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Iron Man: Stark Weapons gameplay footage

A few days ago Game Trailers nabbed the world exclusive first look at the movie adaptation game of The Incredible Hulk and gameplay footage of the Iron Man movie adaptation game as well. Our indifference to the Hulk trailer made us completely glaze over the latest footage of Iron Man. While, so far, the game looks nice we did notice how barren the world is. We've seen very little outside of the desert environment and, even though they're pretty, we'd like to see more before we decide what to think about SEGA's upcoming movie tie-in. So X3F Army, after checking out the footage we ask you ... what do you think?

European XBLM treated to Football Manager demo

Available for download in all Xbox Live regions except for our friends in Austria, Asia, Germany and North America, is a brand new Football Manager 2008 demo. The demo allows gamers to experience half of a football season as one of fourteen different teams which should be plenty of hands-on time to gather a purchasing opinion. Speaking of release (well, not really), Football Manager 2008 should have already been released in the land of Europe seeing that March 28th was the last time we heard news about the game's release. And please, before you try out the demo, wear one of your nicer ties ... okay?

Video: The Incredible Hulk breaks stuff

All ready for Edward Norton's "interesting" green giant film (no, not that green giant) The Incredible Hulk, SEGA just released the debut trailer for The Incredible Hulk video game. And for Hulk purists, you don't have to worry. SEGA didn't switch up anything too drastically seeing that it's one of those ever popular film based games. You'll still be playing a green Hulk, you'll still be strong, you'll still break stuff and you'll still be angry. Very Hulk-like, no? Watch the trailer, decide if you enjoy what you see and, while you're at it, garner an opinion for the film as well. Personally, we're giving both the movie and the game a "meh" and will be focusing our video game destruction appetite towards Prototype.

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm to release in April

The flash-animated, internet-cult phenomenon, known as Happy Tree Friends is getting it's XBLA release (with a subtitle of False Alarm) next month. As an extremely violent flash cartoon that it is, every entry features blood, gore and violent deaths, and as such should fit right in with the 360 crowd. On the HTF website, there is a confirmation from the staff that the game is set to go live on April 21, strange part is, (as you likely already know) XBLA games only release on Wednesdays. Now assuming that they are simply unfamiliar with that pattern, then it's likely that the game will see release the week of April 21 (its a Monday). Either way, the devs have gotten word that Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is releasing soon, and from the looks of the rumors swirling, April should end up being a great month for XBLA.

Rumor: GameStop dates Prototype, Splinter Cell V, Sonic Unleashed, Rogue Warrior and more

One of our loyal X3F Army tipsters has outed himself as an employee of GameStop, but to make up for it he sent us a camera phone image of a few release dates. While you should take these dates with a grain of salt some of them are accurate, specifically Ninja Gaiden 2, Soul Calibur IV and Civilization Revolution.

Fueling the fire of the Sega's Sonic Unleashed leak is a release date of November 4 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2. EA's NFL Head Coach 09 is slated for a September 3 release and based on the release of the original in relation to Madden, the time frame seems accurate. A few titles we haven't heard much from are Bethesda Softworks' Rogue Warrior (November 10) and Edios Interactive's Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (September 1), which is being developed by the team at Rebellion.

Other dates include Sierra's Prototype from Radical and the Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction from Ubisoft which are dated for October 21 and October 2 respectfully.

Remember, pre-order focused retailers tend to guess-timate releases on a regular basis to structure their sales goals for the final two quarters of the year. However, some of the names on this list make us really glad we have a rumor category.

[Thanks, Travisto]

Hollywood talent lend voices to Iron Man game

On Thursday Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and SEGA of America, Inc. announced that the Iron Man video game, based on the upcoming comic book adaptation due out on May 2, will feature the voice talents of film stars Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Terence Howard (Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes) and Shaun Toub (Yinsen).

Iron Man is the story of billionaire Tony Stark who, during a routine weapons test in the Middle East, is captured and forced to create the ultimate weapon for terrorists. Fearing for his life, Stark decides to create a suit or armor instead and uses it to twart the plans of the evil doers. Upon returning to his normal life Stark decides to upgrade his suit and use it to fight crime as the legendary Iron Man.

