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First RvB Recovery One episode will cost you

The first episode of Rooster Teeth's RvB "Recovery One" mini-series is now available exclusively on the XBLM, but we're sorry to report that it'll cost you. This first mini-series episode is available to all Xbox Live regions and (unexpectedly) costs 80 Microsoft points to download. For some reason we expected "Recovery One" to be free, but we guess Rooster Teeth's last hoorah into Halo 2 machinima comes with a price. Oh well, what are a bunch of fanboys to do? You'll just have to decide whether or not purchasing the new episodes is worth the cost and worth experiencing team Rooster Teeth's final Halo 2 project. Though, we've heard that the mini-series' lead character Agent Washington is one insightful guy. We're not sure what we meant by that, just be sure to spend wisely.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Time to move, final Halo 3 RvB video released

And so the five part Red vs Blue Halo 3 mini-series comes to an end with the release of episode five entitled "Moving Day". This final episode (embedded above) chronicles Reds' packing, moving, complaining and overall attempts to get their security deposit back from their Coagulation home. And let it be known that if ever one mistakes a home's mold infested floor for furry 70's carpeting then that residence should be evacuated and sterilized ASAP. Eesh.

Anyhoo, this sadly ends the five part mini-series which only means that we're closer to Halo 3's release. And be sure to re-live every exciting moment of the Halo 3 themed Red vs Blue episodes over at GameStop. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you didn't have to say goodbye.

[Thanks, grigdog]

Red Vs. Blue Halo 3 special episode 4 is live

We're nearing the end folks as the 4th episode of the special Halo 3 series of Red Vs. Blue is now online. This episode focuses on the new maps that will be available in Halo 3, though unfortunately it mentions nothing we don't already know. Then again, we're in it for the yuks anyway. While the video is primarily an advertisement, it actually raises an interesting question. You see, none of the bases in the Halo games have a bathroom. Where does the Master Chief, you know, go? Does he just go in the suit? The possibilities make the mind reel.

[Thanks, grigdog]

Red Vs. Blue Halo 3 special episode 3 now online

The third episode in the special Halo 3 series of Red Vs. Blue is now online. Actually, it was online earlier, but we've just now found it on YouTube. As we've said before, we wouldn't want our readers toddling off to find it on the proper website. No, we want you all to stay right here where you belong. This episode focuses on the new equipment items found in Halo 3. Of course, there are no equipment items in Halo 2, so Sarge and the gang have to improvise. Click play now. Otherwise you'll never learn why Simmons always takes the stairs.

Update: It's Simmons who takes the stairs. For confusing Simmons with Grif, Sarge made us test out the "Jumping Off a Cliff" equipment. It works like you think it would.

Video: Halo 3 Red Vs. Blue episode 2

The second episode of the special Halo 3 series of Red Vs. Blue is now online (watch episode one here). You could go to one of the specified outlets to watch it, but then you'd have to leave the cozy confines of X3F and the Joystiq network, and we know how that thought terrifies you. As such, we've decided to embed the video (in its entirety!) right here in this post! Isn't that amazing? The second episode is all about the Mongoose and the masculine security that is required to ride it two at a time. Mash play and enjoy.

[Via Xbox 360 Rally]

Video: First new Red vs Blue episode

Everyone was quite happy and relieved to know that Red vs Blue was coming back for a five new episode series focusing on marketing the crap out of Halo 3, but we ended up a little confused. Confused because Microsoft said that the episodes would only be available at select retailers, which got us a thinking we'd have to pay for the new vids. But, alas, we found out what only available at retail really means. With the release of the first episode we found out that websites like Gamestop will be showcasing the new episodes weekly on their sites and for free. Which is all fine and dandy, but why would we want you to leave the comforts of X3F to go watch a brand new RvB episode over at someone else's website? So, we embedded the video above. Enjoy the RvB Halo 3 banter, comic mischief and super powerful Needler in the first of five new RvB episodes.

New Red Vs. Blue episodes on the way

Rooster Teeth fans rejoice, for Red Vs. Blue shall live again! Microsoft has announced that a series of 5 special episodes of Red Vs. Blue will be released in anticipation of a relatively unpublicized game called Halo 3. As many still lament the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, these new episodes should be a cause for (tactful) celebration. The promotional episodes will feature Sarge preparing the rest of the soldiers for the transition from Halo 2 to Halo 3. We're not sure what exactly that will entail, but we can only assume antics will be involved. And shenanigans too.

One interesting (and possibly disturbing) note: the episodes will be appearing at several retailers including GameStop, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and Best Buy. Considering there is no mention of the episodes appearing on Marketplace, this leads us to believe they may not be free. Here's hoping our hunch is wrong.

