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Get learnified: Xbox 360 and its various SKUs

If you're new to the Xbox 360 world, have been lurking here at X3F without actually owning a console and have finally summoned up the courage to "jump in" and purchase a new Xbox 360 then we say ... congrats! The Xbox 360 is one sexy gaming machine and you won't regret your decision to own one.

But you've also come to realize that purchasing an Xbox 360 isn't as simple as picking up a box and calling it a day. There are numerous versions of the 360 (Core, Arcade, Pro, H3, Elite, etc.) and keeping up to date on what's included in each box can make your brain turn to mush. And that's where our friends over at Joystiq come in with their guide to explaining the Xbox 360 SKUs. In their article they lay out all the details, break down each model, give you the prices and tell you what's in the box all on one handy little chart. Their article will not only help you decide on which Xbox 360 console is right for you, but it will also make you informed enough to be able to correct those somewhat delusional sales people who get their 360 facts messed up sometimes.

Xbox 360 Arcade console up for pre-order [update]

Update: Toys R Us already yanked the pre-order page. Those Microsoft ninjas are quick, but we still have proof.

Adding more street cred and pretty much confirming the rumor of a new Xbox 360 Arcade console that is set on a mission to replace the Core is brand new pre-order proof. Both Amazon.com and Toys R Us are offering pre-orders for a yet to be announced product called the Xbox 360 Arcade console set to retail for $279 in the US and be released either on October 23rd or the 25th. The new Arcade console (which features a wireless controller, memory card and a few XBLA games) has been rumored for a while now and recently appeared in Best Buy's product database, but now with these pre-orders popping up all over we're rather confident in accepting its existence. Sorry Microsoft, your product announcement plans have been foiled once again by the evil that goes by the name of ... retail.

[Via TeamXbox]

Read - Pre-order at Amazon.com
Read - Pre-order at Toys R Us

Evidence of new Xbox 360 holiday bundles

We just received a tip and the image above via electronic mail which help to prove that Microsoft is indeed planning on releasing three new Xbox 360 offerings this holiday season.

The image posted above is a screen-grab from what looks to be Best Buy's corporate SKU finder program showcasing three new holiday offerings: Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle, Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle and the Xbox 360 Arcade. This of course directly relates to the bundle rumors we've been hearing new console SKUs hitting store shelves in time for holiday fun. So, if we were the betting types, we'd be on the lookout for some Forza 2 / Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle action later this month with the Arcade 360 possibly kicking the Core to the curb. Holiday bundles FTW!

[Thanks, Jill]

11.6 million 360s sold, Halo 2 still most popular

It's that time again when Microsoft gives us the digits and we get to trudge through the facts, figures and numbers to learn about everything going down in Xbox 360 land. So, let's jump right in.

After giving the numbers a quick look over, we found the biggest and most informative fact to be that worldwide Microsoft has sold 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles, which is in line with what we've already expected. Other interesting tidbits found within' the press release include little nuggets like a new members joins Xbox Live once very eight seconds, that the 360's 6.3 game attach rate is the highest in the industry and that US Xbox 360 owners have purchased 24.3 million games which is more than the 19.3 million games both the PS3 and Wii have sold combined. Finally, Microsoft also included three "top ten" charts showcasing the top Xbox 360 and XBLA games played over Xbox Live as well as the top downloaded demos off the XBLM. And it's no surprise to see Halo 2 and Gears of War topping that list, but seeing Aegis Wing up there is a tad puzzling.

Check out more facts and figures after the jump as well as the top ten lists which are posted after the break. Hopefully, after giving everything a read over, your craving for Xbox 360 facts will be satisfied. Bon appetit!

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Halo 3 Xbox 360 gets unboxed and likes it

The $399 limited edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 just released yesterday and we're sure eager Halo fanboys are excited to see it in its green, unboxed glory. And thankfully the guys over at Gear Live pulled out their wallets, purchased the Halo themed 360 and posted high res pictures of their the green wonder. Make the jump to see up close pictures of the new console, its lovely orange bezel, its super sexy red wireless sync button and the text above the USB ports that reads "fuel intake". We can all agree that the pricing for this limited edition console is a little unforgiving and the fact that it doesn't come with a copy of Halo 3 is a tad puzzling, but after looking at these pictures we're going to have to say that it is quite attractive. Plain and simple, the orange accents really bring out the army green ... they really do.

