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Reminder: R6V Player's Pack Red Edition now Free

Just a reminder to all those Rainbow Six: Vegas fans who may have not gotten the memo, the Player's Pack Red Edition has been available to download for free since Friday, the 6th, like the Black Edition when it returned to Marketplace. The pack, if you didn't already know, includes Assassination and Total Conquest game modes, as well as 5 maps, 2 of which are relit. Roof, Doscala Restaurant, and Marshalling Yard are the new maps with Killhouse and Border Town getting the face lift. As they say, the best things in life are free, so go grab the Red Edition if you haven't yet.

$20 discounts on R6 Vegas, GRAW 2 and more

Looking for some great video game deals? Well, look no further than Circuit City and the Sunday newspaper ads. This week, Circuit City is slashing $20 off select games including titles like TMNT ($29.99), GRAW 2 ($39.99), Spider-Man 3 ($39.99) and Call of Duty 3 ($39.99). Also, since both the Red and Black Edition Player Packs will be free downloads, why not pick up Rainbow Six Vegas for the low, low price of $39.99 too? You can't pass that up. Maybe new releases are more up your alley, then we advise picking up a free $10 gift card with a Transformers: The Game purchase. And if you're in the market for Shadowrun, purchase it for $37.99 on Windows Vista and Circuit City will throw in a wireless receiver for free!

All deals are available online or in-store, so save a few bucks and pick up some new games to add to your video game library this week.

Rainbow Six Vegas Red and Black edition now free

Yes, you read the headline correctly, because both Rainbow Six Vegas Players Packs are going to be free for download. Major Nelson just informed us that the Black Edition was pulled from the Marketplace earlier this week, because Ubisoft didn't want the content to cost 800 Microsoft points ... they wanted it to be free! The Black Edition is now available on the Marketplace and is free for download, so go get it! But wait, did you pay for the content before the Black Edition was pulled? Not to worry, because Microsoft will be reimbursing those who paid for the Black Edition within' the next ten weeks. Sweet, isn't it?

But that's not all the good news. As a thank you to the Rainbow Six community, Ubisoft decided to make the Red Edition Player Pack a free download starting next Friday, July 6th. That's a 800 Microsoft point value! But sorry for those who already purchased the Red Edition, because no reimbursements will be made for the content. Ubisoft rocks ... they rock hard!

R6 Vegas Black Edition pulled from Marketplace

For unknown reasons, the Rainbow Six Vegas Player's Pack Black Edition downloadable content that released yesterday has been pulled from the XBLM. Major Nelson updated his post stating that new content was pulled, but didn't give a reason for it not being available. Some people who have downloaded the content are stating that the new maps seem to load slower than others, but other than that they didn't find a problem with the Black Edition pack. Stay tuned as we'll be sure to let you know when the content gets placed back onto the Marketplace or when we learn more about what went wrong.

Black Edition DLC flanks from behind cover on XBLM

A new Player's Pack is ready for download for Rainbow Six Vegas that came out of center field. For 800 MS points, the Player's Pack Black Edition brings you get 5 new maps, including classic from the original Rainbow Six 3, Presidio. Other new maps include a remixed Streets, as well newcomers Wartown and Red Lotus. All in all the whole pack comes to 705.5 MB. Did you get the previous Red Edition, which also included new gametypes with its release, and would you pick up the latest, as its only maps this time around?

PA shows the less-than-sexy side of Live

So, earlier today we gave you a guide on how to be an A-hole, which is all good and weel. While, on the other hand, the guys over at Penny Arcade told their account of running into someone who was just downright creepy. To their credit, they did show a good idea on a feature that should be added to a future dash update when filing a complaint just doesn't cut. So, make the jump, have a laugh, and maybe shed a tear for those who run into people like this daily. That all being said, if this really weirded you out, don't worry, we got something lined up for you that'll brighten your day.

Vegas' Red Edition DLC to hit next week

In IGN's latest preview of Rainbow Six: Vegas' Player's Pack Red Edition, they reveal that the release date is slated for next Thursday, the 18th [sic]. This information should put some restless gamer's minds at ease, as the content was originally supposed to come out in March. The price point was not confirmed, except for the fact that it will be under 1,000 Microsoft Points off of Marketplace. Hopefully this has been worth the wait, will you be picking it up, and at what price?

[Via GameStooge]

R6:Vegas Red Edition DLC delayed

Well, there's about half an hour left in March, and we it looks like Rainbow Six: Vegas' downloadable content, the Player's Pack Red Edition, did not make it to Marketplace as Ubisoft would have hoped. The pack is currently still under development, and Ubisoft will be sure to let the community know when there is news regarding its availability. That being said, Ubisoft stated that there has been no change in what's to be included in Red Edition since its announcement. So, while you continue to wait, you might as well refresh your memory on how it looks, too.

