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BioShock Achievement list raptured

The Achievements for BioShock have become available for you to scrutinize and it has some standard level completions and researching tasks found within. Fortunately, the art style of the Achievements maintain their retro-50's style feel, and the names are amusing. Interestingly, there's an achievement for not harvesting any Little Sisters, as well as one for interacting with all of them. We may not be the betting types, but there's a chance that 100 Gamerscore secret Achievement maybe be the yang to the Little Sister Savior's Yin, requiring you to Harvest to your heart's content. We'll have to wait and see after the game's release.

[Thanks, Jonah]

Finalized Big Daddy figure is oh so lovable

We've seen our good friend in his early stages before, but now The Cult of Rapture is showing off his final look. The Big Daddy figure, which will be included in the BioShock limited edition, stands six inches tall, is a sculpted wonder, and is beautifully painted. So beautifully painted that you can even see the blood splatter on his drill! And to be perfectly honest, we were expecting a tiny two inch tall Big Daddy mini-fig in the limited edition. But this six inch beast is more along the lines of total awesomeness. Pictures of the finalized Big Daddy figure have been lovingly placed in the gallery below for your viewing pleasure. So, is the extra $10 for the limited edition becoming well worth it?

Gallery: Bioshock Big Daddy Figurine

1UP details first few hours of BioShock

1UP received some hands on time with BioShock and aren't afraid to spoil the first few hours of gameplay. Their BioShock preview article is more or less a recap of the gameplay and events of their play session. So, if you don't like spoilers, stay away from this BioShock "preview". But we'll sum up their overall impressions. 1UP feels BioShock is more of a shooter than anything else with solid controls and a great atmosphere all rolled up into a very fun free roam adventure. The encounters are memorable, the look is unmistakable, and they really enjoyed their time with the game (end summation). They also posted a few new screenshots of their underwater adventure, so be sure to check those out. And yes, we're just as excited to take down a Big Daddy ... we can't wait.

[Via Game Stooge]

BioShock's Big Daddy box art unleashed

Fresh from the murky ocean depths, 2K Games just released the official box art for BioShock and what more can we say other than we're loving it! Anytime we see a Big Daddy, a Little Sister, or BioShock's lovely water our inner fanboy is instantly unleashed. And the cool thing is that the game's box art displays all three! Sweet huh? Take a look at BioShock's standard edition cover art after the break.

[Via GamingTalkHQ]

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A closer look at BioShock's Little Sisters

Despite the many menacing characters found in BioShock, not the least of which is the Big Daddy, the creepiest character revealed so far is undoubtedly the Little Sister. These little "girls" run around the underwater world of Rapture collecting something called Adam from the dead (note the large syringe in the image at right. The player can decide to save these "children" or to harvest them, as the Adam they carry is useful to the player. In the latest BioShock podcast, Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games, discusses the moral conflict that the developers have created in the Little Sister character.

The whole podcast is just shy of 20 minutes, and is exclusively about the Little Sister. Given the appearance and demeanor of the Little Sister character, the moral choice presented by her is likely to become a touchy subject, and the podcast attempts to clear the air about it. Levine discusses the challenges of creating such a character (originally designed as an insect) and forcing the player to make a moral choice about it. Among the juicier bits of info revealed in the podcast is the fact that players cannot physically harm the Little Sister. Little Sisters can be "harvested," but cannot be harmed by weapons or powers that the player possesses. It is made clear that harvesting will result in the death of a Little Sister, though Levine doesn't discuss specific details. The podcast is definitely worth a listen. If you've got the time to spare, we suggest you check it out.

Bioshock LE cover art design announced

Over on Bioshock's Cult of Rapture website they've wrapped up and announced the winning design for the Bioshock LE cover art contest. And out of over 150 entries, Adam Meyer's design (as seen to the right) came out victorious and will be etched onto the Bioshock LE metal cover for all to see. Adam will also cash in on the sweet reward, getting not only free copies of Bioshock, but also receiving an all expense paid trip to Bioshock's launch party. Congrats to you Adam, but about you choosing a friend to take with you on your trip. You know how to contact us, we're available anytime in August ... just give us a date.

[Via Gaming Bits]

Bioshock's water is b-e-a-utiful

Bioshock is going to be full of water. Water on the floor, water coming through the walls, water outside the windows, and water in your face. There's a whole bunch of water. And the fine folks at Irrational Games knew they needed to put extra care into making it look perfect. And so, over at the Cult of Rapture website they posted a tech demo of all the water you'll be encountering in Bioshock. Yes, water can be cool to look at and entertaining ... if done right. Now we just need our bubbly soap and a rubber ducky and we'll be golden.

[Via 1P Start]

Official details on the Bioshock LE

After getting 2K Games to create a limited edition version of Bioshock, fans then got a chance to vote on what they wanted in their precious LE. And after tallying up all the votes 2K Games just announced the LE specifics. The Bioshock LE will be available the same day as the regular edition (August 21st), sport an embossed case featuring the artwork of the cover art contest winner, and retail for $69.99. The LE will also include a "Making of" DVD, soundtrack CD, and a not so adorable Big Daddy figurine. It's also interesting to note that the Bioshock LE will be exclusively available at Gamestop and EB Games in the US and Canada with European details to come.

We're quite impressed with Bioshock's LE offerings, as we haven't seen a LE come this jam-packed with additional content for some time. Do you think all the extra goodies are worth $10 or will you be sticking to the regular edition?

You're hired! Design Bioshock LE box art

Since it was the people who demanded a Bioshock LE it's only fitting that the people design its box art. From now until May 2nd, 2K Games is asking artistic fans to send in what they think the box art for the Bioshock LE should look like. Yup, they want you to create the box art! If you're the artsy type, be sure to check out all the details after the break. And remember that the designs should be pretty basic and clean (like the example above), because they'll be etching it onto the LE's casing. So, no need to include the Bioshock logo, Xbox 360 junk, or barcode. Oh yeah, the person who submits the winning design will not only see their artwork on the LE, but also get a few copies of the game for free and be flown from anywhere in the world to the Bioshock launch party in August. How can you not love that?

Video: BioShock; Big Daddy; Big Game

GameTrailers has a very interesting BioShock video of going on the prowl for the game's Big Daddies. Melissa Miller, 2K Games' Content Producer brings us the walkthrough and gives us the rundown of what we'll be seeing. It showcases security hacking, and the teleportation, enrage, telekinesis plasmids. While there is a "Work In Progress" watermark at the bottom, it still looks very nice and sets the atmosphere with the ambient music and constant sound of water flow. Rather than spoil it for you, we'll let you see for yourself. So, can you take on a Big Daddy?

[Via Xbox Way]

Time to get wet, Bioshock gets official release date

fans can pull out their Sharpies and mark their calendars, because 2K Games just announced the official release date. Everyone will be jumping head first and getting wet on Bioshock's official release Tuesday, August 21. This of course contradicts previous reports that stated Bioshock would hit the streets this June, but who are we to say that the game didn't get delayed into August. No more rumors, no more guessing, Bioshock will be here in less than six months.

[Thanks, AoE]

Live in NYC? Playtest Bioshock and get paid

If you live in the New York City area and are interested in getting your hands on Bioshock before its release, then we have an opportunity for you. 2K Games sent out an invite for applications to playtest Bioshock this week in NYC. You will get paid roughly $10 an hour, get to play for three hours a day, and will be envied by all your friends and enemies. Just fill out the application after the break and email it to the address on the bottom. This is the time where we envy all of you who live in the NYC area ... lucky fellas.

[Via Joystiq]

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