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X3F Achievements 101: All Hallow's Achieve

Welcome to another wonderful edition of X3F Achievements 101. Today's topics of discussion include Major Nelson's warning about gamesaving, sludging through the online multiplayer Achievements of Fuzion Frenzy 2, my experience thus far with Project Gotham Racing 4, and the rather annoying list of Achievements found in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Anyway, all the goodness that you've come to expect is included after the break.

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GW Waves not on XBLA, Bizarre has other plans

Sure, we're all sad that Geometry Wars Waves will be forgoing Xbox Live Arcade in order to be an exclusive mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 4, but we all have the same nagging question: why, Bizarre Creations, newly acquired subsidiary of Activision, why? In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bizarre Creations community lead Ben Ward gives this answer, "It's because we had plans for Live Arcade, but Waves isn't it." According to Ward, Geometry Wars Waves isn't really being designed as a full featured sequel to Geometry Wars Retro Evolved, but more as a simple mini-game. Waves is "an Easter egg" as Ward puts it, "not a full retail product." So there you have it folks, Waves may be an exclusive to PGR4, but Bizarre isn't done with Xbox Live Arcade. Hey, maybe when they create their next XBLA game, they can slip in a little mini version of PGR.

[Via XBLArcade]

PGR4 features eco-friendly race mode

Our partners in crime at AutoblogGreen -- just like Autoblog, only with more miles per gallon and fewer emissions -- have discovered that Project Gotham Racing 4 is set to feature a very interesting racing challenge. Part of the game's invitational series of races, the challenge is called "Electric Vs Petrol Showdown" and allows players to "take the wheel of a two-seater, silent, electric sportscar (the Tesla Roadster) and face-off against a gas-guzzling, noisy, mean machine (the Ferrari Testarossa)." For those that don't know, the Tesla Roadster is reportedly a damned impressive piece of kit, boasting the ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 4 seconds. The environmentally friendly super car can also travel 200 miles on a single battery charge. The best part, thanks to PGR4, is that you won't have to spend $98,000 (base price, mind you) to try one out.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

PGR 4 achievements race on in

Earlier today, Bizarre Creations decided to share Project Gotham Racing 4's achievements with everyone and give a little back story to how they were decided upon. Learning from their PGR 3 days, Bizarre opted to make PGR 4's achievements a little more varied, less focused on difficult to obtain achievements and more fun in general. Our favorites include "Buy an Achievement", "Back it Up!" and "Beat Bizarre" where you have to beat a member of the Bizarre Creations dev team in an online game or someone who has already done so. Also, there are a few secret achievements thrown in for good measure like the "3CZV657" achievement, DeLorean anyone? Complete list, explanation and attached Gamerscore for all of PGR 4's achievements is available after the jump.

New Photo Mode features in PGR 4

Eager to show off their pretty new camera effects and in-game car models, Bizarre Creations decided to shed some light on Project Gotham Racing 4's new and improved Photo Mode. First off, Bizzare has added a few new photo filters and effects including tunnel, vehicle blur and an odd little filter that turns your photo into a 3D image when using a pair of red / blue glasses. Wicked odd, yet utterly nifty. The other Photo Mode improvements come from how a racer's photos will be shared with the rest of the PGR 4 community. Using PGR on Demand, gamers will be able to upload their photos, search others, share and rate eachother's photos with ease. It's like a mini PGR 4 Flickr account.

There's no denying that Bizarre is focusing on creating more of a tight knit PGR community this time around and with the enhanced Photo Mode options we think they're headed on the right track (pun intended). Also, don't forget to check out preview photos of the types of images you'll be able capture in PGR 4 after the break.

Geometry Wars: Waves to be PGR4 exclusive

Talking with Pro-G at the Leipzig Games Convention, Bizarre Creations confirmed that a new Geometry Wars game will be exclusively bundled with Project Gotham Racing 4. The new geometry shooter will be called Geometry Wars: Waves and will not be available on the XBLA like it's older brother Retro Evolved, instead it'll stay attached to PGR4 for the long run. Bizarre Creations also mentioned that the new Waves is based off of Retro Evolved and is not officially considered to be the next game in the series. Whatever that may entail or mean, we know that we're getting a new Geometry Wars on October 2nd. W00t!

PGR4's rubber hits the road October 2nd

MS just sent out an announcement that Project Gotham Racing 4 will be arriving on October 2nd for the MSRP of $59.99. To sweeten the deal, the also announced some more vehicles in the game, both those with two wheels and four. Personal favorites at X3F Towers in the most recent bunch include the Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged, making a return since being introduced in PGR2, and getting "High Def'd" in PGR3. Since it would be boring to use some stock PGR4 logo as the image for the post, we're grabbing the Ariel's segment from Top Gear and spreading the love. Full list of announced vehicles after the break.

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Rumors of PGR 4 being limited by DVD are false

Rumors have been circulating the internet lately telling of Bizarre Creations being constrained by the DVD format's storage capacity and therefor not being able to implement day/night textures into Project Gotham Racing 4. But today Bizarre put such evil rumors to rest telling everyone that no, they have not been limited by DVD for PGR 4 in the slightest.

