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More TF2 tweaks for Pyro, Soldier

We knew some changes were headed to Team Fortress 2, namely to the Medic, but CVG is now reporting some of the planned changes for other classes as well. Specifically, we're talking about the Pyro and Soldier classes. So far, the only change announced for the Pyro has to do with scoring. Basically, Pyros will now be rewarded with points when they successfully light an enemy on fire. The idea, according to Valve's Robin Walker is to reward the player for foiling enemy plans even when doing so didn't necessarily end in their death. The Soldier class is due for an interesting change as well, as Walker notes that Valve "is focused on making Soldiers a little more careful firing their rockets at point blank targets." We're not exactly sure what that would entail, especially when factoring in rocket jumps, so we'll just have to wait and see. The changes should be rolling out within the next two months.

[Via Joystiq]

Team Fortress 2 video: Meet the Demoman

The fourth in Valve's series of Team Fortress 2 class videos has emerged, this time showcasing the Demoman. So far, the Demoman has received very little fanfare, with nary a bit of video footage in sight. Sure, we all like riddling things with bullets as the Heavy, or letting our turrets do it for us as the Engineer, but what about the pure, visceral joy of blowing stuff up? Yeah, the Soldier has a rocket launcher, but what about real explosive death? That's where the Demoman comes in. Rather than spoil the video for you, we'll simply direct you to watch it with your heads full of eyeballs.

[Thanks, Sunny]

TF2: an extended look at the engineer

With the release of The Orange Box fast approaching, we're itching to get all the info we can about its delicious contents. We're probably most excited for the collection's multiplayer offering, Team Fortress 2. So far, we've been enamored of the clever character class videos that Valve has released, but we haven't seen too much focus on how these various classes actually play. Enter Eurogamer, with a video of our personal favorite, the engineer. The video pretty much covers the things you'll be doing as an engineer, namely building things and dropping fools with your shotgun. Unfortunately, Eurogamer doesn't support embedded videos, so you'll have to leave the comfy confines of X3F to view it. We know it can be scary, but we also know that you can do it. Go ahead, click that "read" link. It's not nearly as scary as it seems.

Team Fortress 2 reviewed, impresses Eurogamer

Eurogamer has gotten their grubby little hands on a copy of Team Fortress 2 and laid down the first review of the game. We'll leave the pleasure of reading the whole review to our readers, but we're pretty sure you'd like an overall summary. Well here it is folks: it's good. According to Eurogamer, Team Fortress 2 achieves the unenviable task of providing an accessible team-based shooter experience that will satisfy both newcomers and the hardcore alike. Eurogamer even notes that the need for voice communication is nearly rendered moot by intuitive map designs and classes that counterbalance each other. That's quite an accomplishment if true. Oh, one last thing before you head off to read the review, Valve will be releasing more maps in addition to the six that are shipping with the game. Sounds pretty good to us. Now, go read the review and dream of October.

Take a tour of the Team Fortress 2 maps

Alright, so we're beginning to understand the characters of Team Fortress 2, but what about their environment? In what sorts of places will we be wreaking havoc? A series of videos has been released giving a brief glimpse of each of Team Fortress 2's six maps: Hydro, Gravel Pit, Well, 2 Fort, Granary, and Dust Bowl. Unfortunately, all the videos are done in a grainy, almost black-and-white style that doesn't exactly mesh with YouTube. Hopefully we'll see some high resolution versions of these videos soon. Still, you can get an idea of the layout of each map and the game types available on them. We've embedded the rest of the videos after the break.

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Team Fortress 2: Meet the Engineer

We love all of the Team Fortress 2 character videos. We're just going to abandon all journalistic integrity and say that. They are sweet. The latest video in the TF2 character series introduces the Engineer. We never would have guessed that the Engineer had a sensitive side, but he spends the entire video playing the guitar. Then again, that's the joy of being an Engineer, right? You get to set up turrets to do the killing for you, and that's exactly what you'll see in his video. We won't spoil the fun, but suffice it to say that the Engineer's facial expressions are priceless. Watch, laugh, enjoy.

Oh, and if you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out the Soldier and Heavy videos.

[Via Joystiq]

Loads of new Team Fortress 2 vids

GameVideos has posted a handful of new videos of Team Fortress 2 gameplay. In all, we get to see the engineer, spy, sniper, scout, and soldier doing their thing. We noticed yesterday that the camera can pull away from the player in order to show off an emotion. Seeing these new videos, it has become clear that this is a player controlled action, so you can use it to taunt your living (or dead) opponents whenever you wish. Beyond that, the game plays out as you would expect. You have sixty seconds to prepare before each match, during which time you can select your class and figure out your strategy. The rest is pure mayhem. Our favorite video, embedded above, features the spy infiltrating the enemy base and laying waste to them with his butterfly knife. Everything we've seen of Team Fortress 2 points to good times ahead. Check out three more videos after the break.

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Team Fortress gameplay video emerges

After several videos detailing the characters and style of Team Fortress 2, GameVideos has finally uncovered some actual gameplay footage. It is, in short, chaos, and a more wonderful chaos we could not imagine. Throughout the video, we get to see the soldier, medic, spy, sniper, and engineer in action. The game looks to be pretty much non-stop action, with plenty of opponents to go around. In perhaps the most intriguing moment of the video, the camera pulls out to a third person perspective as the engineer laughs at the poor soul he just bludgeoned to death. It doesn't look as though this has any more value than simply rubbing in your kill and pissing off your opponent. Then again, how much more value do you need?

