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New Bizarre racer set for 2009

While Bizarre Creations may be done with the Project Gotham Racing series, there's nothing stopping them from creating a brand new racer. Lo and behold, Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith has revealed that Bizarre is developing a new racing IP scheduled to be released during Activision's 2010 fiscal year, which begins April 1, 2009. The revelation was made during a conference call (at 29:55) with Griffith stating, "Bizarre is deep in development on two multi-platform titles and we are looking forward to the release of our first new racing IP in fiscal 2010, which already looks very strong." Now all we need is a cool new name for the new franchise. It should be something cool like ... um ... Moject Protham Racing. Yeah, that's the ticket.

[Via Joystiq]

Bizarre ends their PGR4 support, no more DLC

Bizarre Creations' own Ben Ward hopped onto the official Project Gotham Racing 4 forums to address questions regarding any planned PGR4 DLC. And, sadly, we got an answer that we weren't prepared to hear.

Ward informed everyone that Bizarre has handed the PGR4 "reigns" over to Microsoft and confirmed that "you won't see any more PGR4 DLC from Bizarre Creations". Though, Ward did leave a minuscule possibility of future PGR4 DLC being released, but it would have to come from Microsoft. Poor PGR4 DLC, we barely knew you but the time we shared was and forever will be some of the best gaming moments of our life ... rest peacefully.

[Via ConsoleTECH]

Geo Wars and BBR leaderboards now online

Bizarre just sent word that they've completed their Spring website cleaning (thankfully, we kept tripping on the pile of boxes stacked up at the front door) and with it comes the ability to view leaderboards for Geometry Wars and Boom Boom Rocket online!

To get your online leaderboard search on, simply make your way to either the Geometry Wars leaderboard or Boom Boom Rocket leaderboard pages on Bizarre's offiicial website and you're in. Once there, you'll be able to view leaderboards for each game and even search for own gamertag to see where you fit in the mix. You'll also be able to fully comprehend how horrible you are at video games and how sad your "high scores" really are. Personally, we think anyone who scored higher than us on Geometry Wars cheated. They're all just a big group of cheaters ..

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is really real

Snooping through the Australian OFLC's video game ratings website, a new and totally unannounced video game full of geometry has been discovered, resulting in us being uber excited.

The OFLC just published a listing for Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 today, which is super great news, except for the fact it doesn't look to be a 360 exclusive. According to the listing, the game is being published by Activision (and being authored by them as well) rather then Bizarre Creations and is categorized to be "multi-platform". That's about all the info we can pull from this ratings post and it's great to hear that we'll be treated to a true sequel (Geometry Wars: Waves doesn't count), even though we have to share with non-360 gamers. Bring on the geometry!

[Via Game Stooge]

Win Bizarre swag in The Club Launch Competition

Ben Ward from Bizarre Creations dropped us a line to inform us that The Club will be hitting retail shelves rather soon and, to celebrate, they're cleaning out the Bizarre closets and giving away all kinds of goods. But you'll have to work for them.

The Club Launch Competition is open to anyone who owns a copy of The Club (yes, our PS3 friends get to participate as well) and has the skills to rack up highest score. Simply put, Bizarre wants to find the best The Club player in the world and reward them with autographed goods and random studio bits. Anyway, let's get to the entry specifics. To enter the launch competition, simply play The Club's Warehouse location, choose Downtown Dash, play on expert difficulty and get the highest score possible. Then, if you think you've earned a high enough score, post your point total in the comments section of their post by March 31st and that's it. Also know that you must be connected to Xbox Live when attempting your scoring feat, because they'll be confirming players' scores via the online leaderboards. Download the demo, get practicing and hone your skills. We know you'll make us proud.

More shooters in the cards for Bizarre?

A job listing posted on the Bizarre Creations website hints that The Club won't be the last shooter we see from the company. The job listing in question is seeking a level designer with "proven ability to design and create engaging gaming experiences (preferably a 1st/3rd person shooter)." The listing provides fuel for the rumor that Bizarre is working on a new James Bond title, a story that broke last month. Regardless of whether or not the game in question stars 007, it's clear that Bizarre is working on another shooter title. We'll have to wait and see just what they have in store.

[Via Videogamer]

New bullet riddled footage from The Club

GameTrailers has posted some new footage from the upcoming Bizarre Creations arcade shooter The Club. A fast paced action game in the vein of Geometry Wars (with a few more polygons added), the game rewards players for dispatching enemies and dispatching them quickly. Featured prominently on the game's HUD is a score multiplier that increases with each successive kill. Wait too long and the multiplier drains fast. It's an interesting way to treat a third person shooter, and frankly it's a welcome change. Sometimes you don't want to bother with all that thinky-stinky stuff required by the likes of Rainbow Six and GRAW, you know? Also, given that the game's stages are really more like courses, leaderboard hogs should definitely be keeping an eye on The Club. Now where's that US demo?

Find the footage after the break.

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The Club demo releases to UK XBLM tomorrow

This weekend we mentioned that The Club demo was headed to the Xbox Live Marketplace "soonish" and that it would have a staggered region release. Well, we didn't have to wait long for SEGA to confirm news that tomorrow morning, January 8th, The Club demo will release to the XBLM for our friends in the UK and Australia. You read correctly. The US, Canada, Mexico and every other Live region is being left out of demo goodness for the time being, so be proud fellow UK and Aussie Live subscribers. You're getting content first for a change. W00t for you.

