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T. Hawk gets HD Remix'd, plus more remastering info

Just so you fanboys know, that shot of T. Hawk is full resolution, from Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, of course. Capcom Digital posted that image, complete with an analysis of how they remaster frames to incorporate the new artwork. They use Sagat's standing Roundhouse as an example. Rey then demonstrated how the art is broken up into tiles, and they use those as a guide for when they're redrawing the frame. This prevents a scenario causing a foot to go through an opponent's head due to a hit detection issues. A good read, and it also shows the comparison shot of T. Hawk, as well as the line art for Sagat. Go take a look!

New SFII HD Remix sprite revealed, it's Ken!

The image you see above, ladies and gents, is a sprite from the upcoming Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for Xbox Live Arcade. In fact, it's actually a little smaller than it should be thanks to our formatting. Now, we've seen a sprite from (deep breath) SFIITHDR before, but this is the first official image released by Capcom. As Capcom's Brian Dunn puts it, "this is what it will look like (if you paused the game and took out the background)." Damn. If you like what you see, then you're in luck, as Capcom will soon be opening a blog that will feature new art, news, and other goodies about their upcoming downloadable games. For those of you that have forgotten, those games include SFIITHDR and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (easily abbreviated SPFIITHDR), Rocketman: Axis of Evil (RAoE) and Talisman (T).

If Capcom's other downloadable games are going to look this good, you can count us excited.

[Thanks, Jared]

SFII is lame, Fatal Fury hits Live Arcade

New technology seems to have rekindled old rivalries. No doubt burned by the success of Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade, SNK is bringing Fatal Fury Special to the service as well. It's like arcades in the 1990s all over again. Who will win, Capcom or SNK? Maybe someday they'll put SNK characters and Capcom characters in the same game. That would be kuh-razy. Expect more information during the Tokyo Game Show next month.

In the meantime, rest assured that there's one thing Street Fighter will never have, and that's Mai.

[Thanks, Lorul2]

The arcade stick of your (expensive) dreams [update 1]

Do you love Street Fighter II? Tired of getting owned by noobs because of crappy D-pads? Are you also rich? Well, then we have the arcade stick for you! Brought to you by GoPodular, these massive beasts were ripped straight from the arcade cabinets of yore. Made from the same sturdy materials, GoPodular promises an unparalleled gaming experience. Even better, the sticks support almost any available system, including the 360.

So, anything this good will have a catch, of course. These suckers weigh in at US $225 before you plunk down another $75 for the 360 adapter cart. Ouch Town, population you, buddy. Unless you have a serious jones for true fighting game control, we suggest you wait for the cheaper -- and more well-known -- X-Arcade stick to come out with a 360 adapter (presumably coming soon). Then again, we'd love to be proven wrong. Your move, GoPodular.

[Update: The GoPodular guys cleared up some confusion in the comments. The standard PC cart can be switched with the 360 cart, thus making the actual cost $245. Still pretty steep, but much better overall. Also check out the comments for some clarification on the differences between X-Arcade and GoPodular.]

More XBLA lovin', Time Pilot, Lumines!

For those of you who missed it on Joystiq, the Official Xbox Magazine (UK) revealed the next batch of games for Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays. The list reads thusly:
  • Aug. 16: Texas Hold 'em
  • Aug. 23: Time Pilot
  • Aug. 30: Scramble
  • Sept 6: Lumines Live!
Hmm...two (arguably) obscure retro arcade titles sandwiched by Texas Hold 'em and Lumines Live! Not bad at all. While few will doubt the appeal of card games or the wonderfully addictive Lumines, one must wonder how well Time Pilot and Scramble will do. Any fans of these retro classics out there?

Bonus points for anyone that can point out the connection between Konami's Time Pilot and Capcom's XBLA smash hit, Street Fighter II.

[Via Joystiq]

SFII is the fastest sellng XBLA game ever

Timeout problems, E. Honda spammers, impossible d-pads, lag, all of these things combined could do nothing to stop the momentum of the Live Arcade juggernaut known as Street Fighter II. Within the first 24 hours of its release, SFII became the fastest selling Arcade title ever. Behold:

"Capcom® today [Aug 4th] announced that Street Fighter® II' Hyper Fighting, the company's first title for Xbox Live® Arcade for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, has seen a phenomenal record of downloads since it's debut on August 2. Within the first 24 hours of it's unveiling, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title to date with hundreds of matches being played every hour."

Great news for Capcom sure, but it also means that we can pretty much kiss five dollar XBLA games goodbye. 360 Fanboy would love to complain, but then we'd have to stop playing. (And by the way, since you've all gotten your Street Fighter fix, give Cloning Clyde a try.)