2008 seems to be the year of the aniticpated licensed game as the game based on Iron Man looks shockingly good along with our previous love for the upcoming Bourne title. The Iron Man game is set to hit stores day-and-date for pretty much any console around with the film later this year on May 2.

Also, anyone else think it would be funny if the death animation of Iron Man in the game included his chest plate red ringing?

[via SuperHeroHype]

Superstars Tennis demo headed to the XBLM

The SEGA marketing folks just announced that a SEGA Superstars Tennis demo will be headed to the Xbox Live Marketplace in the near future, as soon as it passes Microsoft certification. Though, the demo may be end up being restricted to North American Live subscribers seeing that such restrictions have been implemented on the PSN Store where the demo has already been released. SEGA also felt the need to rub some salt in our scabbed over Bloodshot demo sore by mentioned that the Condemned 2: Bloodshot demo should be making an XBLM release soon'ish as well. To date, the Bloodshot demo has been "coming soon" for over two weeks. Anyone willing to bet that we don't see either SEGA promised demo until mid-April?

Rumors: Sonic Unleashed Details [Update]

[Update: It seems Sega magazine has removed the "press info" from it's site. Be warned, the information contained within this post just shifted from official back to rumor]

Wow. Within less than 24 hours, we have rumors, a leak, a video, and now an Official Confirmation. It seems that Sega Europe noticed the internet exploding yesterday when all this happened, and decided to put an end to all the rumors by confirming the existence of the game and giving the news outlets a brief press release detailing the new entry in the franchise. And so far, with a single exception, things are looking good. The information released is as follows.

"Sonic the Hedgehog returns for a full-blown, action-packed adventure through the desolate and unpredictable World of Mubuz, a world dictated by an evil Dragon Lord, Immarius. Upon entering Muboz, Sonic fights an evil power which turns all the inhabitants into dangerous beasts.
  • Become Wolf Sonic and fight enemies like never before using rapid combo maneuvers and Ring Energy
  • Play as Sonic, Knuckles or Tails through 12 packed stages
  • Extensive 2D gameplay brings the old Sonic back home"

Even with that limited amount of info at hand, we can say it is good to hear that there will be no extraneous characters. Now remember that the only reason we have this info is due to a leak, so it's likely we won't hear anything more about this until nearly E3. And while we would have liked to have a more "old-fashioned" Sonic story (Robotnik should be bad guy #1) and don't really care for Wolf Sonic, we're willing to give it a try as long as it is blissfully free of anything like this.

Sonic Unleashed Gameplay Video? [Update]

[Update: Confirmed to be coming to 360]
With the leaking of the screens earlier, the world was given it's first glimpse of the new Sonic title, Sonic Unleashed. Now that we've all seen the screens, and debated on various elements from the platform (it seems theres still hope that this will be coming to the 360) to the gameplay, and now, not even a scant twelve hours after the initial leak, we have a YouTube of the thing in motion. Surprisingly the footage shows that the game looks to have some real promise. That is, as long as the level design is good and the camera is kept in order. While it was said when the franchise re-launched in 2006, it looks like this could be the return to form that the Sonic franchise has needed for years.

Rumor: Possible Sonic Unleashed Screens

Discovered by some intrepid forum posters, and originating from a Sega FTP site, this collection of images contains what appear to be screenshots of the just discovered Sonic Unleashed. It is of course unknown whether or not these are actually from that game, but the timing seems right, and these images do appear to be in-game, as evidenced by the clipping visible in this shot here. So whatever it is, it's up and running (pun not intended).

As for the shots themselves, they're really clean and have a Blue Dragon quality about them. With locations ranging from Africa to Eggman's lair, and no signs of Sonic's "city" (cursing by rhyme...) friends, could we be seeing signs of a good Sonic game on the horizon? Possibly, if the lack of subtitles is pointing to a more "Subspace Emissary" take on the Sonic cutscenes, with a total lack of dialog, just using animation to tell the story (also similar to the Lego games). The only downside right now appears to be the gameplay screens, which hint at a Sonic and the Secret Rings style of gameplay. At the moment there is still no word as to the platform this will land on, but if it's following the footsteps of Secret Rings, we may have to end up handing this one off.

