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Cliffy B's adolescent story inspires comedic skit

We knew Cliffy B liked the spotlight, but we didn't know he also enjoyed comedic improv. The other night, during a DSI Comedy Theatre performance in North Carolina, the improv crew invited Cliffy B on stage to tell of his childhood, his Nintendo roots, and how badass he thought the Nintendo Power Glove was back in the day. As expected, Cliff's storytelling is pretty darn good, but the improv crews' rendition of his story leaves us scratching our heads a little. No matter, it's Cliffy B taking the stage, so be amazed and give the storytelling and improv a watch. Video ever so conveniently embedded above.

[Via Digg]

GoW's new Annex gametype to feature respawning [update 1]

Yesterday, on Epic's official Gears of War forums, Cliffy B decided to shake things up a little. On the forums there has been a lot of discussion about the addition of the new Annex gametype and how it'll end up working. So, in one of the Annex threads, Cliffy B came to the rescue by stirring the speculation pot and simply posting a one word answer to what Annex will include, "::respawning::". Yup, that's all Cliffy posted, but it is one post that could change how we think of Gears as it pertains to Annex.

So, let's recap. Annex will probably be a territory or land grab based game and will be the only gametype to include a respawn feature. Anyone excited about the twist on traditional Gears gameplay or do you shun Epic and vow to never play Annex ... ever?

Update 1: It's official, Annex details revealed.

Post-release GoW interview with the Bleszinski bros.

If you're like us, you can never get too much Gears of War coverage or too many Cliffy B interviews. The other day Gearheads of War founder Tyler Bleszinski interviewed his brother Cliff after their recent Friday Night FragFest. Tyler asks some of the typical questions about the Gears universe and the game's success, but gets other information from Cliffy we haven't heard before. Cliffy discusses the cliche sci-fi storyline, delves into what his favorite maps and weapons are (Fuel Depot and the torque bow), but still refuses to confirm a sequel or a time frame for when new content will be released. He's kind of like a clam that just won't open even though we know he's holding a pretty pearl inside. Just crack already! Overall, it's a darn good interview with dashes of brotherly love sprinkled throughout ... check it out.

GDC Awards: Gears takes home the hardware

The GDC's Game Developer's Choice Awards were announced last night and our very own Gears of War came away with a handful of metal statuettes. Gears walked off stage with a few trophies for best in technology, visual arts, and of course game of the year. Gamespot reports that when Cliffy B went on stage to accept the game of the year trophy for Gears he, in all his Cliffy B glory, exclaimed "holy sh**!". We congratulate you Epic Games (again) for the numerous awards you've received for Gears of War. Though, you'll probably have to invest in a new trophy case pretty soon.

Cliffy B looks back on GoW's success

In an interview with The Mercury News' own Dean Takahashi, Cliff Blezinski talks about Gears of War's success, its future, life in general, and how he deals with the infamous internet vacuum. We don't learn too much more than we've already known from the interview, but we get a candid Cliffy B who talks openly about the creative process and how he has progressed as a video game designer. Noteworthy is Dean's attempt at trying to coerce Cliffy into confirming a Gears sequel, but comes away unsuccessful as Cliffy dances around the question. Though, our favorite quote from the interview would have to be Cliffy's analysis of growing older stating that "when you grow up, you still act stupid. You just pace your stupidity. When you're young and you don't give a f..., you act stupid all the time". Another great Cliffy B quote you can add to your scrapbook.

CliffyB talks Gears afterthoughts, new DLC

IGN has posted an extensive 8 page interview with the ever boastful Cliff Bleszinski. In the interview CliffyB discusses the success of Gears of War and take time to discuss the future of the game and potential sequels. Of particular interest is his discussion of forthcoming downloadable content. While no specific content or date is announced, CliffyB assures us that something is coming and that we should get some news about it soon. He notes that the possibilities for such content are very broad -- new maps, new multiplayer modes, improved matchmaking, etc -- but declines to give any specific details. Furthermore, Cliffy discusses the possibilities of expanding the GOW franchise into other media, from movies to graphic novels to lunch boxes.

