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Bungie talks H3 video renderer and fileshare update

This week's Bungie Weekly Update is an informative doosie, full of information regarding Halo 3 matchmaking changes, double EXP weekends, fileshare changes and a Bungie PRO video renderer. Wait, wah? Video renderer? Oh yes, children, a video renderer.

Team Bungie just announced that in the not too distant future, Bungie PRO subscribers (who pay 750 MS points a year) will have the ability to take their Halo 3 film clips and render them into WMV through Wowza! Specifics including resolution, how it functions and its rollout haven't been announced yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

The other big news is next week's launch of an all new fileshare system that'll make tracking files easier, grouping content slicker and showing off your work much simpler. The implementation of tags, content grouping and Bungie cards is super sexy and are all changes we welcome with open arms. Make the jump to get learned and get prepared for next Bungie's Tokyo Game Show reveal next week. KEEP IT CLEAN!

Bungie clears up Halo 3 rumors, reveals matchmaking updates

The latest Bungie Weekly Update is an informative "doosy", chock full of matchmaking playlist updates, a title update release date, PAX 2008 plans and some rumor squashing. So, let's dive in.

First on the list of Bungie news, some rumor squashing. According to team Bungie, the Halo 3 acceptance videos that fans across the internets have picked apart and analyzed have been picked apart and analyzed way too much. Bluntly put, Bungie informs us that "there will be no insertion of Campaign objects, enemies or friendlies via the Forge as folks have speculated" and that there will be no "new feature that implements Campaign objects into multiplayer." Bungie then gives everyone some life advice, telling us all to "calm yourselves down, pump the brakes, and take a breath." Consider us calmed, breathed and our brakes pumped.

Other than some rumor busting, there's a list of September Halo 3 matchmaking updates (the removal and addition of various playlists) and confirmation that, come September 16th, the second Halo 3 title update will be released. Finally, for PAX attendees, Bungie plans on doing a few autograph signings, a few Recon competitions and selling a limited number of PAX-exclusive Bungie t-shirts. Phew! We're out of breath, make the jump to get your weekly (double) dose of Bungie news ...

June bugs bring us a Halo 3 matchmaking update

Halo 3 matchmaking news (which was painstakingly mined from Friday's Bungie Weekly Update) has arrived, informing us that next month Bungie will be switching up and tweaking Halo 3's matchmaking playlists. Among the changes that are set to go live on June 1st are a new Head to Head playlist and random updates to nearly every other playlist that's available, with special emphasis on making the underperforming Ranked Big Team Battle more inviting. Make the jump to read the complete June Halo 3 matchmaking update breakdown and get learnified.

Photoshop Frankie, then you can haz Recon

If you're looking for new Halo 3 information, then this week's Bungie Weekly Update isn't for you because Frankie is still missing in action and isn't doing his job. Though, if you're looking for a new way to earn Recon armor AND a way to mock Frankie publicly, then this week's Bungie Weekly Update IS for you.

Bungie is holding a contest where they're challenging expert (and not so expert) Photoshoppers to take some old Frankie photos (ones where he actually has hair) and mess with him. The three categories for entry include Best Use of Frank's Image via an Existing Internet Meme, Best Utilization of Frank's Image in a Motivational Poster and Best Use of Frank's Image Inspired by a Major Motion Picture and the winner from each category will walk away with Recon. Fire up Photoshop, there's Recon to earn ...

Bungie Pro free with H3 Legendary DLC purchase

Last night's Bungie Weekly Update brought great news for future Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack purchasers (whose fileshare is getting bloated) with the announcement of a bonus offer.

For a limited time (how limited, we aren't sure) anyone who purchases Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack DLC will receive a four month subscription to Bungie Pro for FREE! Already have Bungie Pro? Then you'll get an additional four months tacked onto your subscription. Easy as cake! Now be sure to thank Bungie for the added bonus come Tuesday. We'll start the appreciation chain ... "thank you Bungie!"

We shall also mention that the Bungie Weekly Update covers changes to Halo 3's matchmaking playlist for the month of May including the removal of Team Control and addition of SWAT. Make the jump to read about all the playlist deets.