$299 Premium 360s at Office Depot

After digging through our inbox today we stumbled across a tip from shenlong77 who sent us an Office Depot leaked adscan (or one that is readily available to everyone, but advertises deals that start September 9th) and it features a pretty sweet Xbox 360 console deal. According to the ad, this Sunday online at OfficeDepot.com they will be offering Premium Xbox 360s for only $299 after a $50 rebate. And for the sake of us being a little curious we hopped on over to their online store and looked up an Xbox 360 Premium to see if the deal was in effect right now and we're sad to say that not only are the Premiums not $299, but they are actually trying to sell them for $369! Ouchers. But hopefully our ad is right and this Sunday brings $299 Xbox 360s, money savings and world peace.

[Thanks, shenlong77]

Xbox Live maintenance on September 10th

Next Monday, for roughly four hours, Xbox Live will be ::gulp:: down. Yes sir, no Xbox Live for at least four hours on Monday. Messages from Microsoft's "Xbox Live" gamertag were sent out to all Live members notifying them that of the downtime, stating that the powers that be need to "upgrade the service". Below is the exact message that was sent out;

"Xbox LIVE will be unavailable for approximate 4 hours on September 10th 2007 to upgrade the service starting: 02:01 PDT, 09:01 GMT and 18:01 GMT+9. See xbox.com for more information"

We advise preparing some sort of replacement activity now, because when Monday rolls around and you find your Xbox Live down you may be left twiddling your thumbs. And know that thumb twiddling gets boring real quick ... you've been warned.

[Thanks, xenocidic]

Xbox 360 goes Back to Old School

We aren't sure how we forgot the news (maybe because we repress such memories), but today is the day that the majority of kids head back to school and begin their 2007-2008 school year. And what better way to head back to school than to head Back to Old School. Xbox.com has collected and posted a nice collection of articles to aid in the back to school tradition, including a few old school references. Read about Major's top nine old school games, learn a bit about your 360 with Elle's list of ten things you may not know about your console or simply read over this Fall's lineup of games you'll have to prepare to play hooky for.

Going back to school isn't usually something we look forward to, but such challenges are made easier when you have an Xbox 360. And yes, Major Nelson does pull off the long hair look quite well.

Europe gets in on HD DVD player price cutting

Attendees of the IFA (one big German electronics show) are reporting that Microsoft has unofficially announced that the 360 HD DVD player add-on will be receiving a price cut in Europe. The rumored price cut will drop the HD DVD player add-on by 20 euros from 200 to 180 euro. And even though the price drop hasn't officially surfaced in press release form or no date for when the new price will go into effect was announced, we advise future HD DVD player purchasers in Europe to hold off for a bit. Let's see what comes of this 20 euro price cut.

[Via NEXT Generation]

Xbox 360s get new warranty seal stickers

Several European gamers who just received their Xbox 360s back from the repair center are reporting that Microsoft has done away with the bland and featureless silver Microsoft warranty stickers and have ushered in the new prettified and secure version you see above. They're like a cross between a Windows certificate of authenticity sticker and some sort of foreign geek currency. Awesome job Microsoft, that's one sexy and officially official looking sticker!

Side-note: We are aware that this sticker news doesn't affect the majority of the 360 gaming population, but there are a select few out there who are in the black market business of Xbox 360 warranty sticker production who need to know this stuff. So, this blog post is for you guys. We are forever appreciative of the long hours you put into creating nearly flawless counterfeit Xbox 360 warranty stickers. Your work touches so many lives, keep it up.

eFuse blown, 360 homebrew now possible

Microsoft seems to be losing the war against modders attacking their precious Xbox 360 hardware with news hitting the internet that a group of modders has successfully downgraded the 360's kernel. Since our last hack / mod update, modders have been diligently working to gain access to a vulnerable kernel by flashing an eFuse without relying on the nearly impossible CPU-key hack and they're happy to announce that they've been successful. Using some sort of "timing attack" a group of modders has flashed one of the CPU's eFuses and been able to revert back to a vulnerable kernel which could possibly allow homebrew apps in the near future. The specific details are quite techie, but if you're curious you can read about the blown eFuse news over at Xbox-Scene.