So, if you are in a region that the demo releases in, Bizarre already confirmed that you'll be treated to a The Club demo featuring the prison level "Escape from Newhaven", two single player game modes including Time Attack and Sprint as well as split screen multiplayer. Enjoy your demo and be sure to tell us what you think fellow UK and Aussie fanboys. You know, since we won't be able to download it and all.

Bizarre confirms The Club demo is coming soon

Ben from Bizarre Creations posted a little note on the Bizarre forums updating everyone on the status of The Club demo that is scheduled for release to the Xbox Live Marketplace. He confirms that they are indeed done with it, that they've handed it off to SEGA and are awaiting them (and presumably Microsoft) to announce the demo's release. He also mentions that the demo will rollout to the Marketplace as a "staggered launch for all of the regions", which means it will not be a worldwide release. Here's to hoping the US, Canada or Europe don't get shafted.

The Club demo is coming soon fanboys, so get excited, keep your eyes open and your focus directed at the Xbox Live Marketplace for the time being. And don't blink either.

Rumor: Bizarre working on a new 007

It's juicy rumor news time kids! Oh joy! Word on the street (EGM's street) is that recently acquired Bizarre Creations is hard at work on a new (get this) James Bond game. Yup, that same James Bond 007 guy that used to be so darn awesome, but has gone missing as of late. The rumored Bizarre Bond game is supposed to be heavy on the vehicle driving (makes sense), which tickles us to pieces. Bizarre Creations making a Bond game ... this should be good.

[Via Joystiq]

CoD5, GHIV and Bizarre racing game confirmed

In news that won't totally shock or awe you, we have semi-confirmation of a few games Activision is working on and are headed down the development pipeline. Activision games that include Call of Duty 5, Guitar Hero IV, new James Bond, new Tony Hawk, new Dreamworks titles, new Marvel titles and a Bizarre racing game. All these sequels are mentioned in a fact sheet posted over on Activision Blizzard's newly live website under Activision's "pipeline includes" section. No dates, no time frames or other specifics are mentioned in the fact sheet other than the confirmation that the games exist and are being worked on. Again, nothing earth-shattering here, but it's still exciting game announcement stuff.


The Club videos shoot up the place

Sega has released a trailer for the upcoming shooter The Club, which is being developed by Bizarre Creations (their last game before working solely under Activision). The trailer is very slick, showing off the cast of the arcade shooter. The characters run the gamut of generic badasses: there's the square-jawed Russian, the tough cop (gone bad?), the obstinate Irishman, and ... well, a crazy guy in a rain slicker. There's even a guy named -- we kid you not -- Killen. But what's a cool trailer without little gameplay? Nothing, that's what. So, we've included a gameplay trailer after the break. The Club is a little different from most 3rd person shooters, as its main focus is constant action. The faster you make your kills, the more your score multiplier increases. Essentially, it's 3rd person Geometry Wars on steroids. Watch and enjoy.

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GW Waves not on XBLA, Bizarre has other plans

Sure, we're all sad that Geometry Wars Waves will be forgoing Xbox Live Arcade in order to be an exclusive mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 4, but we all have the same nagging question: why, Bizarre Creations, newly acquired subsidiary of Activision, why? In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bizarre Creations community lead Ben Ward gives this answer, "It's because we had plans for Live Arcade, but Waves isn't it." According to Ward, Geometry Wars Waves isn't really being designed as a full featured sequel to Geometry Wars Retro Evolved, but more as a simple mini-game. Waves is "an Easter egg" as Ward puts it, "not a full retail product." So there you have it folks, Waves may be an exclusive to PGR4, but Bizarre isn't done with Xbox Live Arcade. Hey, maybe when they create their next XBLA game, they can slip in a little mini version of PGR.

[Via XBLArcade]

PGR4 features eco-friendly race mode

Our partners in crime at AutoblogGreen -- just like Autoblog, only with more miles per gallon and fewer emissions -- have discovered that Project Gotham Racing 4 is set to feature a very interesting racing challenge. Part of the game's invitational series of races, the challenge is called "Electric Vs Petrol Showdown" and allows players to "take the wheel of a two-seater, silent, electric sportscar (the Tesla Roadster) and face-off against a gas-guzzling, noisy, mean machine (the Ferrari Testarossa)." For those that don't know, the Tesla Roadster is reportedly a damned impressive piece of kit, boasting the ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 4 seconds. The environmentally friendly super car can also travel 200 miles on a single battery charge. The best part, thanks to PGR4, is that you won't have to spend $98,000 (base price, mind you) to try one out.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

PGR4's rubber hits the road October 2nd

MS just sent out an announcement that Project Gotham Racing 4 will be arriving on October 2nd for the MSRP of $59.99. To sweeten the deal, the also announced some more vehicles in the game, both those with two wheels and four. Personal favorites at X3F Towers in the most recent bunch include the Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged, making a return since being introduced in PGR2, and getting "High Def'd" in PGR3. Since it would be boring to use some stock PGR4 logo as the image for the post, we're grabbing the Ariel's segment from Top Gear and spreading the love. Full list of announced vehicles after the break.

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