Cliffy also takes time to defend the story of Gears of War, essentially saying that Epic never intended to have gamers "beaten over the head with story," preferring to think of GOW as a big budget, summer action flick. Primarily, Cliffy leaves us with the knowledge that Epic plans to support GOW for a long time to come (presumably until a sequel arrives). Hit the "read" link for the full interview.

Cliffy B recognized for 2006 contributions

It's that time of year when Game Daily's yearly Game Industry Persons of the Year awards are being announced and look who came in at number four. Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski (Cliffy B) has been honored with the title of number four person of the year. Not only has Cliffy B created the Xbox 360's killer app, launched a new major IP, and proved he can drink anyone under the table, but he has pushed the shooter genre in a whole new direction. We salute you Cliff as you are one rocking dude, but we're still patiently waiting on our Gears patch.

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GoW: Race to Launch

On Monday night set your DVR, TiVo, VHS recorder or just tune into MTV's little documentary Gears of War: Race to Launch airing at 8:30PM. Oh and by the way, this is the same special that a GearHeads of War ultimate fan was chosen for. Seriously, you can't have enough Gears of War or Cliffy B interviews ... that's just how it is right now.

Don't beat on kids for GoW

A 36 year old man in Detroit thinks it's okay to go around beating the crap out of a 15 year kid so he can get his hands on a video game. The man, Deion, was waiting in line at Gamestop to purchase Gears of War when the manager announced that they were running out of copies. So, logically he decided to push his way to the front of the line, have a confrontation, and proceeded to pummel a poor 15 year old kid for his copy of the game. The guy was arrested and the kid was taken to the hospital for his injuries. As for punishment, who's up for letting that kid have a chance to chainsaw old Deion in half?

[Via Digg]

G.O.W. on sale before Emergence Day

CliffyB had some interesting remarks for his brother, who just so happens to be a blogger for Gearheads of War. What did he say? I'm glad you asked. It breaks down like this. Emergence Day, as we all know, is November 12th. Sure, that's a pretty BIG deal, but there's more. The game will begin shipping on November 7th, and:

"They'll be able to sell it the minute they get it so some of those stores will have the game well before the 12th."

So there you have it, Emergence Day is not so BIG after all. If any of you manage to get it on November 7th, let us know and we'll write it up. Surely Bungie has something to do with this. (117, get it? No? Too nerdy?)

[Via Joystiq. Thanks, Mike]

GOW rumblings: no demo?

Following yesterday's BIG announcement that Gears of War will hit the US on November 12th and in the UK on the 17th of November, comes the news that there will not be a demo released before the game ships, or possibly ever. Speaking with TeamXbox, Epic VP, Mark Rein, had this to say:

"Demos take a long time to create and polish and we can't afford to get derailed like that if we want to have the game in stores by Thanksgiving. Given a choice of the game this year or a demo this year and the game next year I'm sure every one of you would rather have the game this year because you're already planning to buy it. No idea if we'll do a demo or not after the game ships."

Maybe that was the real BIG announcement. Seriously though, we all want a taste of GOW, but is there anyone out there waiting for a demo to make up their minds? If so, tell us why.

[Via Fraggerock]

GOW to be released outside America, too?

Before you all start thinking this blogger is a Xenophobic American prick (that's only a half-truth), please note that the above headline is a joke. With that out of the way, everybody knows that Gears of War is hitting North American shores on November 12th. Slightly less publicized, however, is the fact that our European friends can look forward to picking up the game a mere five days later on November 17th -- I suppose they would call it the 17th of November, though.

For those of you keeping score, that's the same day PS3 launches in Europe. Zoinks! And, finally, since Ken and I were both indisposed at the time of the BIG announcement, here are some shots of the limited edition collectors booklet "Destroyed Beauty." Who loves ya, fanboys?

GoW headed to the silver screen

Grab your over-priced popcorn. A big screen trailer for Gears of War will roll before 5 upcoming theatrical releases including Miami Vice, Pulse, A Scanner Darkly, Clerks 2, and Little Miss Sunshine. Not content to share time with ads for Raisinettes, CliffyB is hinting at a fullscale GoW movie -- with Uwe Boll in the director's chair. Just kidding. It's not a horror flick.

[Thanks Luis]

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