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Amazon showers 1600MS points upon Rock Band 2 buyers

In what could be described as the awesomest (it's a word, believe) promotion Rock Band 2 related, Amazon is offering a free 1600MS point card with the purchase of the rhythm title. Those who purchase the standalone software will also be treated to a free points card which could be used to purchase even more "Rock."

The offer is available until October 4 but Amazon warns the promotion is only kicking around until supplies last. Make sure to take them up on the offer if you were a Rock Band 2 fence-sitter when it shipped last week. Jump to the rocking side, already! It's the fun side with long hair and leather pants.

[Thanks, Lightsout565]

Free $60 Amazon gift card with Elite 360 purchase

As if a $259 Xbox 360 20GB console wasn't a good enough deal for you, take a look at what is offering those who want to purchase a newly price reduced $399 Xbox 360 Elite.

For a limited time (exact offer dates aren't given), is giving Xbox 360 Elite purchasers a free $60 gift card that's promised to be emailed before September 30th. And, as always, purchases over $25 on receive free shipping. Enjoy!

[Thanks, shuref00t]

Hurry kids! GTAIV from Amazon for $45

Hop, skip or sprint over to's Gold Box deals page if you've been putting off a Grand Theft Auto IV purchase and feel the need to run over pedestrians, do drugs and have promiscuous "love making".'s current Lightning Deal is non other than GTAIV where, for the next few hours or until supplies exhaust, they're selling the game for a rather satisfying $44.99 or another way to put it, 25% off retail. Pull out the plastic and get your buy on.

[Thanks, ThePhase]

Grab your bow and grab Turok from Amazon for $20

Today's Gold Box deal is none other than the Disturbed approved game from Touchstone, Turok. And the Gold Box deal is actually pretty good, they're chopping off 50% from the price and offering the game for a rather cheap $19.99 with free shipping IF you spend over $25 on the same order. So, if you like killing dinosaurs and being all stealthy, add Turok to your shopping cart and maybe a copy of Dinosaur Hunter as well. You know, for the sake of free shipping.

Amazon discounts 20GB and 120GB 360 hard drives

Going hand in hand with this week's retail Xbox 360 deals thus making this a money savings morning, we bring you word that has a few good deals on Xbox 360 hard drives. Money savings on both the 20GB drive and uber large 120GB model.

As part of their gaming "Deal of the Day", today and today only has discounted the 360's (already overpriced) 20GB hard drive to $65 and the 120GB hard drive to $135. As always, Amazon doesn't charge shipping on orders over $25 and (for most buyers) is also tax free. So, if you're in the market for a new 360 hard drive, today just might be the day for you to jump in and ease the purchasing pain by saving yourself 25% off of retail. Every penny counts.

[Thanks, Ben]

Amazon offers day long Xbox 360 lightning deals [update]

Update: According to NeoGAF, the Lightning Deals were leaked, but prices will only be known when the offers go life. Lightning Deals will be: 10AM Scene It?, 2PM Monster Jam and 6PM Frontlines: FoW.

Heads up fellow Xbox 360 shoppers. Today, is holding Gold Box and Lightning Round deals that are all Xbox 360 game related. That means that today at 6AM, 10AM, 2PM and 6PM pacific they'll be announcing new (and limited) 360 gaming deals. Currently, they have Call of Duty 4: GOTY Edition for $40 as part of their day long Gold Box and are selling Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Limited Edition for $30 as their 6AM Lightning Round offer. Again, these deals are limited and will spring up throughout the day, so keep this page bookmarked and watch for a few good 360 deals.

Also, please try to exercise some self restraint and not spend all of this month's paycheck on video games. Be sure to at least save enough to pay for the electric bill, because as you're well aware, you can't game without electricity.

[Thanks, Doug Bennett]

Blue Dragon selling for $20

Mistwalker's first outing on the 360 wasn't exactly a break-out hit when it was released. Despite rumors of a sequel, it's not considered to be much of a success in the community. Now it's time to take advantage of that, considering that the game is actually pretty good if you can stand the pure Japan of the thing. Both Amazon and Toysrus had the game up for $19.99, but Amazon is currently sold out, so if you want a deal on a good JPRG you're going to have to make your purchase at Toysrus. And if you care to take a chance and hoof it on over to a brick and mortar Toysrus we hear that it's twenty percent off in-store.
(Oh, for any Canadian gamers out there, here ya go)

[Via NeoGAF]

Amazon offering $50 to HD DVD owners

Not one to be outdone by the likes of Best Buy, Amazon is now offering a $50 credit to anyone who purchased an HD DVD player from the website before February 23, 2008. Strangely enough, the credit can be redeemed for up to 10 players by any one customer. Why in the world anyone would buy 10 HD DVD players, we'll never know. Also, there are a few restrictions on the deal. The credit can't be used on "special-order titles, e-books or downloadable e-content, wireless service plans, gift certificates, gift-wrap, taxes, or shipping and handling charges." Still, it's not a bad offer and it's hard to argue with free money.

Find a copy of the email being distributed by Amazon after the break.