Halo Wars and TF2 videos on XBLM

A new day brings some new Xbox Live Marketplace content, and while we don't have any new demos to enjoy, there are some decent videos. The first video is the Halo Wars walk-through that was supposed to go up earlier this week. If you haven't already seen it on the intertubes, it's definitely worth checking out. The second video has also already been seen on the web, though it's probably worth watching in hi-def with some popcorn on the couch. We are talking, of course, about the Team Fortress 2 video featuring the soldier. We said it before and we'll say it again: comedy gold. Download both videos at your earliest convenience, but please, watch responsibly.

TF2 Soldier video splits sides (with rockets)

Remember the Team Fortress 2 video featuring the Heavy? You know, "I am Heavy Weapons Guy," and "WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?!" and all that? Well, we're hesitant to say it, but we think this video tops it. Something like Patton with a little extra derangement sprinkled on top, the video features the Soldier class as he explains to the troops the very invention of war. Apparently it involves Sun Tzu and the collection of animals. In short, the video is comedy gold and should not be missed. Watch it now or forever be an outcast in gaming circles.

Now where the hell is our Orange Box damn it?

[Via Joystiq]

Video: design philosophy of Team Fortress 2

We are all about Team Fortress 2 here at X3F. While we certainly look forward to the classic gameplay, there can be no doubt that its luscious visual style is a big draw. The above video from Gamersyde shows off just how much work goes into all the environments and characters of Team Fortress 2. The team at Valve drew their inspiration from commercial drawings of the early 20th century. Hell, they even mention the work of Hayao Miyazaki as an influence. One of the overall goals of the design process was to make every character unique and easy to identify at a distance. With this in mind, the team set about creating unique color schemes and silhouettes for each character. There are also lots of technical elements discussed in the video. We're not really sure what a Phong highlight is, but if it makes Team Fortress 2 this pretty, we really don't care.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

The Orange Box gets a much needed makeover

Ever since we laid our eyes on the Half-Life 2: Orange Box cover art we have been a little perplexed by its simplistic design. The cover art featured a mostly orange background with white text explaining the contents and that was about it. We accepted the cover though and never made a fuss. But now it looks like Valve has had a change of heart and design philosophy. TeamXbox is reporting that Valve decided to re-design the Orange Box cover and now it actually features artwork! Indeed, it shows off beautiful Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal artwork! We're glad to see Valve add more art to the cover art and spiffy up the Orange Box, because it really looks good. Check out TeamXbox's supplied Half-Life 2: Orange Box cover viewable after the break.

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TF2 devs play cross-platform, but you won't

So, Shacknews posted a lengthy preview of Team Fortress 2. At first, everything was normal, no different than what we expected. Multiple classes, fun gametypes, cool maps, protestations that the Medic is fun to play: everything was copacetic. According to the review, Team Fortress 2 will not feature cross-platform play. That's all well and good, except Valve -- developer of the PC and Xbox 360 versions (EA UK is handling the PS3 version) -- "regularly play cross-platform multiplayer games." Why then, are we denied such pleasure? According to Valve's Doug Lombardi, it "introduces more problems than it is worth." He further notes that Valve would only implement cross-platform play in a title that was designed for it from the start.

Ah well, looks like we'll have to be satisfied with fragging fellow 360 fanboys.

[Via Joystiq]

Valve: our downloadable content will be free

When perusing our comment threads, you may see comments from Team Fortress 2 fans that will be opting for the PC version over the 360 version? Why? Lots of free content. Specifically, lots of free user-made content. While it may be some time before user-made content heads to the 360, we are happy to report that any downloadable content for the Orange Box will be free. Eurogamer reports that Valve will not charge for its DLC. According to Team Fortress 2 designer, Robin Walker, "You buy the product, you get the content," who adds, "We make more money because more people buy it, not because we try and nickel-and-dime the same customers." We imagine that someone at EA -- publisher of the Orange Box -- has just imploded. Free content is always good, especially when you consider that TF2 will ship with only 6 maps.

[Via Joystiq]

Team Fortress 2 classes get broken down

It seems Team Fortress 2 is fast becoming the best reason to own the Half-Life 2 Orange Box. In every preview of the game, various outlets are describing it as the most outstanding feature of the entertainment-packed package. With some particularly impressive visuals and reportedly rock-solid gameplay to boot, it's easy to see why. IGN recently got their turn to try out Team Fortress 2 and have done us the favor of breaking down every single character class in the game. With 9 classes from which to choose, finding your favorite might be a difficult task, especially considering that the support classes are actually fun to play.

Honestly, we're torn so many ways we don't know what to think. Do we pick the Demoman and his sticky bombs, the Pyro and his flamethrower, or the Engineer and his deadly turrets? What about the chameleon-like Spy, or the cool-as-nails Sniper, or the well-rounded Soldier? Of course, there is the Medic, who's capable of making players and himself briefly invulnerable, and there's the Scout, who can change direction mid-jump. Then again, there's always the Heavy Weapons Guy ... and his beloved Sasha.

Who's your favorite so far?

Gallery: Team Fortress 2

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