Halo 3 Legendary DLC details incoming and some snowy pics too

Sound the alarm and wake up your neighbors, because this week's Bungie Weekly Update confirms that next Tuesday, March 18th Bungie will reveal almost all there is all to know about the Legendary Map Pack. Details including the unveiling a new mystery map that'll join the already announced Ghost Town, other random informative bits as well as a specific release date for the new DLC. And to get us pumped for Tuesday's big reveal, Bungie posted four new images (all viewable in the gallery below) of a few vehicles we'll be seeing in the soon to be announced map and, wouldn't you know, they all have a wintry white paint job. Winterized vehicles including traditional rides like the Warthog and Mongoose as well as a snowy Scorpion and a re-balanced Hornet minus those damn, overpowered tracking missiles. So, using this knowledge and our expert analytical skills, we can pretty much confirm that one of the two yet to be announced Legendary maps will be full of snow and will be HUGE. Oh how we can't wait until Tuesday ... joy, joy, joy!

Gallery: Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack

Bungie answers 'your' Halo 3 questions

If you're looking for more Legendary Map Pack media in this week's Bungie Weekly Update then be prepared for disappointment, because there isn't any. But this week you do get a lot of answers to a lot of your questions, although we do use the word "your" very liberally. We say this because we can't be sure if your (as in you) questions are being answered or if your (as in the Halo 3 community as a whole) questions get answered. Confused yet? Good. In answering some of "your" Halo 3 questions, Bungie mentions the possibility of adding Team Swat, adding more competitive playlists and the real reason why our pretty fire bomb and Flare / Radar Jammer equipment are not used in matchmaking. You'll also be smacked in the face with a long and in-depth history of the Bumper Jumper control scheme as well. Though, if that sounds like a yawn fest to you, just skip the first half of this week's update.

Halo 3: A little more Ghost Town, but top down

This past Thursday, Bungie surprised everyone by revealing some information and a few pictures of Ghost Town, one of three multiplayer maps to be included in this Spring's Legendary Map Pack DLC. But that wasn't enough of a tease, so Bungie (being the givers they are) decided to release a top down view image of Ghost Town in this week's Bungie Weekly Update. How caring of them. You can view the super neat top down pic in our ever expanding Legendary Map Pack gallery which we embedded below. As a bonus, Bungie even marked where all the default weapons are located and labeled where each of the three previously released screenshots were taken. Nice! And is it just us, or is anyone else semi-excited to get a glimpse of these heavily marketed "God rays"? Bring on the pretty light!

Also, if you participated in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre last week, be sure to make the jump to see if you made it onto Bungie's list of prizing winning pwners. If you're one of the lucky few, you can officially has Recon.

Gallery: Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack

Bungie talks new H3 maps and plays with toys

Over on this week, Bungie talks about the three upcoming downloadable content Halo 3 maps officially becoming "content complete", which means they are pretty much done and just need a bunch of testing. The three maps, codenamed "Cottonball", "Purple Reign" and "OK Corral", all vary in size from small to the the ginormous and should give plenty of variety when the DLC hits this Spring. And for the record, Purple Reign's "one way glass" sound wicked cool and OK Corral's twisted wreckage, broken buildings and overall destruction makes our inner fanboy smile uncontrollably. Make the jump to get all the descriptive deets on these three upcoming gems in the rough.

Finally, the Bungie Weekly Update gives us pictorial evidence of what happens when Halo movie props from WETA and team Bungie mix ... childish, random behavior. You owe it to yourself to look over the pictures of team Bungie playing with life size replicas of Carbines, Spike Grenades and Gravity Hammers. They even got a game of Grifball going using their newly found toys. Anyhoo, harmony and a good gut chuckle is but a click away.

Bungie's Halo 3 Q&A: Life, new maps and armor

Last night's newly posted Bungie Weekly Update features talk of mis-communication and the new McFarlane figures, but most importantly they answered a bunch of Halo 3 community questions. How nice of them.

