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XNA Community Games pricing, marketing structure detailed

Microsoft has revealed the marketing and pricing plans for its Xbox Live Community Games program, which is expected to launch in some public form this holiday season in North America and select European markets.

Microsoft has set three tiers of pricing for XNA developed titles, games may cost 200MS points ($2.50) for titles 50MB or less and 400 ($5) or 800MS points ($10) for titles that weigh in at a maximum of 150MB.

Microsoft is set to share up to 70% of profits from any XNA developed title. Microsoft has also revealed plans to help promote the more successful titles on the service. "If we help you sell an absolute ton of these, it's going to be up towards 30% [more of your total revenue]," Microsoft chief technology officer Chris Satchell told MTV Multiplayer. "If it's not doing so well, down towards 10%."

As Shacknews described, developers who choose to distribute titles via the Xbox Live Marketplace will not be able to opt out of royalty-cutting promotions. Creators must first agree to a common set of terms when adding a game to the service and, According to Microsoft, "the majority of sales and revenue a creator earns will be generated by our promotions."

Unfortunately, XNA Community Games will not include achievements and the service is structured so no game may be released for free, but we assume we'll see demos for each title.

XBLA delisting will not affect XNA games

Talking with, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg reiterated their commitment to the Xbox Live Arcade and how their delisting program will actually benefit the XBLA by forcing developers to "take more time, make use of the new additional storage space and focus on game quality." But Greenberg made sure to note that the delisting program will NOT affect the upcoming XNA Community Games initiative saying that the "program only applies to Xbox Live Arcade" seeing that "Community Games created with XNA do not go through the same submission and certification process." So, no matter how craptucular some community games will end up being (because we all know there will be utter crap), delisting will not be enforced.

Xbox Live Community Games launches beta test

After being announced at GDC 08 the only questioned that lingered about Microsoft's new Community Games initiative was when the program would officially begin. Today Microsoft inched the program closer to launch by announcing the Beta test for Community Games is available to premium XNA membership owners and the new XNA Creators Club Online community site.

The beta allows creators to submit games for review to the newly formed creators site and once reviewed and approved the game is made available on Xbox Live.

According to Microsoft during GDC, Community Games will land on all Xbox Live connected consoles this holiday season and hopefully the early beta means we can have a healthy catalog of titles to choose from.

Make sure to check out the XNA Community Games tutorial video after the jump.

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XNA concepts already being tested on Zune

Talking with Eurogamer, XNA main man Chris Satchell informed them that XNA development on the Zune is moving along rather nicely and that they have concept games up and working.

Satchell confirmed word that, internally, Microsoft has already created a few concept XNA games for the Zune, including a Wolfenstein software rendered that outputs at a solid 30 frames per second. Worried about the Zune as a controller? According to Satchell, the Zune's squircle "touchpad is great". And what about those who want Zune to Zune multiplayer gaming? You're covered as well, with Satchell's confirmation that "one of the things we talked about was the network play, and we've had people doing prototypes internally of multiplayer shoot-'em-ups both in versus and co-op". Delicious!

So, now that they've dangled this XNA / Zune integration carrot in front of our faces for an eternity, when can we get a confirmed launch? Hmm?

Dress your desktop with Dead Samurai

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai creator James Silva recently posted this sweet 1440x900 wallpaper image on his Ska Studios blog for fans to dress-up their desktop in anticipation of the XNA title's release. Fans of the game, and of the wallpaper, could see the design make its way to a t-shirt in the future. While Silva hasn't decided on that yet, we'd recommend you drop into his blog and let him know you'd like to get this print on your threads ASAP. We know we do!

[Thanks, JAKEJAX]

Sierra Online XBLA News

Appearing on the "Three Red Lights" podcast, Ross Erickson from Sierra Online gave the IGN Podcast a host of details regarding the company's upcoming games. The biggest of the news is that Assault Heroes 2 is actually completed, and is on the road to an April release. The second-most significant news would also be XBLA related, and regards the near-completion of Lost Cities. Concerning Lost Cities, there is still no word about he price, but the rumblings are that it could hit at 400 points. Among the smaller tidbits of information from the interview, Sierra is looking at giving adventure games a return, they're going to be publishing an award-winning XNA game, and as far as their number show, expansions tend to sell less than 50% of the originals.

[Via xblah]
[Read, Three Red Lights Podcast]

XNA community games downloaded 750,000 times

Today, as we churned through February's NPD numbers, we came across an interesting number that was included as part of Microsoft's NPD press release. The magic number is 750,000 and it's the number of times the seven free XNA games were downloaded the week after GDC. Microsoft's internal estimates peg the seven XNA games (including gems like Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, JellyCar and Little Gamers) were downloaded around 750,000 times over Xbox Live and, by our internal calculations, that sounds like a lot! Hopefully the exposure these downloads received not only got gamers excited for their release, but excited for the big XNA community games rollout later this Fall. Bring on the free XNA goodness already, bring it!

Shhh ... Dishwasher: Dead Samurai demo not dead

Keep this one on the down-low, we mean don't go putting this on the internets or anything but it looks like someone at Microsoft forgot to hit the "off" switch on the XNA demo for The Dishwasher - Dead Samurai.

Set to expire at midnight on March 9, we found that the demo still booted up and worked correctly today -- March 10. Still having the demo on our hard drive, we attempting to boot the game when a screen told us that the demo had expired, but oddly continued to the main menu of the the game.