But before everyone gets all worked up and runs through the streets screaming "teh haxorz are modding my Halo 3s!" you should know that any consoles with old kernels which modders revert back to will not connect to Xbox Live or let them play games online. So, in effect, any kernel downgrading would prevent the console from making its way onto Xbox Live ... that is unless they figure out a way to use a dual kernel system. Just play nice online fellow Xbox 360 modders and if you don't ruin our games then we won't tell Microsoft you opened up your console. You rub our back, we'll rub yours.

UK to get Halo 3 Xbox 360 for 279 GBP

Following the announcement of this week's European Xbox 360 price cut, Microsoft has just announced that the army green colored Halo 3 Xbox 360 will be available in the UK and retail for 279 GBP. The Halo 3 console will be available September 26th (Europe's Halo 3 release date) and will include all the same features / goodies as the Halo 3 console in the US including the spiffy paint job, play and charge pack, 20GB HDD and HDMI input. The console's 279 GBP price tag will be a tad more expensive than this Friday's newly price dropped and comparable Premium 360 which will retail for 249 GBP. So, an extra 30 GBP to upgrade to the Halo 3 Xbox 360 and its adorable gamer pictures or sticking with the cheaper Premium ... decisions, decisions.

Rumor: New Xbox 360 Arcade console and re-branding

Juicy news is making its rounds on the internet this morning with a Belgian Microsoft source revealing details about a new Xbox 360 console, potential re-branding and the extinction of the Core as we know it. Gamernode received the presentation slide you see above (larger version here) from their secret Microsoft source who said that a new Xbox 360 Arcade console will be priced at 279 GBP, replace the Xbox 360 Core and include the addition of a wireless controller, 256MB memory card, five XBLA games and possible HDMI connectivity. Also revealed was the re-branding of all three consoles offerings with the Elite getting a "Go Big" slogan, the Premium losing its name and becoming "Go Pro" and the Core being renamed to Arcade with a "Just Play!" slogan.

It's also interesting to note that Gamernode was told that the new Xbox 360 Arcade console will be a world wide offering and, presumably, so will all the re-branding efforts. And it's not like we didn't see the death of the Core coming. Best Buy and Target have reportedly pulled the Core from their shelves and overall no more Core sentiment has been building among retailers and consumers alike. The addition of a memory card, games and wireless controller make the Arcade console a much more complete offering than the Core ever was. Again, we haven't received any official word from Microsoft about this rumor, console changes, prices, availability or future console plans. So, patience will need to be practiced.

[Via Joystiq]

Europe gets Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

Early this morning, Microsoft announced that all of Europe will be jumping in on the Xbox 360 price cut fun this Friday. Europe, being one of the last territories to receive an Xbox 360 price cut, will see price cuts for both 360 versions dropping the Core from 299 EUR / 199 GBP to 279 EUR / 179 GBP and the Premium falling from 399 EUR / 279 GBP to 349 EUR / 249 GBP. Also announced was that the Xbox 360 Elite will be launching this Friday in Europe and retail for 449 EUR / 299 GBP with the 120GB HDD available separately for 179 EUR / 129 GBP.

It looks like the Xbox 360 price cut fun has come to an end and is complete friends with North America covered, Australia getting theirs and now Europe taking the plunge. Get ready to empty those wallets ... empty 'em hard!

Prettify your OWA with a 360 theme

To celebrate the upcoming release of Exchange 2007 SP1 Beta 2, Microsoft decided to put their million dollar bankroll to work and create two new Outlook Web Access themes. The two themes will be releasing sometime soonish and will include a brown Zune theme and greenish Xbox 360 theme for OWA users. So OWA fans, keep an eye out for these theme downloads as we expect them to be 100% free and 79% cool. Xbox 360 branded business email software FTW!

[Thanks, murph]

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