[Thanks, zlionsfan. Via Engadget]

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Rock Band for $148 on Amazon

Rockers everywhere, take note: Amazon is currently offering the Rock Band Special Edition -- which includes the game, microphone, drums, and guitar -- for $147.99. As Amazon notes, that's $22 (or 13%) off the regular price of $169.99. These kinds of deals tend to sell out quick, so all the frugal virtuosos out there had best jump on it. No, seriously, why are you still here? Go get some cheap Rock Band.

Rumor: New 360 SKU on the way?

To go with our "New Xbox Live" rumor, here's another rumor about a supposedly new product out of the Microsoft camp. is reporting that many of the current 360 SKU's are "Discontinued by the manufacturer," and this is hitting right at a time when there's swirling talk about how there are shortages for the 360 on the supply side of things. Not only that, but then there are the rumors about the new chipsets and motherboards, which may or may not be being readied for a new line of SKU's. Hardware evolution over the course of a console's life-cycle is not unheard of, but this round of the console wars has been hit with enough SK craziness to last several generations. With this new rumor surfacing in the midst of news about new chipsets and discontinued models, maybe Microsoft is simply updating whats in the bundle, not the price of the box. Then again, GTA IV is right around the corner, and that would be the perfect time for a price drop or SKU shift ....

Gears of War 2 pre-orders were on Amazon

We didn't want to post this, because we really didn't feel it to be newsworthy seeing that A) Gears of War 2 is nearly a guaranteed and B) retailers don't know anything more than we do when it comes to release dates. So, when news that was offering Gears of War 2 pre-orders with an expected release date of November 15th, 2008 our response was something along the lines of "so what?". Like we said, Cliffy already pretty much confirmed GoW2's existence in numerous interviews and simply wants to make a quick buck with pre-orders for a game that they have no release date for. But others thought it was newsworthy (tipsters included), so the GoW2 pre-order "news" has been making the internet rounds and now has pulled the listing. So, there you have it.

You know, now that we've actually taken the time to put our fingers to the keyboard this is totally sounding like news. Funny, we guess we were wrong about this story all along. Oops.

[Thanks, to (literally) all three thousand tipsters]

It's still a deal in our book, $149 360 HD DVD player

A few days back, was quick to pull the plug on their super discounted $129 Xbox 360 HD DVD player and we know a lot of you missed out on the deal. But now today, miraculously "found" some additional stock, raised the price a bit and is offering the HD DVD player for $149 ($30 off of MSRP) as part of their gaming Deal of the Day. Yes, we know that this replacement deal won't fully fill the money savings void of the last offer, but it's still a deal in our book. And you can't be angry at the $30 savings either. Pick it up if you choose or wait a bit and continue playing the neverending Xbox 360 HD DVD player random price tag lottery! may sell limited amount of $99 360s is bringing back their holiday Customers Vote Program this year, where they pit three product deals against eachother and have customers vote on which they want. And this year they want to know which gaming offer is more popular, a $79 Wii, a $139 PS3 (40GB) or a $99 Xbox 360 Arcade.

And since this is X3F, our vote and cash goes towards the uber cheap Xbox 360. So, this is how it works. Only one super-discounted-deal will "win" and be offered. To figure that out simply head over to this page, click the "Get started" button, sign into your account and place your customer vote on whichever you choose (ahem, Xbox 360). Then, later in the week, all the votes will be tallied and the winning product will be discounted to its "Winning Price" on November 22nd. It's quite simple. Oh, but there's one other wrench in your $99 Xbox 360 plan ... the consoles will be limited. Even if the Xbox 360 Arcade wins in the votes and becomes $99 there will only be 1,000 consoles made available for purchase. So, you'll have to be hella' quick on the ordering come Thursday. You've got the game plan, now go get 'em!

[Via Game Stooge]

Buy BioShock and get The Darkness FREE!

There's a lot of gaming deals this week, but we thought we'd point you in the direction of an offer that's not-so Assassin's Creed. Right now, is offering BioShock for the nice price of $49 AND is throwing in The Darkness for FREE! Top the offer off with free shipping and (possibly) no tax and you've got a deal worth mentioning. You're welcome fanboys and stay tuned, because we've got Black Friday deals to sift through. Let the deals rain down!

[Thanks, Messier75]

Snag a black controller and play & charge kit for $44 [update]

Update: Grrr, we take back anything nice we said about or its Deal of the Day junk. They decided to switch this great deal to something more DS based and did it mid-day. Stupid But we'll make it up to you fellow X3F reader, we'll find another great deal even if it paralyzes us for the rest of our waking lives. No joke.

We love lately and their gaming Deal of the Day program. For some reason we get all jolly and happy when we see an Xbox 360 product appear, so much so that we sometimes break out into a Riverdance mid-day. And that exact scenario just may play out in the next twenty-four hours, because today's Deal of the Day is a 360 combo pack including a spiffy black Xbox 360 wireless controller and a play and charge pack (with battery) for only $44. This combo pack usually retails for $69, so take advantage of the savings and pick up an extra controller if you're in need. We're feeling the urge ... the urge to Riverdance.

[Thanks, Phillip]

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