Vision shenanigans: R6 Vegas baby

You find the damnedest things cruising Flickr. Today we found this picture taken from Rainbow Six Vegas created by frasermoo. Yes, that is the face of an infant. The face of an infant mounted onto a lethal terrorist killing machine to be specific. While we can't argue the hilarity of such a juxtaposition, we do have to question the logistics of such an endeavor. What had to be done to keep this child still enough to capture his face this accurately? What nefarious harnesses were put to use for the sole sake of creating a humorous avatar? Hopefully, this baby has a penchant for sitting perfectly still and looking cute all the time.

Any Vegas players spot any other freaky avatars out there?

Those are the lamest achievements ever

The hip and trendy kids over at G4's The Feed put together a list of what they think are the 17 lamest Xbox 360 achievements to date. Horrible games like Bomberman Act Zero and NBA Live '07 made the list as well as our favorites like Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas. We agree with most of their picks, but really agree with hating NBA Live's "Online With 1,000 People", GRAW's "Committed (Multiplayer)" and FFXI's ridiculous "Reach Level 75 with each character class". We guess this article made us further realize that there are truly lame achievements out there and that we have to be careful. Remember, friends don't let friends spend days on end trying to earn lame achievements. It's one epidemic that we can stop.

[Via Digg]

Live top ten: XBLA Arrival

This week on Xbox Live we see half of the titles holding last week's position, with Gears of War, Crackdown, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Call of Duty 3, and Oblivion keeping their respective first, second, third, fourth and ninth place in the list. We also get treated to having two Xbox Live Arcade titles make it into the mix, with Alien Hominid HD rounding out the top half, and Worms taking in the number seven spot. GRAW 2's multiplayer demo stakes placement between the Arcade arrivals, with Madden NFL 07 and Lost Planet both moving down two spots from last week's standings to finish off the ranking. As per our tradition, we have a list for you with the previous placement in parentheses after the break.

Continue reading Live top ten: XBLA Arrival

Rainbow Six Vegas gets the patch treatment

If you've played Rainbow Six Vegas since Tuesday, you'll know that there was a patch you had to download earlier in the week. And this isn't a boring little patch, oh no. This is a gameplay changing, bug fixing, behemoth of a patch. Ubi_Rickas originally posted the full details of the patch on the official forums, outlining what Ubisoft fixed. Among the biggest changes made was making the weapons a little more balanced (per community feedback), quicker loading for customized faces, host can no longer kick a player during the game, and many other tweaks. A full list of changes are listed after the jump. Are there any Rainbow Six Vegas fans who've been playing with the patch applied, and if so, what are your impressions of the new tweaks?

[Thanks, smak]

Game saves unlock headgear in GRAW 2

With the release of GRAW 2 this week those quick purchasers over at VideoGame News unearthed a few unlockable headgear items. What's interesting about these pieces of headgear is that they are only unlockable if you've previously played other Tom Clancy games on your Xbox 360. To unlock them, GRAW 2 will search your hard drive for game saves of either Rainbow Six: Vegas or Splinter Cell: Double Agent and unlock the corresponding headgear. It's kind of an interesting way to unlock goodies, but forces players to either borrow the other games or purchase them. Marketing 101 for the win! So, what do you think about this interesting way of unlocking extra items? Is it innovative or just pure sales and marketing bologna?

Crackdown Demo climbs up Top Live Titles

Yesterday, Major Nelson released his weekly report regarding the Xbox Live activity, and the results caught us off guard. No, Halo 2 didn't beat out Gears of War due to the Halo 3 beta's Rule of 3 phase. Crackdown's demo came in 2nd for unique users on Xbox Live. It even toppled Rainbow Six Vegas, which is equally surprising. Obviously the game is a lot of fun and people are enjoying the demo, and doesn't need a marketing ploy to sell copies. The thing that we're curious about is how the Crackdown demo compared to Halo 2's unique user count? Then again, perhaps the Rule of Three kept Halo 2 as second overall between Xbox and Xbox 360 combined. So, obviously, some of you must have been playing the demo, have you done anything cool this past week in Crackdown?

Rumor: New maps headed for R6: Vegas

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine apparently spills the beans on new Rainbow Six: Vegas content. The content supposedly contains ten new maps and two new multiplayer modes for 800 MS points. One of the new game types, Assassination, requires players to protect their player controlled VIP and attempt to assassinate the opposing team's VIP. Conquest asks players to maintain control over certain sections of the map, similar to King of the Hill and Territories game types in other games. The content is scheduled to arrive in March.

Anyone with a new copy of OXM care to confirm?

[Via Live Gamer]

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