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Resident Evil 5: Say hello to the Frightbike!

Sup, Left 4 Dead zombies? Consider yourself trumped. Resident Evil 5 has taken fear to a whole new level by giving zombies their own motorbike license; just when we thought things couldn't get scarier! The image from the upcoming survival-horror shooter is one of four new stills released by Capcom on Friday. Others include the bus tour from hell and some of the craziest explosions we've seen ... in a screenshot that is. While they all look nice we're really more interested in the Excitebike action going on above. Or, Frightbike. Yeah ... that sounds scarier. We should totally copyright that.

Gallery: Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 to sport Gears inspired controls

Today, team Capcom just announced some interesting Resident Evil 5 information regarding the game's control scheme. More specifically, they're looking to overhaul the current RE5 control formula by replacing the classic stop and shoot mechanic with a more Gears inspired cover system. What's the reason? RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi feels that the cover system controls will slow down the tension that could potentially bring a new horror element into the mix. Expect to see a completely new RE5 unveiling during the Tokyo Game Show in October.

Resident Evil 5 co-op video fresh from Leipzig

Some fresh co-op gameplay video from Resident Evil 5 has landed in Leipzig, and now we're bringing it home to you. In the videos we see Chris Redfield working together with his new partner Sheva Alomar (also known as Player 2). The first video, above, shows Chris' point of view, while the second shows Sheva's. The two have to work together to open new pathways and continue forward (check out the awesome vaulting maneuver near the beginning). To be perfectly honest, Resident Evil 5 is looking hawt. Sure, it may only be Resident Evil 4 with a new coat of pixels, but those are some nice pixels. Find the second video after the break.

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Comparison vid showcases similarities between Resident Evil 4 and 5

There's an old adage that goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." GameTrailers user WiiSixty has compiled a video featuring segments of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 gameplay to showcase the similarities between everything from reload animations to enemies spinning like a top from a well-placed bullet from both titles. The question lighting up message boards is whether or not Resident Evil 5's continuation of "the same thing" is well advised or not. Is it possible we're jumping to conclusions and calling the Resident Evil 5 gameplay mechanics old because of the substantial changes RE4 made to the series? Maybe with games like Gears of War and Army of Two borrowing those mechanics we're all a little burnt out on them. Honestly, it doesn't matter much to us. Resident Evil 5 looks solid so far and with the addition of online co-op play we can't wait to check it out this March.

Ordinarily we'd embed the video in this post but GameTrailers seems to be having some embedding issues. Check it out here.

[via Joystiq]

E308: Resident Evil 5, online co-op confirmed, Friday the 13th launch: March 2009

After the controversy surrounding the game, we weren't sure just how Resident Evil 5 would turn out. First and foremost, online co-op is not only confirmed, but is confirmed to play a large role. Chris Redfield, working for his new organization, the VSAA, now has help from a female companion; also, possibly in response to the criticism, the enemies are noticeably more "zombie-ish." While the gameplay demonstration was cut short, it was also revealed that the game is set for a 2009 release date, and on Friday the 13th no less.

Resident Evil 5 still set for simultaneous release

Yesterday the Capcom message boards lit up with explosive rage when a rumor circulated from PlayStation Lifestyle that Microsoft was attempting to secure a timed-exclusive release for Resident Evil 5. As posters pondered the possible position (sorry, had to do it) that Capcom was rumored to take, word came down that the rumblings were incorrect. "The assertion is false. RE5 is a multiplatform release that fits with our oft-stated crossplatform strategy," wrote Capcom moderator Sven (Christian Svensson, Capcom's VP of strategic planning and business development), later adding "for the avoidance of doubt ... simultaneous release."

So, why is this news? The confirmation that Resident Evil 5 will release on the Xbox 360 date-and-date with the PS3 continues to show the strong support Capcom has offered Microsoft this generation--something the original Xbox did not see (sup, Dino Crisis 3?). With titles like Resident Evil 5, Dead Rising and the exclusivity of the Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta it appears that Capcom has truly taken a middleground in this generation of consoles. And that's a good thing.

Joystiq lays eyes on Resident Evil 5, survives

More Captivate 08 coverage as Joystiq brags about getting to see a playable build of Resident Evil 5 in motion. No, they didn't get to play, but they still came away with some tasty tidbits. A massive, well-lit environment that still manages to be scary? Check. Melee attacks for not-zombies that violate your territorial bubble? Check. Big dude with an ax hammer (and ax that's also a hammer? can they do that?) and a bad attitude? Double check. Joystiq also sheds a tiny amount of light on Chris Redfield's new partner, the woman introduced in the most recent trailer. RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi says she'll be more competent than Ashley was in Resident Evil 4. Why, exactly? "Ashley didn't have a shotgun."

Hit the "Source" link to read Joystiq's full impressions (seriously, do it).

Video: Resident Evil 5, zombies, death and blood

Thanks to Capcom and GameTrailers, there's a brand spanking new "Captivate" Resident Evil 5 trailer that's guaranteed to give you a satisfying dose of zombie killing and virus exposure. The RE5 trailer (viewable above) also shows plenty of in-game action, beautiful, gorgeous in-game action where, at one point, we swear we counted twenty-seven zombies on the screen at once. And a few infected dogs. There's also a chick, man.

Rumor: Resident Evil 5 embraces online co-op

Recently, new information regarding Resident Evil 5 surfaced over at Games Radar, revealing all kinds of (yet to be confirmed) informative bits that are sure to make RE fans' heart go a flutter. Sadly, the news post has since been removed (Capcom damage control?), but not before the crew over at Eurogamer copied all the goods.

According to the leak which we're currently filing under the rumor category, the biggest RE5 feature reveal is that the game will include online enabled campaign co-op all the way through, where a second player will play as a female mercenary who'll be present the entire game. If not player controlled, the game's AI will take over. Other juicy details were mentioned including word that the mercenaries mini-game from RE4 will be back and the addition of a new cover system. As far as a release date goes, Capcom is said to be shooting for a 2009 release that should see RE5 on store shelves between January and March of next year. You can check out the other rumor'ish and spoiler'ish nuggets of RE5 campaign info after the jump.

[Thanks, Boff]

New (off-screen) Resident Evil 5 footage

It's nothing to get too excited about honestly. First of all, the entire video is in Japanese, which makes sense considering it was taken from a Capcom 25th anniversary DVD found in the latest Famitsu. That said, we do get to take a look at Chris Redfield taking out the latest batch of not-zombies in Resident Evil 5. Honestly, it's probably a good thing that most of the footage was taken off-screen, as the sheer size of Chris Redfield's muscles might be overpowering in high definition. Seriously, it looks like he's smuggling T-bones in the back of his shirt (thick T-bones). Check out the new footage after the break.

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