' and 453,000 Wiis. The battle for second place in the console market was heated, but like we said, Microsoft was able to sell 195,200 Xbox 360 consoles narrowly passing the PS3's 185,400 unites. Also, keep in mind that the 360's recent price cuts and their effect on sales are not part of August's NPD tabulations seeing the the cuts went to effect in September. And, quickly, looking at the software side of things, Madden 09 sold crazy well on all platforms and both Too Human and SoulCalibur IV made the top ten. Complete August NPD hardware and software sales after the break.

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Rumor: Xbox 360's defect rate was as high as 68%

According to VentureBeat's own Dean Takahashi and his numerous insider sources, 68% of all the early manufactured Xbox 360 consoles were defective and Microsoft knew it. Takahashi does mention that it's common industry knowledge that "early yields on electronic goods are almost always lousy", but in the case of the 360, the problem was never fixed and production of the defective consoles went as planned. Because, you know, Microsoft had launch plans to stick to.

Again, this is all rumor seeing that Microsoft would never admit to such knowledge or such high defective rate numbers, but let's say they knew that 68% of all their consoles had a potential for failure. If so, shame on them, but we think they learned their lesson.

[Via Eurogamer]

Japanese 360 sales return to normalcy

After witnessing the oddness that was record breaking Japanese console sales thanks to Tales of Vesperia's release and the subsequent 360 sellout in all of Japan, we actually had a glimmer of hope that the 360 would finally get a foothold in the Japanese market. But, depressingly enough, the record console sales were just that, an oddity. Console sales this past week sorta flat-lined back to their low numbers from the astonishing 25,000 console sales to a sad 7,258, making the 360 Japan's least purchased console last week. It's entirely possible the weak sales are due to the console shortages, but we aren't getting our hopes up. Japan still and will forever hates the 360 ... it's the truth.

[Via Joystiq]

Survey: Xbox 360 has the most console developers

We're not exactly how much impact this will have the next time a civilized conversation with a gaming buddy sinks into the depths of fanboy warfare, but here it goes: According to a recent survey conducted by Game Developer Research, as reported by IGN, there are more developers working on Xbox 360 projects than there are on the Playstation 3 or Wii. Specifically, 78% of those surveyed were working on 360 projects, 58% were working on PS3, and 42% were working on Wii. As the numbers imply (notice they don't add up to 100%), they include both cross-platform games and developers that happen to be working on more than one console. This also means that the 360 doesn't necessarily have the most games in development. Still, it has the most individual developers of any console.

Now just find some way to spin that into a catchy slogan and you've got some new fanboy ammunition (fanmunition?) to go with your new (toy) fanboy gun.

360 breaks 5 million, nabs lead in Europe, says MS

Remember last month when Sony claimed that the PS3 had surpassed the Xbox 360 in Europe? The battle of the numbers continues today as European VP of strategic marketing for interactive entertainment at Microsoft EMEA (say that three times fast) David Gosen let it be known that the Xbox 360 has sold more than 5 million units in Europe, "well over" 5 million in fact. He also puts a stop to Sony's shenanigans -- assuming his word is better than Sony's anyway -- by noting that the Xbox 360 is actually "at least, if not more than, three quarters of a million ahead of PS3." Gosen also takes issue with analysts' claims that 360 sales have slowed in Europe saying, "If we look at the momentum in the business in the last few months, the trajectory has changed significantly," adding that analysts should "check their numbers."

Ooh, did you hear that analysts? Burn!

Analyst: PS3 sales boost to cause 360 price drop

The news is out. The Playstation 3 managed to best the Xbox 360 in sales during the month of May. Grab your favorite pillow and get ready for a shock, because EEDAR analyst Jesse Divinich expects last month's results to be the beginning of a new trend. On the sales victory, Divinich notes that the trend "will likely continue in June as we expect Metal Gear Solid 4 [to] act as a bigger catalyst in terms of driving PS3 hardware sales than did Grand Theft Auto IV." He adds further that exclusives on the Playstation 3 platform tend to drive console sales more than exclusives on the Xbox 360 (or the Wii).

With his PS3 prediction in tow, Divinich believes that Microsoft will respond by announcing a price cut for the Xbox 360 during next month's E3. Furthermore, Divinich believes Microsoft may also announce a new Xbox 360 model with new features (Blu-Ray, perhaps?). Should the price cut take place, Divinich expects Sony to follow suit within two months of the announcement.

[Via Joystiq]

MGS4 takes a jab at non-HD disc formats

This is a momentous week for Playstation 3 owners. You see, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out this week (perhaps you've heard). Metal Gear Solid 4 essentially is the game that will make the console. Apparently it's not enough just to make a good game, though. It appears that MGS4's creators feel the need to extol the benefits of the PS3 as you play. Alternately, one could argue that the game denigrates certain other consoles. Now, we're not trying to incite any flame wars here (though that's basically inevitable), and we know the video has tongue planted firmly in cheek, but it also smells ever so slightly of "inferiority complex." See the evidence after the break (note: MGS4 fans looking to avoid any spoilers should not watch). And remember kids, we're just the messengers.

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April NPD: GTAIV sells like crazy, console sales neck and neck

It's that time again when corporate execs are held accountable for their actions, sales figures are calculated and the North American "digits" are revealed. It's time for April NPD! W00t!