Sunday at X360F: arcade madness results

The results from last Sunday's poll are in and it was a major upset to say the least. In a come-from-behind victory that nobody was expecting even in their wildest of wild dreams, Street Fighter II -- the plucky underdog that nobody believed in -- has come out on top with an astonishing 32% of the poll totalling 763 votes.

Now, with the sarcastic statement of the obvious out of the way, let's look at the results. It seems SFII has a monopoly on gamer nostalgia, as the other retro classics, Galaga, Pac-Man, and Frogger gather a paltry 11% of the vote with 242 votes combined. It should be noted that Galaga seems to be the favored retro hit outside of SFII, though.

By far the most interesing aspect of this poll is the performance of Lumines Live, Small Arms, and Texas Hold 'em, with a combined 47% of the vote. This is evidence that the real strength of Live Arcade is its ability to bring us original content (just as Cloning Clyde project lead, John Nielson told us earlier this week). No doubt had titles like Castle Crashers and RoboBlitz been on the poll, they would have shown a strong performance as well.

So, to wrap up, Capcom is the king of selling us our youth, and people want to see more games that you can't get anywhere else. Here's to the 360 for making Wednesdays a little brighter. Cheers.

You got Sega Saturn in my 360!

Twistedsypmphony, head moderator guy over at Xbox-Scene, tipped us off to his Frankensteinian project, the Sat-2-360 Controller Adapter. The adapter allows players to use a Sega Saturn control on the 360. Considered by many to have the best d-pad and button layout ever, the Saturn controller is perfect for Street Fighter II or the upcoming Mortal Kombat. The adapter is still a prototype -- and ugly as sin -- but the functionality is promising. The unit is (technically) wireless, though I'd pay for the same thing with a USB adapter.

If you'd like to learn more about it -- or make one yourself -- check out the forums at Xbox-Scene. For some X-tra credit, who wants to build me one? Anybody?

Now, if SEGA would get cracking on the Live Arcade version of Virtua Fighter 2...

Sunday at X360F Poll: Arcade Madness [update 1]

No matter where you look, the big news this week was definitely Xbox Live Arcade. Every Wednesday for the next month we'll have a new Xbox Live Arcade game to download. So, of course, the big question now is which company will make the most money which game will be the most popular? Below is a list of some of the upcoming games. Which one are you anticipating the most? If you choose other, please, let us know your choice in the comments -- even if it hasn't been announced, tell us what games you want to see on Live Arcade.

Will SFII hadoken the competition? Will Pac-Man wakka wakka his way to the top? Vote for your favorite and tell us why. We'll discuss the results next week.

Which XBLA game do you want most?
Cloning Clyde
Street Fighter II
Texas Hold 'em
Small Arms
Lumines Live
More micropayments? No, thanks.
Free polls from
Basic poll stuff: You could spam the poll, thus destroying its democratic brilliance, but that would make you a total jerkball. Don't be a jerkball. It's bad for democracy.

Update 1: Oops, Lumines Live has now been added to the poll. The votes have also been reset. My apologies for any emotional distress this may have caused. You should be able to vote again no problem.

2006, the Summer of Arcade Love

The video above shows off some of the arcade titles coming out within the next month. Cloning Clyde in particular looks like a lot of fun. Frankly, I'm a little puzzled as to why Namco insists on releasing Pac-Man when Ms. Pac-Man is clearly superior. And how the hell does E. Honda beat Ryu anyway?

After the break is another video. This one is Greg Canessa, Group Manager for Xbox Live Arcade, being interviewed by 1UP's Luke Smith -- wearing his best Peter Jackson costume by the look of it. The interview reveals a few nice tidbits, the biggest of which is that there are around thirty new arcade titles to be released by the end of the year. When asked if Bungie is working on any Arcade titles, Canessa gives a titillating "Stay tuned." Check out the interview after the break.

Continue reading 2006, the Summer of Arcade Love

Street Fighter 2: Mega Ultra $10 edition

I know everyone is excited that Frogger is coming to XBLA today, but let's get this boring Street Fighter II news out of the way first. Street Fighter II -- the one Live Arcade game that nobody is anticipating at all -- will be sold for 800 MS Points, or 10 American dollars. Okay, there. I'm sorry. Here's the real news: Frogger will be sold for a paltry 400 points ($5). Heck, just take a look at the whole list:
  • July 12 - Frogger, 400 points ($5)
  • July 19 - Cloning Clyde, 800 points ($10)
  • July 26 - Galaga, 400 points ($5)
  • August 2 - Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting, 800 points ($10)
  • August 9 - Pac-Man, 400 points ($5)
That's 5 games for $35! Also, the Live Arcade team indicated that Wednesday will become the defacto release day for most Arcade titles. As Joystiq points out, this list may indicate that older games will see a lower price point than their newer cousins with fancy features like "blast processing" and "more than one button."

[Via Joystiq]

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