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Pac-Man CE nominated for 2008 GDCAs

Please, step back in time with us. Let's say it's February 2007, one year ago. A bedraggled, foul smelling man, wearing a sign that reads "The End is Nigh," approaches you and grabs you violently by the collar. He leans in close, his sour whisky breath burning your nostrils, and whispers, "One year from now, Pac-Man will be nominated for a Game Developers Choice Award!" The breath is so strong that you shut your eyes tight. Upon reopening them, the man is gone. You question your sanity, wondering if he was even real. A Pac-Man game nominated in 2008? Preposterous!

Rest assured, he was real, and he was right. Namco Bandai Games have announced that Pac-Man Championship Edition, released in June 2007, has been nominated for Best Downloadable Game in the eighth annual Game Developers Choice Awards, which are set to take place during the Game Developers Conference later this month. Best Downloadable Game of 2009? Dig Dug. You heard it here first.

Culdcept Saga demo shuffles onto XBLM

If there's one thing Xbox fans have been clamoring for, it's a weird RPG / card / board game hybrid ... thing. Enter Culdcept Saga from Namco. The game has players rolling dice and battling enemies with magical cards that contain magical beasts. Sound appealing? Good. You might want to grab the demo off of Xbox Live Marketplace, because it's up right now, at this very moment. We're going to be giving it a try for the sheer uniqueness of it all. Expect a report later today. In the meantime, feel free to issue your own right here.

Soul Calibur IV E3 trailer on XBLM

The E3 trailer for Soul Calibur IV, which we must have missed during all the hubbub, has finally landed on Xbox Live Marketplace. The trailer features the first gameplay footage of the game, and so far things are looking pretty damned good. In particular, we're really digging one of the new female fighters. Wielding a sword and halberd simultaneously, and sporting a full suit of armor, she's intriguing to say the least. Everything else looks like good old-fashioned Soul Calibur fun, only a lot prettier. All of this coupled with the introduction of online play has us fairly excited to get a crack at the full game. Now if we can just get a demo to tide us over until the game's release in 2008, we'll be set. Get to it Namco.

New Eternal Sonata trailer showcases combat

A new trailer for Eternal Sonata has popped up on Xbox Live Marketplace. The new trailer focuses on the game's unique combat system and also gives us a glimpse of the various playable characters and enemies in the game. One of the more interesting aspects of the combat system is the interaction between light and dark. You can see this in the video when enemies move between light and dark areas of the combat field. Oftentimes this results in otherwise harmless looking enemies transforming into giant monstrosities. Overall, the combat system looks very engaging, and we're eager to take the full game for a spin. Eternal Sonata hits retail shelves on September 17th. Don't forget there is also a demo available on XBLM right now.

New Eternal Sonata details, still 360 exclusive

During an Eternal Sonata conference call last night, we managed to clarify some details on the game and even uncover some new details. First of all, we learned that the game should take about 30 hours to complete for players that wish to simply charge through. If, however, you wish to complete all the side-quests (and you won't get the full story if you don't), it will take much longer. In fact, some of the side-quests aren't even accessible on the first play-through, so players will have at least some incentive to go through the game more than once. RPG fans hoping for some downloadable goodness on par with Blue Dragon will likely be disappointed to hear that very little is planned at this point. In fact, the only DLC planned right now is actually an unlock key to listen to music from the game. What's more, this content is unlockable in the game itself, so the DLC is basically moot. On a more positive note the game will contain both English and Japanese voice tracks, so purists won't have to cover their ears.

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More (D) cups runneth over: new SC IV shots

If you were worried that Ivy would be the only character with comically large breasts in Soul Calibur IV, then we can officially ease your mind. Namco Bandai has released some fresh screens and character art from the upcoming weapons-based fighter, and, well, the proof is in the pudding as it were. In addition to Ivy's mammoth mammaries, both Sophitia and her sister Cassandra have ample bosoms and some revealing outfits with which to showcase them. They don't quite have the "science experiment gone wrong" quality that Ivy's bust has, but they're nothing to sneeze at. And Voldo, well, Voldo has some special cleavage and bulges of his own. Check out the gallery below for the new images.

Gallery: Soul Calibur IV

USK lists Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for 360

Ah, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, better known as the USK or, simply, the German version of the ESRB. We love 'em. Why? Because they constantly tip us off about games that publishers work so darned hard to keep secret. For example, the USK has now listed Namco Bandai and Black Hole Entertainment"s Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for the Xbox 360. A real time strategy title that debuted last holiday to decent reviews, Mark of Chaos would be yet another addition to the Xbox 360's burgeoning RTS library. The 360 game has another subtitle tacked onto it, making the full title actually Warhammer: Mark of Chaos -- Battle March. Whether this means we'll see a completely retooled game or an expansion to the original we're not sure. In an interesting twist, the entry on in the USK database is labeled "GC-Demo" which would lead us to believe we'll see a Mark of Chaos demo before too long. Once again, thanks USK!

