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Katamari demo rolls up (get it?!) Marketplace

Beautiful Katamari's demo just landed on Marketplace and has been rolling up a storm. At first, it was available on a recent OXM demo disc, but now it is available for the whole world Canada, America, and Mexico (read: North America) to download. It weighs in at just under 435 MB, so it's not going to break the disk space bank, although X3F reader Magic Whiskey tells us that it's also on the short side, but enough to get the premise of the game. Give it a download and tell us what you think.

Beautiful Katamari to be 360 exclusive

Again, the rumors turned out to be true! Beautiful Katamari is headed to the Xbox 360 exclusively with no PS3 version in sight. In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, they state that production on the PS3 version of Beautiful Katamari has been halted and that the Xbox 360 version is set to roll out this Fall. Famitsu also uncovered a few new multiplayer details including split screen co-op and online battle modes. Heavenly.

And so another game completes its journey to becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive title. Maybe Namco would be kind enough to tell us exactly why they decided against developing Beautiful Katamari on the PS3. Because god knows we'd love to gush over all the juicy details.

Namco E3 lineup confirms Katamari exclusivity?

If you needed any more confirmation that Beautiful Katamari will only roll on the Xbox 360, you need look no further than Namco Bandai's recently released E3 lineup. Eurogamer has the list and was quick to notice that the Xbox 360 was the only platform designated for the title. Is it ironclad proof that Beautiful Katamari is 360 exclusive? No, but it's pretty damned close. Other Namco Bandai 360 games to be shown at E3 include Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Ace Combat 6, Eternal Sonata, and Culdcept SAGA.

Beautiful Katamari isn't XBLA material

When Gamespot posted their hands-on Beautiful Katamari preview they mentioned that the game would be available exclusively on the XBLA. Which caused a little confusing to how much the game was actually beefed out and what would have to change since it would have to fit the XBLA size requirements. But it looks like we don't have to worry about any of that, because Gamespot retracted their Beautiful Katamari on XBLA talk and now say that the game will be released in a "full retail package". So, believe what you wish. But we ask, which would you have preferred? A cheaper Arcade Katamari or the whole big shebang retail Katamari?

Beautiful Katamari to be a 360 exclusive?

Over at Newsweek online, N'Gai Croal is reporting that a little birdie told him Namco's Beautiful Katamari will be available exclusively on the Xbox 360. In his article, Croal says that he spoke with a reputable source who confirmed that Beautiful Katamari would indeed be exclusive to the 360 and that Microsoft and Namco's relationship has never been better. Which we have to agree with as it's more than obvious that Namco has shown the 360 lots of love lately. An official announcement and more Katamari news may come at July's E3, but for now we have good reason to think that Beautiful Katamari will roll exclusively onto the 360. Oh the joy!

[Thanks, Matthew Mac]

Beautiful screens of Katamari Damacy

Xboxyde is on the ball again, this time bringing us some bright and colorful screens of Beautiful Katamari Damacy. Pictured is the roll of over seven thousand kilometers in diameter, taking a chunk out of the Earth that even Galactus would be proud of. Other screens are a little less planetary in scale and still show off the addicting gameplay that PS2 and PSP owners have been enjoying for years. Beautiful Katamari is looking to live up to the legacy, are you ready to start rolling, rawhide?

First Beautiful Katamari screens roll out

Officially confirmed earlier this week, the first screens of Beautiful Katamari Damacy are rolling in (see what we did there?). The handful of screens show off what we've all grown to love about Katamari Damacy: giant balls of stuff. The image above contains a katamari that has grown to a size of over 7,000 kilometers. The second shot displays a much more diminutive katamari (only 13 centimeters tall). Of course, Katamari Damacy shots wouldn't be complete without a rainbow enveloped shot of the King of All Cosmos. Hit the "read" link to check out all three new shots.

Beautiful Katamari Damacy confirmed for 360

A recent issue of Famitsu has confirmed one of the gaming industry's worst kept secrets. That's right, Beautiful Katamari Damacy is headed to the Xbox 360 and PS3 (here are the scans to prove it). Long rumored via rental and retail listings Beautiful Katamari Damacy will be the first iteration of the series to roll onto a Microsoft platform. The controls will remain true to the PS2 originals and Famitsu reports that the katamaris (the giant junk ball pictured above) can reach heights of over 10,000 kilometers. Also planned for the game is some kind of online play, though no specific details have been confirmed. Beautiful Katamari Damacy is reportedly 50% complete, with no release date announced at this time.

[Via Joystiq]

Beautiful Katamari for 360 now on Gamefly

It looks like Beautiful Katamari is now as close to official confirmation as possible. A listing for the game has appeared on Gamefly, ready to be inserted into your queue (ewww) at a moment's notice. The game is slated for an October 30th release, though that could easily be a placeholder date. It's not official confirmation, but we find it hard to believe that Gamefly is in the habit of offering games that don't exist. Hit the "read" link to see the game's entry on Gamefly.

[Via Live Gamer]

Is Beautiful Katamari coming to the 360?

That radio lounge of orangeness Orange Lounge Radio is reporting that Namco's Beautiful Katamari will be gracing the Xbox 360 this October. OLR claims that the information comes from someone in the video game distribution circle and even goes as far to nail down a date and price. They say we'll be seeing an October 17th release for Beautiful Katamari with a retail price tag of $39.99. We're always skeptical about rumors and so the validity of this news (though, OLR defends their story), especially since the Katamari franchise has been built upon a not so solid foundation. No less, we'd love to roll balls of junk around on our 360 this October and think a lot of fanboys would enjoy the colorful experience at a $40 price point.

[Via Joystiq]

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