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Assault Heroes 2 assaults the XBLA this week

Is should come as no surprise that this Wednesday, May 14th, Sierra's Assault Heroes 2 will make its release to the Xbox Live Arcade to the joy of arcade gamers worldwide. This 800 Microsoft point sequel builds upon the original Assault Heroes formula by making battles more intense, adding new weaponry, making vehicles hijackable and, of course, co-op gaming. Get excited, because lots of "boom!", "kablaam!" and "sizzle!" is headed to the XBLA this week.

XBLA Achievement Smorgasbord

After the XBLA drought last week, we're now getting hit by a relative flood of new things. First are a few new achievement lists, which include some games that have fallen off the radar a bit. Remember Aces of the Galaxy? We barely did either. The 3D space shooter was originally set to release last fall, and it looks as though Microsoft is finally readying it for release. How about Elements of Destruction? Remember that one? It gives you control over the forces of nature and allows you to use them to wreak havoc. Now Sealife Safari should be familiar enough to resonate, as we did a preview of the on-rails photography game recently. The full lists can be found after the break.

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Video: meet the bosses of Assault Heroes 2

With less than a week to go before Assault Heroes 2 arrives on Xbox Live Arcade (it's scheduled to drop on May 14), Sierra is ramping up the publicity, releasing a new two part trailer featuring some of the game's massive bosses. There seems to be an obsession with throwing mechanized versions of various fauna at players this time around, as the bosses featured in the video are the Mecha Gorilla, Mech Scorpion, Mecha Killer Orca (really?), Mecha Snake, Mecha Quadruped, and Mecha Demolition (guess they ran out of animals with that last one). Suffice it to say that the bosses are appropriately huge and they seem to be capable of dealing death quite adequately. We approve. Find the second trailer after the break.

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Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant trailer

If there is one thing that this announcement trailer for Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant serves to highlight, it's that there just aren't that many platformers on the Xbox 360. Scratch that, there aren't that many good platformers on the Xbox 360. We're not saying that this new Crash will be good, mind you -- Crash of the Titans didn't exactly set the world on fire -- but we welcome platformers when we can get 'em. Mind Over Mutant looks to introduce new abilities, new creatures to ride, and ... um ... other things we're sure.

X3F TV -- X3F Impressions: Bourne Conspiracy Demo

A few hours ago, Xbox Live Marketplace was treated to an early demo of The Bourne Conspiracy, the High Moon Studios developed title based on the best-selling novels by Robert Ludlum. We thought this was a great time to debut a feature X3F readers have asked us for in the past, video impressions of demos for retail Xbox 360 games.

Ordinarily we have a catchy (or what we think is catchy) name for our video features, but this time we drew a blank. Have an idea for what this feature should be called? Drop your name idea in the comments and tell us what you think of The Bourne Conspiracy demo yourself.

Music Credit:
"The Truth About These Outlaws" by Critical Mood

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Prototype delayed until 2009

It's too bad that the developers didn't mention this during Sierra's gamers day, but it seems now that the previously confirmed for Fall 08 title, Prototype, will now be getting released at some unknown date in 2009. According to the Sierra PR representative who spoke with Gamespot, the team simply needs more time to deliver the game that was originally promised. That's right folks, no delay just for co-op (at least as far as we know now). While it's always good if developers take more time to get their games absolutely perfect, only time will tell whether this will end up being a good move. Hey, if Army of Two had released in Fall 07 it would've been murdered, instead it was released in spring and saw fair sales.

Bourne Conspiracy demo assassinates on XBLM

It's almost always nice to see a fresh demo pop up on Xbox Live Marketplace. Today is one of those days, thanks to a brand-spankin-new (and very early) demo for The Bourne Conspiracy from Sierra and High Moon. The demo clocks in at 1.2 gigabytes (yow) and promises "An intense, fast-paced, authentic experience." In other words, the demo promises about as much as your average Mexican restaurant. We've yet to put the demo through its paces, but we're eager to give it a try, as what we've seen of The Bourne Conspiracy so far has us intrigued though it hasn't managed to really excite us thus far. Here's hoping the demo paints a good picture of the game to come.

Bourne Conspiracy demo hits UK stores

While the rest of us wait for the May 19 demo of Sierra's Bourne Conspiracy action title to hit Xbox Live, UK gamers can snag the demo today at their local GAME store. While picking up his copy of Grand Theft Auto IV one of our loyal X3F soldiers was given the demo for the anticipated game based on the best-selling novels by Robert Ludlum. We've been vocal on our interest in the game so color us green with envy from the early demo, at least until it finally lands on the Marketplace later this month.

[Thanks, Rhemelious B.]

Ghostbusters dev: 360 holding back PS3 version

In a recent interview with, Mark Randel, president of Ghostbusters developer Terminal Reality, laid down some new fodder for flamewars everywhere by multplatform development is keeping the team from doing everything they could with the game. Specifically, Randel said that the PS3's seven processors allow for much more than the 360's three. For example, Randel says that the PS3 could handle "double the amount of objects on screen." Thanks to the team's goal of making the game equal on both platforms, that won't be happening. He gives a further example that the PS3 version of the game has an entire processor dedicated to the game's audio, whereas the 360 version only has a portion of a single processor dedicated to audio. He concludes his remarks by noting "If we're doing a PS3 only game however, we could be doing a lot more. We could be pushing a lot more on the screen."

