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Rumor: GameStop dates Prototype, Splinter Cell V, Sonic Unleashed, Rogue Warrior and more

One of our loyal X3F Army tipsters has outed himself as an employee of GameStop, but to make up for it he sent us a camera phone image of a few release dates. While you should take these dates with a grain of salt some of them are accurate, specifically Ninja Gaiden 2, Soul Calibur IV and Civilization Revolution.

Fueling the fire of the Sega's Sonic Unleashed leak is a release date of November 4 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2. EA's NFL Head Coach 09 is slated for a September 3 release and based on the release of the original in relation to Madden, the time frame seems accurate. A few titles we haven't heard much from are Bethesda Softworks' Rogue Warrior (November 10) and Edios Interactive's Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (September 1), which is being developed by the team at Rebellion.

Other dates include Sierra's Prototype from Radical and the Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction from Ubisoft which are dated for October 21 and October 2 respectfully.

Remember, pre-order focused retailers tend to guess-timate releases on a regular basis to structure their sales goals for the final two quarters of the year. However, some of the names on this list make us really glad we have a rumor category.

[Thanks, Travisto]

Splinter Cell Conviction delayed til 2008

Firing Squad reports that Splinter Cell Conviction is no longer planned as a 2007 release. The revelation comes courtesy of an Ubisoft financial report which lists the game as a 1st quarter 2008 release. Last month, an Ubisoft release list had Conviction set as a November 2007 title. While no specific reason is given for the delay, we would imagine it has something to do with the absolutely packed holiday lineup. This lineup even contains several of Ubisoft's own titles, including newcomers Assassin's Creed and Haze. Both of these titles are also slated for a November release. Putting a proven franchise like Splinter Cell in the same month as two original IPs probably wasn't the best idea in the first place, so the delay makes sense. Sure, we'll miss Splinter Cell, but frankly, our wallets sigh with relief.

[Via Joystiq. Thanks, Captain]

Ubisoft dates its winter titles

It's been said by many people for months now: 2007 looks to be a big year for gamers. It seems like every company is pulling out all the stops and quality games are getting ready to rain from the heavens. Some say that 2007 may be the best year EVAR. True or not, Ubisoft is playing a large role in the 360's holiday season. As proof of that, Eurogamer has unveiled Ubisoft's official release list for this holiday season, including planned release dates for major titles like Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell Conviction. Check out the list after the break.

Continue reading Ubisoft dates its winter titles

Splinter Cell trailer sneaks onto XBLM

In addition to this morning's surprise Project Sylpheed demo, there is also a trailer for Splinter Cell Conviction. The trailer is the same one released at the Ubidays 07 event last month, so there isn't anything new for Splinter Cell fans to see. Also, the video quality is somewhat suspect, despite the video's label of "HD." Still, it's Splinter Cell Conviction on a larger screen, so we'll take what we can get (of course, we wouldn't mind if Ubisoft wanted to release a cleaner version in the future).

If Splinter Cell doesn't float your boat, you can also sink your teeth into a trailer for the Xbox 360 version of Rayman: Raving Rabbids. We watched it, and all we can say is DAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Ubisoft: Conviction is a risk, but we believe in it

Talking with GameIndustry.biz, Splinter Cell Conviction producer Mathieu Ferland talks about the game revealing that he and the Ubisoft team truly believe in the new direction they are taking their stealth based franchise. In Conviction Ubisoft is switching it up by allowing players to play a different Sam Fisher who's running from the law, blending in with crowds in broad daylight, and using distraction techniques to complete missions. This ultimately changes up gameplay and strays a little bit from the proven successful Splinter Cell formula. Ferland says that they've "been working very closely with the fans from the beginning" and thinks that Conviction will be a welcomed changed to the franchise. But Ferland also let it be known that that Ubisoft is not afraid to go back to its old stealth formula if Conviction were to flop. But for now, they're confident.

As fans of the Splinter Cell franchise, do you think Conviction is a creative step in the right direction to expand the storyline and freshen up gameplay? Or are you dead set on being a shadows assassin and reject Sam Fisher's new hobo look?

Splinter Cell Conviction trailer Bournes it up

Hot on the heels of a new Assassin's Creed trailer comes this new Splinter Cell Conviction trailer from Ubisoft's Ubidays event. The trailer shows off the new social stealth system that will be employed in Conviction, as well as Sam Fisher's new combat capabilities. We've noted before that Sam Fisher now possesses some kick ass maneuvers akin to those seen in the Bourne films and this trailer confirms it. In fact, the whole atmosphere of the trailer seems to take a page from the modern spy franchise, which isn't a bad thing at all. After all, how many times can you play as a guy in a rubber suit? Check out an extended look at the game after the break. Be warned though, the video is a little dark.

Continue reading Splinter Cell Conviction trailer Bournes it up

Ubisoft says Conviction can't be done on PS3

There's been some more sleuthing (Ha! Legitimately unintentional pun, we swear) on the Finnish magazine that had the Splinter Cell: Conviction screenshot scans from Friday. Apparently the interview has some spiffy details about the enemy AI, Sam Fisher's ability to interact with his environment, and most deliciously, Ubisoft giving the PS3 some flack.

First, they say that Conviction being exclusive allows them to accomplish things on the 360 that couldn't be done if the title was multiplatform. They even go so far to say that if the title was a PS3 exclusive, they still would not be able to achieve some of these feats. Ouch ... coming from a well respected developer like Ubisoft, that's gotta hurt.

Splinter Cell Conviction scans are purdy

Revealed earlier this week, scans of the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction have been uncovered by our friends at Xboxygen. It looks like Sam Fisher has forgone his typical bald-headed, grizzled appearance for that of a shaggy hobo. You can see him above sporting some ratty hair, a full beard, and an oh-so-trendy man-purse. Metrosexual flavor aside, the scans show off some impressive visuals. There are civilians everywhere and the environments are incredibly detailed. Splinter Cell has always had top notch visuals, but these shots are damned impressive. One shot in particular shows off the level of detail, as coffee cups go flying when Sam knocks a police officer into a nearby cafe. There are also some sequential shots of Sam's new Bourne-tastic maneuvers.

If the gameplay lives up to the graphics, we could be in for a real (Xbox 360 exclusive) treat. Hit the "read" link to check out the scans.

Splinter Cell: Conviction deets revealed

Hey, remember how Peter Moore said the next Splinter Cell would be Xbox 360 exclusive? Remember how it dropped off the face of the earth after that? Well, Splinter Cell Conviction is back in the news again. Finnish gaming magazine, Pelaaja (Player) reveals new details on the game (translated by Gamers Reports).

Continue reading Splinter Cell: Conviction deets revealed

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