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Castle Crashers: 40 weapon unlocks and a periwinkle knight

The Castle Crashers news keeps on flowing from The Behemoth's recently launched dev blog with news of weapon count and another playable character getting the "big reveal" treatment.

Today, we learn that Castle Crashers will feature 40 (count 'em), 40 different unlockable weapons to dish out the pwnage and can be discovered via a shop purchase, in hidden treasure chests, buried underground and bosses will even give up their weaponry. Not only will Castle Crashers be overflowing with weapons galore, we also get a first glimpse at another playable character (seen above) and even though it doesn't have an official name (The Behemoth admits they hate naming things) we're going with "periwinkle knight". And yes, he is holding a blue lightsaber.

Read - Weapons list
Read - It's the periwinkle knight.

Castle Crashing "The Beard"

We thought gamers got excited for upcoming releases, but it seems that designers go crazy waiting for their game to go gold as well. Tom Fulp, lead designer at The Behemoth, has refused to shave his beard until his team's upcoming XBLA title, Castle Crashers, is released. That's the old news, the new news (well, it's been around for a bit) is the Newgrounds (where Tom Fulp is the founder and CEO, by the way) flash game dedicated to both Castle Crashers and Tom Fulp's playoff release beard.

Castle Crashing "The Beard" is an independently created flash game that pits players against the floating head of Tom Fulp who attacks you using a variety of beard based attacks and eye lasers, of course. As you level up throughout the epic battle players assume the role of a different Castle Crashers hero. The best, and funniest, part of the game is Tom Fulp voice-acted his role in the game and proceeds to mock you throughout the fight. Anyone looking to pass the time while they wait for the arrival of Castle Crashers should check this one out.

[Thanks, Kevin]

Castle Crashers will have 22 unlockable characters

Putting their newly launched Castle Crashers dev blog to good use, The Behemoth posted news that our little XBLA game will allow players to unlock a handful of new characters. Twenty-two new characters to fight alongside our four colorful knights, all unlocked through various means and all completely playable. The new characters are still shrouded in mystery, but we've been promised that a few unlockables will be revealed in the future and, of course ... we just can't wait! This is exactly why we have the Castle Crashers dev blog added to our bookmark list, because edible bits of info like this just need to be consumed.

Super new Castle Crashers dev blog goes live

We've just been sent word that our buddies over at The Behemoth have launched a super new and super informative Castle Crashers development blog over on their official site. A blog aimed at giving fans and insider's look into the development process and the crazy minds behind one of the most highly anticipated XBLA games this year.

Currently, the Castle Crashers dev blog is a little bare bones (it did just launch, so be understanding), but already they've posted a brief introduction and an intriguing video where we get to watch artist extraordinaire Dan Paladin create the game's world map in super fast motion. Man does that guy have talent. The Behemoth promises regular weekly updates and a behind the scenes look at the game, so be sure to place a bookmark and refresh often. We know we will, because, truth be told, we have a Castle Crashers addiction that needs to be fed. Feed us The Behemoth, feed us until our tummy hurts with painful joy.

Video: It's a Castle Crashers playthrough

Coming straight from the GDC floor and onto your computer screen is actual gameplay video of The Behemoth's little XBLA game that could, Castle Crashers. And it's an informative video at that. In the vid, The Behemoth briefly shows off some of the game's hack and slash combat as they string together a few combos, kill some baddies and explain how the magic system works. We also get to see the game's level map that encompasses twenty levels and get to preview what the character stats screen looks like. But most interesting of all is the fact that Castle Crashers will incorporate some mild RPG elements that'll allow you to level up your character, gain experience points and unlock new abilities. Enough talk though, just start viewing. It's Castle Crashers ... 'nuff said.

X3F @ WonderCon: Castle Crashers Hands-on

Castle Crashers was by far the most fun we had at WonderCon. Everything (well, almost, we'll get to that later) about the experience was positive, interesting, and fun. The booth was hidden behind the Ubisoft one, and was encircled by folding tables covered in drawings. As with many artists who are convention exhibitors, the guys from The Behemoth passed the time by doodling, and (for the first time for these guys) allowing other people to doodle there too. Though the staff in the booth was constantly changing and there was a general commotion around where people were drawing, we were still able to get some good information and impressions. We were able to talk with one of the creators of Castle Crashers, as well as the original hit, Alien Hominid. We were able to play through the demo several times in a few different levels, and we got to see the reaction from the surrounding crowd, most of whom had never heard of the game before seeing it there.

Gallery: WonderCon08CastleCrashers

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X3F @ WonderCon: Overview, Pictures

Given that X3F now has a presence in the city-by-the-bay, and that the comic-book and popular culture convention WonderCon was taking place there (right across the street, in fact, from where GDC was last week), we thought we'd bring you the video game goings-on from the convention floor. While not a strictly video game event, WonderCon did see the appearance of several large publishers and a small developer. The three main companies who were there were Ubisoft, who were showing off Lost: Via Domus and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2; Capcom who showed video of Street Fighter IV and had DMC4 playable (Capcom had more, but they were on other systems) and last but definitely not least were The Behemoth who had a playable demo of Castle Crashers.

There'll be Hands-on Impressions of both Castle Crashers and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 later in the day. Till then hit the break and check the gallery to get the full story on the WonderCon video game scene.

Gallery: WonderCon08Overview

Continue reading X3F @ WonderCon: Overview, Pictures

GDC08: More XBLA titles on track for summer

Though not as high profile or as long-delayed as Castle Crashers, there are still plenty of titles for XBLA that will be seeing released in the summer. The same Microsoft press release that held the Castle Crashers release info also had other XBLA titles on the summer release list. These games were as follows:

Braid, a platformer, Defense Grid: The Awakening, a tower-defense game, Go! Go! Break Steady!, a music rythm game, and finally there's Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Penny-Arcade's RPG adventure game. Whew. With so much good content seeing release this summer (Ninja Gaiden II) here's hoping we'll be able to find time to play these games, as some (if not all) of these hold real promise.

The descriptions from the press release after the break.

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GDC08: Castle Crashers crash lands this Summer

Coming straight from the digital pages of today's GDC press release, we learn that The Behemoth's Castle Crashers will in fact be making an Xbox Live Arcade release sometime this year. More specifically, this Summer! Castle Crashers has been at the forever delayed end of the release spectrum and now we finally have a four month window to look forward to. You seriously do not know how excited we are right now, we're almost giddy enough to dress up like our favorite colored knight. Almost ... we did say almost.

For Sale: Delightful Castle Crashers knight figures

Move over Companion Cube plushie, there's a new video game collectible in town and it's taking your spotlight.

Over at the new and improved The Behemoth store they released some new Castle Crashers knight figurines in all four yummy knight colors. Actually, these figures released back in December, quickly sold out, but are now in stock (except for the blue knight, he's the popular one). Each figure comes with a display case, stand and a set of four interchangeable weapons for $20 each. Otherwise, you can buy any three knights and The Behemoth will give you the fourth free. They're cool like that.

We're not sure how we missed the release of these figures last month, but we're sad we did. The holidays would have been much merrier for us and a few close Castle Crashers friends. Oh well, it'll be a merry January present to ourselves.

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