It's worth noting that Ghostbusters is a Sony property. Feel free to consider that in your conspiracy theories. We'll just be hiding behind this flame-proof barrier if you need us.

[Via Joystiq]

Want multiplayer in Prototype 2? Buy Prototype 1

When the open world smash-em-up Prototype was first revealed, online multiplayer was one of the most exciting features on the docket. Unfortunately, it was discovered last month that the feature (both online and off) has been removed from the game so the team at Radical Entertainment can focus on the single-player experience. For those who lamented the loss of multiplayer, we have some almost good news. No, it's still not going to be included in Prototype, but Radical Entertainment's Chris Ansell recently told Eurogamer that it could show up in Prototype 2. The catch, of course, is that there has to be a Prototype 2. So, if you really want to see how good Prototype multiplayer can be, you'd best hope it sells enough copies to merit a sequel.

Assault Heroes 2 video extravaganza

Look! It's an Assault Heroes 2 video extravaganza complete with seconds upon seconds of explosive in-game Assault Heroes 2 action! Watch as destruction is dealt out in two player cooperation. Watch as tanks fall apart, choppers drop from the sky and points get accrued. And all that's just in the one video above! There are two more Assault Heroes 2 gameplay videos embedded after the break that promise twice as much video goodness. That's why we're calling it a video extravaganza!

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Bourne Conspiracy demo set for May 19th release

Earlier this month, High Moon Studios revealed that a punchy and limb breaking Bourne Conspiracy demo was planned for release to the XBLM sometime next month. Now, thanks to the magic of the internets and a what a few weeks time can bring, we can confirm via Eurogamer that the Bourne demo will be ready for download on Monday, May 19th. Exciting stuff that would be even more exciting if the franchise's main man Matt Damon was actually featured in the game ... SNAP!

Fanswag Bonus: Sierra XBLA Fashion Apparel [Update]

[Update: Ya'll got lucky and scored an extra hour of survival time, but the contest is now over. Watch your email folks, as we'll be contacting the two winners soon.]

You're lucky this week readers! Not only will there be the standard Fanswag later on, but you've also got the chance to become a walking Sierra Online advertisement! We've got some swag from a Sierra press event, inspired by their upcoming XBLA games, Assault Heroes 2 and Zombie Wranglers. The take is a bit straightforward, given that it's clothes, but there is one small, cool detail about the shirts. The white lettering and graphics are actually glow in the dark, which makes them extra awesome.

Also, this edition of Fanswag expires quicker than usual. Just like in a zombie invasion, time is of the essence. Instead of days, this time you only get hours (five of 'em).
  • Since humor is the theme of Zombie Wranglers, post the sort of zombie you would be if the world was taken over by the undead (pirate zombie, ninja zombie, etc).
  • Be sure you only leave one comment. Posters of multiple comments will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until 5:00pm today, Eastern Time. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open only to residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • At 5:00pm, we'll pick two winners via a random drawing.
  • Two winners will each receive an Assault Heroes 2, one-size-fits-all hat, and a Zombie Wranglers XL t-shirt. Each prize pack is worth about $20.
  • The complete rules can be found here.
If you'd like to see the back of the shirt and hat, a picture of them has been posted after the break.

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X3F Impressions: Sierra XBLA Round-Up

At the Sierra event we attended XBLA games weren't exactly the main attraction. Despite the fact that four games were there, the area was rather empty in comparison to the rest of the games' booths. True, it was a bit hidden toward the back, but there were never more than a dozen people there at a time (including the devs!) On first glimpse of the XBLA titles listed on the cardboard display, it appeared as though the place was being avoided for good reason, but upon further inspection there was indeed some potential in the available games. Plus, Sierra had a few small pieces of XBLA swag that we'll give you guys the opportunity to get your mitts on in a short fanswag giveaway tomorrow.

The four games on display were Assault Heroes 2, which is something of a known quantity, Zombie Wranglers, which was (and is) largely unknown, Sea Life Safari, which has the appearance of Finding Nemo, and Gin Rummy, which is ... well, y'know, just Gin Rummy. So we couldn't exactly blame our fellow attendees for wanting to see Ghostbusters and Prototype instead. Still, that doesn't make the XBLA titles bad, and what we saw look quite good for what it was. Hit the break for the individual game impressions.

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X3F Impressions: Ghostbusters

How long has it been since the original Ghostbusters hit theaters? It was over two decades ago you say? Well then, it sounds like the perfect time to revive the franchise, capitalize on nostalgia, and of course churn out some crappy video game tie-ins. What's that you say there? Ghostbusters the game actually looks good? Really? Really. It does. With a fresh approach to the license based around manipulating the environment, and with an entirely in-house engine, Terminal Reality and Sierra could be looking at the best licensed game since Riddick.

As a third person action-adventure, you're the newbie on the team in a story written by some of the property's original writers. The gameplay is mostly based around the backpack (Proton Pack), and the game uses it and the many colored lights and meters on it as the equivalent of your HUD. We weren't able to see much gameplay (just a section of a single level), but we were shown some impressive tech demos which showcased some very impressive physics. After the advent of middleware and Havok, impressive physics aren't something you see much anymore, but when witnessing over a thousand Gamecube sized blocks moving and bouncing independently a la those crazy videos of Crysis, all you can possibly think is impressive physics.

Gallery: Ghostbusters (360/PS3/Wii)

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