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GDC08: Bomberman & Pac-Man win big at XBLA Awards

Keeping to their word, Microsoft just announced at GDC the winners of the first annual Xbox Live Arcade Awards and man oh man did Bomberman Live and Pac-Man: Championship Edition win big.

Out of the ten award categories, six category winners were chosen by the Xbox Live community who voted online this past January. And after the votes were tallied, Bomberman Live ended up being the big winner taking home the coveted Best Overall Arcade Game of 2007 as well as Best Competitive Multiplayer Game. Pac-Man: CE also came out on top, nabbing Best Original Game, Best Family-Friendly Game and Xbox LIVE Arcade Staff Choice honors. So, between Bomberman and Pac-Man, they took home half of all the awards. Not too shabby. After the break, check out all of 2007's top XBLA Award winners for each of the ten categories. And be sure to begin preparation for 2008's XBLA Awards, we have a feeling that the competition is going to be fierce.

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X3F Achievements 101: The Return [update 1]

After a small hiatus following the craziness that is E3, X3F Achievements 101 is back with a variety of subjects worth covering. In case some of you have forgotten how this column works, this a space devoted to Achievement Whores around the world, and gives me the opportunity to chronicle my continuing conquest of Gamerscore, on a daily basis. This week, we cover a little bit of a backlog, as there's the survival of my Achievement streak during E3, my hitting of a couple Gamerscore Milestones, and the completion of a couple more 1000 GS rentals, TMNT and Cars.

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$20 discounts on R6 Vegas, GRAW 2 and more

Looking for some great video game deals? Well, look no further than Circuit City and the Sunday newspaper ads. This week, Circuit City is slashing $20 off select games including titles like TMNT ($29.99), GRAW 2 ($39.99), Spider-Man 3 ($39.99) and Call of Duty 3 ($39.99). Also, since both the Red and Black Edition Player Packs will be free downloads, why not pick up Rainbow Six Vegas for the low, low price of $39.99 too? You can't pass that up. Maybe new releases are more up your alley, then we advise picking up a free $10 gift card with a Transformers: The Game purchase. And if you're in the market for Shadowrun, purchase it for $37.99 on Windows Vista and Circuit City will throw in a wireless receiver for free!

All deals are available online or in-store, so save a few bucks and pick up some new games to add to your video game library this week.

Live top ten: Turtle Power

Last week had the return of Arcade titles to the Live top ten, and this week continues to do so. As is the trend of the moment, we have Gears of War, Crackdown, and Rainbow Six Vegas taking the top three spots. Worms moves to fourth, three spots above its introduction to the list, followed by GRAW 2, which had its demo in sixth last week. Now, Call of Duty 3 moves has that slot, with newcomer TMNT for XBLA starting in 7th, like Worms did before. Oblivion and Madden 07 swap spots, and Lost Planet continues to round out the list. For the complete breakdown, check out our list after the break, which includes last weeks results for comparison.

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TMNT Arcade impressions: turtle power!

Having had ample time to test out both the single player and multiplayer aspects of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Xbox Live Arcade, we are ready to pass our stern and final judgment. The game is exactly what you remember from the arcades of yesteryear. From the cheesy dialogue to storyboard cutscenes, it's all there. The combat is as simple and addicting as it ever was. It's still pretty damned frustrating at times, too. Of course, players must keep in mind that this game was designed primarily to suck quarters directly from the pockets of children. Overall, the single player is completely intact, with nary a hitch to be seen. As an added bonus, you can continue as many times as you want (and you will be continuing ... a lot).

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X360A holding TMNT Arcade contest

Xbox 360 Achievement's DAKing240 is holding a contest for this week's Xbox Live Arcade release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The objective is simple, get all 12 Achievements for the game. The criteria is equally easy, first, you must be a member of their forums. Next, your gamertag should have all the Achievements, including the secret one, and then email DaKing240 [AT] x360a [DOT] org with your tag. He's only giving out the unannounced prize to first place, so get on it. Also, don't be put off by the fact that we don't know what you're getting if you win, as they have a pretty good track record of giving out cool prizes, namely retail titles.

TMNT Arcade now available

In a surprise announcement earlier this week, it was revealed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the classic arcade game, was heading to Xbox Live Arcade (we knew Aaron Greenberg was trying to tell us something). As promised, the game is now available for download. At the very reasonable price of 400 MS points, it's pretty hard to go wrong. For the older fanboys out there, TMNT pretty much represents a no-brainer proposition for Xbox Live Arcade. Now if we could just throw some Simpsons arcade on there, we'd be some super happy campers. We're downloading the game now and will be back with impressions later today.