[Via XboxNowOnline]

The end is here: Red Vs. Blue #100

Well folks, today is the day: the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Rooster Teeth promises that there will be a few one-off Red Vs. Blue episodes, but for now, the series as we know it is no more. Episode 100 is available now in all its 15 minute glory. The episode hasn't been released in embeddable format, so you might as well head over to Rooster Teeth, watch the episode, and join the already lengthy discussion. Yes, it is the end of an era. We wish the crew at Rooster Teeth the best of luck in their new endeavors.

[Thanks, NitroFrost]

Red Vs. Blue draws to a close today

This is it folks, the end is nigh for Red Vs. Blue, the series that brought machinima into the limelight. Later today, Rooster Teeth will be releasing the 100th and final episode of the long running series (it began in April of 2003). The final episode will be a 15 minute affair, the longest episode Rooster Teeth has ever made. Rooster Teeth notes that there will be occasional episodes of the series in the future (some of them no doubt commissioned by Microsoft), but the story itself will end today. Chris Kohler of Wired has written an article briefly chronicling the genesis and success of the series, giving us a "big picture" view of the series in anticipation of today's final episode. If, like us, your viewing of the series has been lax of late, you can check out the latest season at the RvB archive.

Of all the things we've lost, we think we'll miss Caboose the most.

[Via Joystiq]

RvB episode 24 on Marketplace

Episode 24 - Sweet Ride of Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, is available glorious HD on Xbox Live Marketplace. It weighs in at 158 MB and costs you the standard 80 Microsoft Points. Just out of curiosity, how many of you are downloading the series off of Marketplace? We usually just pick up the DVD ourselves, but then again, this is available in HD, whereas we'd need to play our Season 2 DVD in an HD DVD drive through VGA to upscale to HD resolutions. So, we ask again, do you get your RvB fix off of Marketplace?

Halo 3 Zune available, exclusive Red vs Blue vid

We figured we'd give everyone a little heads up that the previously announced Halo 3 Zune is now available for purchase from Gamestop. For $249 you can get your hands on this rather sexy music player that is jam-packed with Halo content including an exclusive episode of Red vs Blue. And, thanks to one kind hearted soul, that exclusive video was posted on YouTube and embedded above. So, ponder a Zune purchase, sit back, and watch the Zune exclusive episode of Red vs Blue. Oh, and uhhh welcome to the social ... or something like that.

[Thanks, NitroFrost]

1-800-Magic Episode 1 calls XBLM

The first episode of the Shadowrun machinima by Rooster Teeth Productions that we showed you yesterday, 1-800-Magic, is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. As you may have saw, the production values are rather high, but that's to be expected from the RvB crew. The video weighs in at 227.59 MB, which shouldn't take too long, and getting a higher resolution version to appreciate the finer details of their work is never a bad thing. If the series was regularly added to Marketplace, and continue to be free, would you follow it on XBLM?

Bug reporting 101 in RvB's Halo 3 PSA

Only one hour left until the Halo 3 beta goes live and the Red vs Blue gang thought they'd welcome everyone with a public service announcement. Up for download off the Marketplace (and online) is a Red vs Blue Halo 3 PSA where the gang shows off their new look, demo some of Halo 3's new features, and show everyone how to report a bug. And since you have nothing better to do for the next sixty minutes, give the video a download, and prepare to get excited for the new and improved Halo 3 tea bagging.

Check out all of the X3F Halo 3 beta coverage

Red vs Blue Baddie Picture Pack

Major Nelson gave word that a second set of Red vs Blue gamer pictures have hit Xbox Live Marketplace. This time, the theme is based on all the bad guys of the series, hence the name of "By the Numbers: Evil Picture Pack". For a cool 80 Microsoft Points, you get 8 pictures of "all your favorite Evil characters". So that's like, O'Malley, Wyoming and er ... six other pictures. You'll have to excuse us, we just buy the DVDs at PAX rather than watch it piecemeal. Either way, the other six favorites are featured, to be sure. Sadly no Mike Myers, though.

Wacky Red Vs. Blue gamer pics stick XBLM

Red Vs. Blue may be drawing to a close, but these guys sure are keeping busy. A new pack of RvB gamer pics is now available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace. Dubbed the "Wacky 1 Picture Pack" the pictures have a certain ... well, wackiness to them. Our favorite though, has to be "Is it a spider?" The line is a classic. So classic in fact, that it was worked into the achievements for Gears of War. Should you desire these images of utter silliness, they will set you back 80 Microsoft points (a mere $1 in US currency).

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