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New Catan content settles on Xbox Live

While it may not be as exciting as, say, a downloadable expansion, there is new Catan content available on Xbox Live Arcade. It's not particularly exciting though, as it won't significantly alter your game at all. First, there is a picture pack available that will set you back 100 MS Points. Somewhat more interesting, you can download the Mayfair skin, which will give your gameboard the appearance of the original Mayfair Games version. The Mayfair skin will set you back 100 points as well.

Anyone planning on downloading this content, or will you save your money for an expansion?

Big Huge Games to make RPG with THQ

Remember how back in February we told you about Ken Rolston, lead designer for both Morrowind and Oblivion, joining the ranks of Big Huge Games (of recent Catan fame) to work on an RPG project? Well, last week there was an official announcement from THQ that they are working on that very same RPG project alongside BHG (with Ken in tow) and it will be hitting Xbox 360s, Windows Vista PCs and PS3s in 2009. Tim Train, President and COO of BHG displayed his enthusiasm towards the project's direction in the RPG genre. Make the jump to take the dive for more PR fluff to sift through. Still, THQ & BHG RPG FTMFingW?

Win Catan from Uncle Gamer

Angry that you can't download the trial version of Catan? Too frightened to pony up 800 Microsoft Points for a game you haven't played? If so, why not get Catan for free? Our friends at Uncle Gamer scored a copy and they're giving it away to one lucky winner. What do you have to do? Simple, just answer one little question: what's your favorite board game? If you'd like your shot at a free copy of Catan, head over to Uncle Gamer and give it a go.

Keep in mind, leaving a comment here will win you absolutely nothing (except love and affection from us, of course).

Catan trial issues surface, fix inbound

As many of our commenters pointed out, the trial version of Catan has disappeared from Xbox Live Arcade. Major Nelson informs us that the trial version was pulled because of a "technical" issue. The Live team is currently working on a fix for the trial version and will put it back on Live as soon as possible. If you've already managed to download the trial version it should work fine (in other words, you don't have to delete it).

Of course, if you like taking risks, the full version is still available for 800 points.

XBLA hosts Catan, infested by Centipedes

We're at a loss for words. Xbox Live Arcade has set an unprecedented streak. For weeks upon weeks, we have had no gaps in our gaming goodness. Furthermore, we have even received multiple games during the same week. Now this week we'll be getting both Catan and the Centipede/Millipede combo. We only have one question: what the hell are we supposed to complain about? Xbox Live Arcade was our go-to source for dissatisfaction and now it seems to be humming along ... smoothly. Catan can be had for 800 points, while Centipede and Millipede will set you back a mere 400.

Sigh ... it's just not fair.

Catan gets a release month (it's May!)

Board game lovers rejoice! Catan has received a new release month! Even better, that month is in fact next month. Yes, Catan is now scheduled to drop onto Xbox Live Arcade in May. The official Catan web page has been updated with the new month as well as a breakdown of the features and achievements for the game. The website also contains wallpapers, buddy icons, and even MP3 downloads of the game's soundtrack. Eager Catan fans should definitely check it out. While we would love an official release date, we take comfort in the fact that Catan is a maximum of 38 days away.

[Via Joystiq]

Joystiq interviews BHG, Catan in March

In Joystiq's Off the Grid feature, Scott Jon Siegel recently interviewed Brian Reynolds of Big Huge Games. Big Huge Games, as 360 Fanboy readers know, is the developer of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Catan. The interview focuses on the challenges of bringing the classic board game to Xbox Live Arcade (and the process of computerizing it in general). Reynolds speaks about creating challenging AI and streamlining the interface so that players aren't drowning in information. The last tidbit, probably the one most of you will be looking for, is that Big Huge Games recently sent what they hope to be the final build of Catan to Microsoft. Assuming it makes it through the Dreaded Certification Process®, we could be playing Catan in mid-to-late March. Hit the "read" link for the full interview (including lots of development photos).

Ken Rolston creating RPG with Big Huge Games

Ken Rolston, the lead designer behind both Morrowind and Oblivion, has come out of retirement. Having announced his retirement last May, Rolston has been pulled back into the industry by Big Huge Games. Big Huge Games, as 360 Fanboy readers will know, is currently developing the Xbox Live Arcade title, Catan. Rolston said of the decision, "A chance to work on a Big Huge Game with Big Huge Games? Who could resist?" He added, "I had planned to retire and rest on my laurels after Oblivion, but Tim and his army of visionary charmers came along with a strikingly original and cunning concept for a console now I'm back in the harness and chomping at the bit!"

We won't delve into Big Huge Games' practice of putting harnesses on their designers, but the announcement is sure to excite western RPG fans everywhere. Platform designations for the upcoming game have not yet been announced (though it is noted as a console RPG), but considering Big Huge Games has been busy familiarizing themselves with the 360, we're optimistic.

[Thanks, J. Goodwin]

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