The Dishwasher - Dead Samurai
, created solely by James Silva, was heralded by Microsoft as their main attraction for the upcoming XNA Community Games feature, set to release this holiday. While we expect Microsoft has already noticed, they can see what you're playing you know, we at least can give the fantastic demo for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release a final farewell. Video of the demo going through after the jump.

At this time we haven't been able to confirm if all XNA demos are still functioning, but it seems likely that they will.

Gallery: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (XBLA)

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GDC08: Dishwasher - Dead Samurai impressions

Rounding out our extensive GDC08 coverage we end up where we began, talking about James Silva's Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. Eager to promote their upcoming Community Games feature slated to hit this holiday season, Microsoft released a number of demos made from their XNA development platform for free via Xbox Live Marketplace. One of the demos, Dishwasher, is one of four top prizes awarded by Microsoft for an XBLA release contract made by one extremely creative and passionate guy.

After spending the better part of a week "chopping dudes up," we've finally been able to put the controller down and tell you exactly how Dishwasher stacks up as a future, full-fledged, XBLA title.

Gallery: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (XBLA)

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X3F interviews James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

The annual Game Developer's Conference played host to something of a Cinderella story this year, plunging a once unknown game developer into the limelight. We're talking, of course, about James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and Microsoft's new poster child for XNA Community Games. We managed to catch up with James during the conference and ask him how things have changed since the last time we spoke. We also discussed just how James feels about Peter Molyneux and whether or not he's still considering the "Pulling a Peter Moore" achievement for Dishwasher's guitar segments (see 360 Fancast 044 at around 1:05:00). Find the interview after the break. The audio version of the interview is also available in our latest Fancast.

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GDC08: Download deadline extended for XNA trials

If you still haven't found the time to download all seven free XNA Community Game trials then we ask, why the heck not? These game trials are only available on a very limited basis. Originally, they were only available for download until this Sunday and playable through March 9th when they'll turn into non-playable lumps of megabytes. But we've just been informed that the download period has been extended to Tuesday, February 26th at midnight pacific due to a few GDC attendees complaining that they wouldn't be home before the download deadline. So, that's good news for fanboys who are die-hard procrastinators or those who are away from home (possibly on vacation) until Monday. Now you have absolutely no reason not to download and try these XNA Community Games. If anything, you'll have to at least try The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Little Gamers and JellyCar just for us. Go. Download. NOW!

GDC08: Blogger's breakfast feeds XNA minds

As is tradition, earlier this morning Microsoft held a blogger's breakfast and in between strips of bacon and piles of scrambled eggs, the Joystiq crew got answers to a few hot XNA questions.

We learn that XNA Community Games can be downloaded by any Live subscriber (be it gold or silver) through the XBLM, but only XNA Creators Club members will be able to upload games. Creators Club members will also be the only ones who monitor the service and be able to review their peers' games. We also learn that achievement addicts will not get their "fix"with any XNA games. Make the jump to get a few more of your XNA Community Games questions answered. Now pass the orange juice.

GDC08: XNA development for the Zune begins

iPod owners be damned, the Zune "media device" will be where all the cool XNA and XBLA kids play. Say hello to the Xboy Zuneboy!

During yesterday's GDC keynote, Microsoft announced that later this year, XNA development would be opening up to the Zune allowing XNA developers to create XBLA style games for Zune devices. The games can then be shared from the Zune itself to any Windows PC and also to a 360. So, Mr. Allard ends up being correct about Zune - 360 connectivity, but totally dropped the ball on Zune gaming. Why fight it Allard, why fight? Also, those cool cats over at Ars Technica are reporting that the Zune will allow for multiplayer gaming via the device's built-in wireless capability. Zune XNA development should be rolling out sometime by the end of the year alongside the new XNA / Xbox Live community features.

GDC08: How to download free XNA game previews

The mysterious XNA curtain has been pulled back revealing not only a new community friendly XNA / Xbox Live service, but also seven XNA game demos for everyone to enjoy. But you don't have to be on the GDC show floor to try out these little XNA gems, no sir. All you need to do is hop onto Xbox Live and get your download on. Though, the process for downloading XNA games is a bit different, so let us break it down for you.

First, you'll have to download the XNA Game Launcher off the XBLM. You can find the this little doodad by going to New Releases > Game Content > XNA Creators Club. Once that 7MB file downloads, make your way to your XNA Game Launcher by heading to your Games blade > Games Library > My Games > XNA Creators Club. Here you'll be able to press "Y" and download all seven XNA trial games for free. Once you find a game and download it, you'll then be able to launch your demo from the same location. That's it, all done. And to get you started, we've posted a description of all seven downloadable XNA game demos after the break. Find something that appeals to you and give 'er a download. Oh, and have some fun too.

Continue reading GDC08: How to download free XNA game previews

Size increase coming to Xbox Live Arcade?

With the announcement of the Xbox Live Community Games feature coming to Xbox Live, one of our eagle-eyed X3F soldiers spotted an interesting tidbit while scrolling through the preview content on XBLM. TriLinea, one of the XNA preview games available to download clocks in at 190MB, 40MB larger than the allowed file size for Xbox Live Arcade titles. While this doesn't prove the size restriction will change, remember Microsoft selected specific titles to preview for this event and over Xbox Live. Size restrictions are already becoming an issue so if the limit is to be raised we think the best time to do it is before the XNA titles flood in at full swing.

[Thanks, Tony]

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