[Update: Images pulled on request from Sega of America's Sr. Legal Counsel.]

[Via NeoGAF]

Iron Man trailer: it actually looks good

With few exceptions, games based on films are pretty terrible. Games based on movies based on comic books, well those are hit and miss. Imagine our shock and surprise when when it looks like both the Iron Man game from Sega and the film on which it's based actually look good. Case in point, the Iron Man trailer embedded above. We've got flying, blasting, and other assorted bits of awesomeness. For instance, how about catching a missile and throwing it back? That not ringing your bell? Perhaps you'd prefer ripping open a tank like it was a can of Pringles. There, that's better isn't it? We'll be keeping our eyes on this one, assuming GTAIV doesn't steal our attention.

Condemned 2 demo still not available, still coming

You know, the one thing that gets under our skin is when developers or publishers can't get their crap together when it comes to releasing any type of content to the Xbox Live Marketplace. To us, there is absolutely no excuse for miscommunication or confusion ... just get your crap together! And that's the exact case we're dealing with when we talk about the (supposed to already have been released) Condemned 2: Bloodshot demo.

You see, since February we've known about a demo because told us one was already available, but upon discovering there was none, we were then informed that a demo was to be released soon. Then, last Friday, we received a press release telling us the Bloodshot demo was already available to European Xbox Live gamers, but alas ... none is available. Now, today, that exact same press release has been re-worded and re-released but minus the details about the demo being on Xbox Live already and replaced with a "coming soon" kind of tone. What the fudgesicle sticks SEGA? At this point we don't know what to believe, who to believe and whether or not the demo is going to be region specific or even rollout by the end of 2008. Get your crap together! We're officially adopting a new Condemned 2: Bloodshot XBLM demo mindset: we're only believing it's a reality when we see it on the Marketplace. Humph!

Sega trademarks Sonic Unleashed

According to a trademark filing found by Kotaku, Sega has "shotgunned" Sonic Unleashed. The filing applies to "video game software [and] computer game programs." Clearly based on that thorough description the newest Sonic game will be a dating simulator.

In all seriousness, this one can't possibly be worse than Sonic's last outing on the Xbox 360 and PS3 - we hope. Also, note that this doesn't seem to have anything to do with the Sonic RPG Bioware is working on. We can't wait to see what Sonic does next. We are so totally serious and not being facetious at all, not really. Oh, and when was Sonic ever leashed.

Europe experiences an abusive Condemned 2 demo [update]

Update: Live in Europe and still don't see a Bloodshot demo? Well, this is probably the reason.

According to a SEGA issued press release, the once rumored to be available Condemned 2: Bloodshot demo is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but (sadly) for only European Live members. The release mentions that the demo will be available today (if not already) and will feature campaign gameplay from midway through the first level. There is no mention of a Bloodshot demo for North American fanboys, but we're thinking this is SEGA's apology gift to those in Europe for the game's continuous delays. But we wouldn't mind you sharing your demo love SEGA ... can we has Bloodshot demo too, please?

Aliens: Colonial Marines details, screens hatch

The UK arms of the Official Xbox and PlayStation magazines dropped fresh details and screens on Gearbox's upcoming first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Set three years after the events in the 1986 sci-fi action classic Aliens, Colonial Marines sets the stage for a rescue group in search of the team sent to investigate a human colony on LV-426 that had broken off communication.

Details on the game have been scarce but GamesRadar detailed a few choice tidbits. The game will feature a mixture of claustrophobic indoor and outdoor environments where basic missions have been scrapped in favor of objective gameplay. The example given is something you can see in the image above. In certain predetermined areas of the game you will be forced to "Make a Stand" and survive an onslaught of enemy bugs.

The four-player co-op we previously reported has been confirmed as drop-in and drop-out with system link, split-screen and online support. Also confirmed is that the enemies will have acid blood which will both harm players if they get too close as well change the environment in subtle ways. Lastly, the game will feature quick-time events that OPM thinks will take some getting used to. Well at least most of it sounds awesome.

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