Commenting on the issue, they said that the facts got spun out of control when certain fanboys commented on the day/night feature stating that there was no room on the DVD to hold all the textures for both day and night in the game. Instead, Bizarre says that not only are they NOT constrained by the DVD format, but they actually opted for transitioning day/night textures in the game instead of two sets of "fixed" textures.

So, PGR 4 was not nor ever has been limited by DVD's storage capacity, it was never an issue and PGR fans will be treated to transitioning day/night textures as proof. Case closed.

[Thanks, IncredibleBulk92]

Bizarre reveals PGR 4 list-o-cities

Today, in their latest Studio Update, Bizarre Creations released the names of all ten locations you'll be driving on when Project Gotham Racing 4 hits retailers in September. A complete list of all the locations is viewable after the break, but highlights from the ten location set include Las Vegas (sin city baby!), Quebec (Canada in the house), and Macau, China (China FTW!). Bizarre also talks about "racification" and the subtle changes they made to PGR 4 tracks that make them oh-so-sweet. Enough reading of our commentary already, the complete list of PGR 4 locations is posted after the break.

[Via TeamXbox]

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Bizarre: PGR4 not out "'til it's done."

Microsoft says Project Gotham Racing 4 will be available in September. We're sure Bizarre Creations -- makers of PGR4 -- don't want to make liars out of Microsoft. That said, Bizarre's business director, Brian Woodhouse, admits they may have to do just that. In a recent press briefing during E3, Woodhouse told Eurogamer that PGR4 would not be rushed (something he admits happened to PGR3). "This one," said Woodhouse, "we're not letting go 'til it's done." Woodhouse's comments were directed towards the rather unbalanced difficulty of PGR3. We can tell you from firsthand experience, the game looks amazing. If Bizarre needs a little time to make it perfect, we say let 'em have it.

PGR4's motorcycles expanded upon

At the Media Briefing, Bizarre Creations' Craig Howard and Brian Woodhouse showed off Project Gotham Racing 4. The game will include manufacturers Honda, Ducati, and Suzuki for motorcycles, which can race alongside cars, of which there are over 120. When riding the motorcycle, you can pull some fancy tricks, wheelies, endos and taunting maneuvers. On the Live side of things, for the first time, gamers will be able to share photos and videos with what's called "PGR On Demand". We can't wait to get some hands on time in the coming days.

Bizarre talks up PGR4 motorcycles

Rumored last week thanks to the released box art -- and confirmed in recent playtests -- Bizarre Creations has posted an article detailing the motorcycles gameplay featured in Project Gotham Racing 4. Along with this revelation comes a load of new screenshots. The shots show off some particularly nice motorcycle and rider models. Bizarre has also revealed that motorcycles will be capable of lots of kudos earning tricks that cars naturally can't do. These will be accomplished with a new "Stunt button" that initiates tricks. Never fear though, if you hate the idea of motorbikes, they are not mandatory. If cars are your thing, PGR4 still has you covered. Check out a gallery of the new PGR 4 motorcycles below.

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: PGR4 Motorcycles

PGR 4 box art hints at motorcycle madness

Today, Bizarre Creations released the official box art for Project Gotham Racing 4 (viewable after the break) featuring a closeup of a red vehicle sporting a PGR 4 emblem. It's quite the interesting choice for box art as we're on the fence about the design. But if you look closer you'll see something that's very interesting. Behind the PGR 4 logo is the reflection of a motorcycle blazing past the car. Does this mean that motorcycles will be drivable in the fourth edition of the PGR franchise and is this Bizarre's big exciting announcement? We aren't sure, but we'd be liars if we didn't say that we're a little uneasy about including motorcycles in our PGR franchise. Here's to hoping Bizarre Creations knows what they're doing.

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Video: It's time for some PGR 4 snow

The last time we saw Project Gotham Racing 4 in action it was raining in St. Petersburg, but today we are treated to a new video; a little snow in Nurburgring. Bizarre Creations released the second weather video today making it quite obvious that the team really cares about dynamic weather and is doing a fine job with the whole concept. They also announced two more locations (Nurburgring, as seen in the video, and Quebec) which is four (Shanghai and St. Petersburg were previously announced) of the ten locations we'll be seeing in the game. The press release also confirmed six vehicles as well as stating that PGR 4 will be "speeding its way onto store shelves this fall" ... yes, this fall. Full press release after the break and be sure to race on over to IGN where they talk with Bizarre's community lead about the weather in PGR 4. Race along now ...

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Video: PGR4 new features, dynamic weather, and vehicles

New details regarding Bizarre Creations' upcoming Kudos-centric racer Project Gotham Racing 4, have hit the internets. That being said, they are very similar to previous reports from some European magazines. We've seen these bullet points before, and they're all good, from fist pumping to dynamic weather AI, loyal fanbases through your career, and refined Kudos system. Still, the video looks hot, and the game is excessively pretty. So with all the racing news today, are you tempted to get the wheel so you can tailspin in the snow of Shanghai for massive damage Kudos?

[Video via Xboxygen. Thanks, gaetge]

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