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360 Black Friday sales rival Wii, double PS3

Black Friday console sales brought in the big bucks for all three major players who all benefited from the crazy shopping madness. But one (or we guess two) stood out among the rest and sold its metaphorical bum off all week long.

Early reports coming from the Microsoft camp are telling us that the week of Black Friday, Xbox 360 hardware sales hovered around 310,000 units. And if the reports are accurate, those 310,000 units in one week would nearly equal all of last month's sales combined. Bravo Xbox 360, we know we spotted you in numerous shopping carts when we were out and about last Friday. It also should be known that the Nintendo Wii also shared similiar Black Friday sales moving an estimated 350,000 units, but the PS3 didn't do as well. Microsoft is claiming that their Xbox 360 sales doubled that of the PS3's (ouch!) during the same seven day period although those numbers can't be confirmed until NPD numbers are released or until Sony musters up enough courage to release their own estimates. But we don't need to mud sling, because 360 sales are just dandy fine and we've got hot chocolate to drink. Life is good.

[Thanks, Iliad Force]

Show and tell: What'd you pickup on Black Friday?

Black Friday has come and is now (thankfully?) gone and if you're like this blogger, it was hella' crazy, hella' busy and you spend a hella' lot of cash. There were some great Xbox 360 deals, televisions were extremely cheap and movies were at rock bottom prices. So fanboys, in the spirit of Black Friday 2007 we figured we'd invite everyone to a mini show and tell. Tell us and your fellow fanboys what you picked up. Did you finally plop down your hard earned cash on a new 1080p television, did you purchase cheap 360 games like CoD4 and the Orange Box or did empty your wallet on random gadgets and doo-dads? And even if you stayed home and didn't go shopping, tell us what gaming feats you accomplished while sitting in the comforts of home. Share, share, share away ...

Reminder: Xbox 360 deals during Black Friday

It's Thanksgiving, which can mean only one thing. In less than twenty-four hours we'll be experiencing the phenomena that is Black Friday ... woohoo! And as a reminder, know that you can get some pretty dandy money-saving Xbox 360 deals tomorrow both in-store at your favorite retailer and online from the comforts of your own home. Not sure what 360 deals are available and where to go? Don't worry fanboys, we have you covered. Simply make your way over to our best of Xbox 360 Black Friday deals post and see what you can find. We even updated it recently with new deals from, Target and Wal-Mart. Happy holidays, happy shopping and happy gaming.

Best of Xbox 360 Black Friday deals [update2]

Update 2: Added new deals from Target and
Added new deals from Wal-mart and

In a few days, on November 23rd, Black Friday 2007 will officially kick off and millions of dollars will be spent. Lines will form outside of retailers hours (some even days) in advance, shopping madness will ensue and some of the best deals will be ripe for the picking. It'll be crazy like it is every year, but if you're brave enough to venture into the Black Friday death trap then we figure the least we can do is point you in the right direction. So, we painstakingly dug through all the day after Thanksgiving ads, found all the Xbox 360 deals and posted them for you after the break. Best Buy, Circuit City, Gamestop, KB, Kmart, Radio Shack, Sears and Target ... they're all there. But you should also know that a lot of retailers (like Wal-mart and Toys R Us) will be doing online mystery deals Thursday that'll go hand in hand with their printed Black Friday offerings

Take a gander through this year's Xbox 360 Black Friday deals and prepare to be unprepared. The black is upon us!

Continue reading Best of Xbox 360 Black Friday deals [update2]

Target's Black Friday Xbox 360 deals

The smell of Black Friday is thick in the air and with the leaky posting of Target's ads we've learned about a few awesomely great Xbox 360 deals.

So, let's get to it. Starting bright and early at 5:00AM you can get a free $60 gift card with purchase of a Halo 3 Xbox 360 and Halo 3, which ultimately breaks down to getting Halo 3 for the free. Cheap games you want? Okay, for $48 you can get Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box, PGR4 or skate. Cheaper yet? Fine, $38 will get you Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds, Spider-man: Friend or Foe, NCAA 08 or Gears of War. You want bargain bin kind of deals huh? Sheesh ... for $28 you can get NBA 2K8 or Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and for $17 you can pick up Lego Star Wars II or Saints Row. Oh, and we forgot to mention the Xbox 360 wireless headset, that's $48 too.

Finally a reminder that these deals come from leaked Target ads that are only available starting on Black Friday (November 23rd). Happy shopping!

[Thanks, Brad]

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