In their "FAQ ATTACK!", team Bungie took on the community's hardest hitting questions including the gems "Which is Bungie's favorite – Badgers or Raccoons?" and "Why won't you guys accept my Friend Requests?!" Not only are those answered, but the auto-update is discussed, Standoff Easter Eggs get clarification, matchmaking hopper changes are pondered and we get confirmation there there will be water in the upcoming Halo 3 maps. We're not worthy! Get your second January dose of Bungie Weekly Update goodness after the jump, before you get a case of the shakes and black out.

Bungie lays out matchmaking map changes

We asked for it and in typical Bungie fashion, they delivered. As part of this week's Bungie Weekly Update, Frankie conveniently outlined all the changes that have been made to Halo 3's matchmaking including the different weapon changes in each map. Go ahead, analyze all the changes after the break and be sure to take note that Bungie doesn't like the Mauler or non-Bubble Shield Equipment. You see, the Mauler has been either removed, replaced or reduced in each map and has an increased spawn time while the Flare and Radar Jammer have been removed entirely. We ask why all the Mauler hate Bungie? Are you admitting weapon balance defeat and giving up on the love it or hate it "can opener"? For shame! For shame!

Bungie: Heroic Map Pack pricing isn't left up to us

The announcement and impending release of Halo 3's Heroic Map Pack hasn't been met with overwhelming praise, specifically due to the content's pricing. 800 Microsoft points for three (yes, three) multiplayer maps is a bit spendy and translates to a higher cost per map than the once uber expensive Hidden Fronts maps offered by Gears. But Bungie wants you to know that they feel your pain and that they do not have any input to how much Halo 3 DLC costs.

Speaking in this week's Bungie Weekly Update, Frankie talks about all kinds of Halo 3 updates going on and mentions the DLC pricing saying that the it is "not something we decide unfortunately – but in the long term, like those Halo 2 maps they'll eventually be free of charge". Which is true, the fact that the maps will eventually become free content. But the fact is that diehard Halo fanboys want the content now and 800 points is, well ... 800 points. Maybe we have to accept that Microsoft Game Studios loves their spendy DLC and sometimes we just have live with it and not buy a latte this week. But lattes are so good ...

Bungie teases about Halo 3 news coming Monday

This week's Bungie Weekly Update talks mostly about Halo 3's upcoming multiplayer map DLC, but nestled in at the end, the almighty Lukester dangles a tempting piece of Halo 3 news in our collective faces. What a tease.

Concluding the update, Luke mentions that since Turkey Day is next week there will be no podcast or Weekly Update posted. But, as a replacement for no updates, he hints at goodness that'll be announced early next week saying that "on Monday (November 19) folks are definitely going to want to check back in here at and keep faces pressed to their monitors like children breathing on school bus windows in November, because there will be news. Oh yes, there will be news."

So, what could the exciting news be? We're thinking that since the Weekly Update focused on the upcoming Halo 3 map DLC it'll either be the announcement of the official map names, screenshots from them or just general details for when the new content will hit the Marketplace. We'll keep our faces pressed up against our monitors come Monday, we just don't want to be let down. You hear that Bungie ... don't let us down.

Halo 3 bugs, DLC and matchmaking updates

Who doesn't love a Bungie Weekly Update that's both informative and newsworthy? We know we do and this week Bungie talks about all kinds of Halo 3 goodness including some matchmaking changes.

A new Halo 3 matchmaking "hopper" update will be rolling out sometime in the next few days with changes a plenty. The most notable being Lone Wolves getting a swords gametype, oddball frequency being reduced and games increasing to six players. Also, Team Slayer will be getting Guardian and Valhalla maps, Social Doubles has been removed and a new eight player max social Rocket Race has been added (X3F Live memories ...)

Other than matchmaking changes, Bungie says they're looking into the Halo 3 melee problems, screenshot uploads being slow and armor permutation unlock bugs, all of which are hella' annoying. Bungie also officially revealed the new Heatmaps feature and says they consider it to be in the "beta" stage and will tweak it accordingly. Finally, we've been promised more concrete and less code-namage Halo 3 DLC details in the weeks ahead, so keep your ears perked up for that. Bungie has spoken, get your Weekly Update fix after the jump.

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