TMNT Arcade achievements revealed

For those of you who are eagerly anticipating the release of TMNT to the XBLA tomorrow, Achieve360Points uncovered and posted the game's achievement details. After analyzing all the achievement goodness we definitely see a lack of level completion achievements, as it looks the dev team wanted to focus on harder level based tasks. So, earning every achievement will not be a walk in he sewer. We also noticed that TMNT may be special in that it is the first XBLA game to offer a secret achievement. So, kick back, take a look at all the achievements, and get ready to download the game tomorrow with a controller in one hand and a cheesy pizza slice in the other.

TMNT coming to Arcade early [update 1]

Cowabunga. This week's Xbox Live Arcade title is going to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a week ahead of schedule. For the low, low price of 400 MS points you can get your old school beat 'em up fix with one of the most wanted retro titles for XBLA, complete with online co-op, leaderboards and the like. Obviously, you readers agree that this is a no-brainer purchase and we hope to play through a couple levels with you online. What do you think about getting Turtles in Time sometime in the future?

[Via GameStooge]

Update: James alerted us of this as well on Friday with a link to this thread.

TMNT officially coming to Arcade

Before, we showed you a couple rather suspect looking screenshots for an Xbox Live Arcade version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At first, we were a little skeptical about its certitude, then a video came out and we slowly began to let our guard down. After all it would be rather depressing to cling onto a rumor you want to be true to only find it was a hoax. Well, thankfully we can finally give you the official word, straight from Ubisoft, TMNT is slated for Arcade, will cost 400 MS points, and will support 4 player co-op (both online and off) on all the original seven levels. Is this a no-brainer purchase or what?

[Via GameStooge]

More kind words for upcoming TMNT game

Gamepro recently got their hands on Ubisoft's upcoming TMNT game and simply put, they were impressed. Like our older brother Joystiq, Gamepro fell in love with the ability to perform team combo moves with the turtles and the uniqueness of each character. They also enjoyed Ubisoft's focus on the free roam element, opting to focus more on the character's ninja abilities rather than their brute force. Not only is the gameplay shaping up just fine, but we learn there there will be a bunch of unlockables including concept art, bloopers, movie clips, and even the notorious "big head cheat". We're not sure if old school TMNT fans will have a tough time cuddling up next to the turtle's new image, but this game has the potential to actually be (dare we say it) good.

[Thanks, Jonah]

Joystiq plays TMNT (it's fun!)

Joystiq got a chance to sit down and play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Xbox 360. We'll have to preface this by saying that we were unimpressed by the recent trailer that was released. The Joystiq preview is proof that trailers aren't always the best indicators of fun. The above video is a developer walkthrough, and TMNT looks much more entertaining now. The animation is fluid, there are tons of enemies -- the 360 version sports more enemies than other consoles -- and the visuals are crisp, though not spectacular. Players can switch between turtles on the fly, utilizing their unique weapons and combo tactics. There are a few special maneuvers to look out for too. All in all, Joystiq came away feeling that this is the best TMNT game since the 16-bit era. Not bad. Hit the "read" link for the whole preview.

See also:
Rumored XBLA version of TMNT video surfaces

Rumored XBLA version of TMNT video surfaces

Yesterday, we reported on a few leaked screenshots from a rumored XBLA version of TMNT. We were a bit leary of their authenticity, but today we get video proof of a XBLA version. Embedded above is over three minutes of video showcasing said arcade game and we're now becoming believers, nearly convinced that we'll be seeing some old-school TMNT gaming coming to the XBLA. Just some marketing speculation, but the release of this arcade game may coincide with the release of the TMNT movie which comes out March 23rd. Fanboys rejoice, Konami doesn't hate us as we will (possibly) be playing 1989 TMNT on our 360s!

[Thanks, Tony]

Old school TMNT coming to the XBLA?

The turtles rumor mill is churning full force today as posted a few leaked TMNT screenshots. But these screenshots are special, because claims that they come from an unannounced XBLA version of 1989 TMNT. Old school TMNT on the XBLA ... that's sweetness! We've examined the screens, looked them over twice, and still come away perplexed. It looks like these screenshots are trying a little too hard, including Konami and Ubisoft logos on the main screen and using a new-age turtles background for the gameplay. Though, we'd like to be proven wrong and wish our 2D side scrolling turtles adventure would show up on the arcade (instead we get 3D turtles). What do you think, photoshopped prank or turtles arcade magic?

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Cowabunga! TMNT achievements uncovered

Those busy bees over at Xbox 360 Achievements discovered all of the achievements for upcoming Ninja Turtles game TMNT. Getting all 1000 gamerscore points doesn't look all that hard either, because simply beating the game will get you 800 points. Also, it looks like Ubisoft decided to not make all the achievements have a nice rounded gamerscore point total, opting for annoying ambiguous numbers. And overall, these are still pretty lackluster achievements with no creative flair ... hopefully they put a little more thought into the game than they did into its achievements.

[Thanks, Peter J]

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