Last month's video game competition was a heated race between Microsoft and Sony as the Xbox 360 was able to move 188,000 units narrowly beating out the PS3's 187,100. That news on top of Microsoft announcing the 360's 10 million U.S. milestone make it a pretty good month for team Microsoft. Though, Nintendo's Wii continues to dominate even without Grand Theft Auto IV's help moving an amazing 714,200 consoles. Speaking of GTAIV, it rocked the final week of April selling a jaw-dropping 1.85 million units on the 360 alone which is nearly double that of the 1 million units it sold on the PS3. And that's always good to hear. Check the break for a complete rundown of the April NPD hardware and software data.

[Via Joystiq]

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Greenberg attacks Sony on failure to live up to their promises

In a recent interview, Microsoft's own Aaron Greenberg decided to go on the offense when talking about Sony and their big promises that they keep making yet fail to deliver on. Specifically speaking, Greenberg brings up the PS3's 1080p support, Blu-ray, Playstation Home, PS3's supposed lead in Europe and even Killzone 2. Talk about fanboy ammunition! We don't have to say much more, because we think Aaron Greenberg's remarks can pretty much stand on their own. Check after the break for some attack'alicious Greenberg quotes ... yum!

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January NPDs put PS3 in front of the 360

Well, well, well. If it isn't the lowly PS3 finally making a move in January and actually beating the Xbox 360 in terms of number of units sold in North America. Yes sir, you can color us NPD shocked and impressed.

According to the just released January NPD sales numbers, the Xbox 360 has come in a disappointing third place in the console wars, only managing to sell 230,000 consoles while the PS3 moved 269,000 and the Wii sold 274,000. But before you storm the streets in a fit of rage, know that there is some sort of explanation for the third place outing ... there wasn't enough stock. You see, according to Microsoft, they haven't been able to replenish the retail channels quick enough post holidays, resulting in less Xbox 360s on shelves and less 360s available to consumers. So, if that theory makes you sleep better at night, then go with that and know Microsoft is producing 360s as fast as possible and should regain its sales lead over the PS3 come February NPD. Hopefully.

We also wanted to mention that not only has Call of Duty 4 claimed the number one sales spot selling another 330,900 copies in January, but Rock Band made its top ten NPD sales debut too. You can review the rather gloomy NPD ranks and numbers after the break, though we advise keeping one thing in mind. It was lack of stock at retail ... lack of stock at retail ...

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Over half of US 360 owners bought Halo 3

Do you live in the United States? Do you own an Xbox 360? If you answered yes to both of these questions, there's about a 1-in-2 chance that you own Halo 3. At least, that's what GameDaily says. How do they know this? Elementary, dear reader. With an Xbox 360 installed base of 7.9 million units in the US and 4.1 million copies of Halo 3 sold in the US, that's an impressive 52% of US 360 owners with a copy of their very own. Furthermore, Halo 3 had a profound effect on console sales. As analyst Anita Frazier noted, "That is why content is so important - a really killer game drives hardware adoption more than any other factor (including price cuts)." So, for the record, if anyone asks you, Halo 3 is the most successful thing ever.

[Via Joystiq]

Orange Box PS3 vs. 360 video

We know, we know, these comparison videos are sort of old hat nowadays, but with numerous reviews citing problems with the PS3 version of The Orange Box, this particular 360 vs. PS3 video is pretty interesting. The two videos posted by GameVideos compare Portal and Half-Life 2. For the most part, the games look virtually identical, as we've come to expect from more recent titles. Where the games differ is in the frame rates and loading times. In both instances, the PS3 version loads more slowly, though it takes much longer in Portal. Like, long enough to hike to the kitchen and grab a snack. Also, the PS3 version of Half-Life 2 seems to have some frame rate hitches, especially during autosaves. But enough blather, watch both videos after the break and judge for yourself.

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Activision CEO envisions $199 360 and PS3

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has a dream, a dream of $199 Xbox 360s and PS3s. Actually, more to the point, Kotick has stated that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 must fall to $199 within the next two years in order to gain acceptance from the mass market. Driving this opinion is none other than Nintendo's Wii, which is priced at $250 and is, according to Kotick, "setting a standard and an expectation." Kotick acknowledges that the Wii isn't as complex as the 360 or PS3, but notes that that such things don't matter to the average consumer. He concludes that the magical mass market price point is $199 and that console manufacturers will need to reach that price within the next two years, adding that the Wii will likely hit $129 within a few years.

We have to agree with Joystiq that a $199 PS3 seems pretty damned far-fetched, but the 360 might be able to accomplish such a feat. Within two years, we're betting on $229 with a drop to $249 preceding that. Come back in two years to see if we're right, assuming we're not all destroyed by the impending Robocalypse by then.

[Via Joystiq]

GameStop: 360 returns down since warranty extension

In a recent article in the New York Times (free registration required), GameStop executive Bob McKenzie noted that the Xbox 360's frequently publicized quality problems haven't damaged the console's sales at all. McKenzie, the senior vice president of merchandising, noted, "All I can say is that we have not seen anything negative from that." He went on further to say that Xbox 360 returns have actually gone down since the announcement of the warranty extension in July. "We track our returns," said McKenzie, "and returns have actually gone down since they made that announcement, and we haven't seen any effect on enthusiasm for the 360." NYT notes correctly that there is a lot of buzz around the 360 thanks to the imminent launch of Halo 3. McKenzie said that, "Halo 3 is on track probably to be the largest release that we have had in the history of the company," though he noted that GameStop also expects big sales from games like BioShock (good guess, Bob) and Assassin's Creed.

Red Ring of Death or not, it looks like good games are still enough reason for the Xbox 360 to keep on trucking.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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