[Via IGN. Thanks, IncredibleBulk92]

Vampire Rain, Eternal Sonata demos on XBLM

If you couldn't bring yourself to purchase a copy of Official Xbox Magazine (or if you don't have wonderful Japanese friends), you can now finally download the Eternal Sonata demo from Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo gives players a chance to stretch their legs a bit and get used to the game's interesting, pseudo real time combat system. If you've made it this long without trying it out, you should really give it a go. Oh, there is also a Vampire Rain demo that is available everywhere except Germany, Korea, Taiwan, or the United States. We were beginning to get mighty angry about that, but then we remembered it was Vampire Rain.

[Via Joystiq]

X3F Hands-on: Beautiful Katamari

Katamari Damacy is a strange, strange game. This is a fact of which its fans are patently aware. I'm an Xbox guy, so my experience with Beautiful Katamari Damacy at E3 was my first with the series. Considering this is also the first time the series will be showing up on Xbox, it seemed like a good fit for me to try it out. For the uninitiated, the object of Katamari is to roll things up into a ball. By things, I mean all things. Thimbles, cats, bushes, people, cows, buildings, boats, everything: it's all up for grabs. You do this by manipulating the thumbsticks. That's it. That is the game. But most of you already knew that, so the next question is "why should I buy this game again on the Xbox 360?"

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Joystiq checks out Ace Combat 6

Joystiq got a chance to try out Ace Combat 6 at E3 last week, and they came away impressed. Of particular note are the game's incredible graphics. According to Joystiq, the earth below is damned near photo-realistic. Even individual buildings are actually rendered. Furthermore, the gameplay proves to be intense, with midair skirmishes occurring all throughout the open skies. Ground and naval combat come into play as well, and players have some control over that as well, being able to command allies to target certain enemies. Yup, not much bad to say about Ace Combat 6 at all. Check out the game's jaw dropping graphics in the gallery below. Better yet, check out the demo on Xbox Live.

Gallery: Ace Combat 6

Ace Combat 6 demo flies out next week

In the latest episode of GameSpot's On the Spot, In Joon Hwang, Product Marketing Manager for Namco Bandai, revealed that a demo for Ace Combat 6 should be available on Xbox Live Marketplace next week. Ace Combat 6 is the first in the flight combat series to appear on a non-Sony console and also the first new-gen entry in the series. Hwang notes that the game's support system has been revamped, and players will now be able give commands to naval, air, and ground combat units during play. Expect to hear more about Ace Combat 6 from E3 next week.

[Thanks, Dark Mobius]

Namco E3 lineup confirms Katamari exclusivity?

If you needed any more confirmation that Beautiful Katamari will only roll on the Xbox 360, you need look no further than Namco Bandai's recently released E3 lineup. Eurogamer has the list and was quick to notice that the Xbox 360 was the only platform designated for the title. Is it ironclad proof that Beautiful Katamari is 360 exclusive? No, but it's pretty damned close. Other Namco Bandai 360 games to be shown at E3 include Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Ace Combat 6, Eternal Sonata, and Culdcept SAGA.

Eternal Sonata trailer plucks heartstrings

IGN has posted a new trailer of Eternal Sonata in preparation for E3 next month. We've made it no secret that we adore the eccentric premise of the game, and this trailer only serves to cement that belief. For those of you still unfamiliar with it, the game chronicles the final hours of composer Frederic Chopin. The catch, you see, is that Chopin is asleep and the game occurs inside the fever dream world of his final hours. As you might expect, Chopin's dream world has a lot of musical ties. More than that though, the game is simply gorgeous, something like Howl's Moving Castle in video game form. The game is scheduled to hit U.S. shores in September. We can't wait.

Watch Ace Combat 6 and The Bigs on XBLM

A couple of new trailers landed on Xbox Live Marketplace this morning. First we have a trailer for Ace Combat 6, it's the same cheesy trailer we saw released before, with lots of American pride and important-sounding music (think Armageddon). Our favorite moment is when a woman's voice breaks through the chaos: "I don't know a whole lot about war, but there's something I need to tell you." Yes, the cheese-factor is strong with this one. The Bigs trailer, on the other hand, is straight up balls-to-bat action (still no demo, by the way). You've got big, beefy players, flaming baseballs, and home runs so powerful that they could bring down small aircraft. For those of you without access to your 360, we've embedded it at the top of the post. Enjoy.

SCIV scans: medieval cleavage galore

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Soul Calibur IV will feature online play, images pulled from the related EGM article are beginning to hit the internet. The images come to us courtesy of Xboxygen, and they are quite, ahem, revealing. We are of course referring to the amazingly supported female naughty bits (made even more amazing considering the game takes place in an age before the underwire bra). The image above also reveals a well-wrought thong (or a spectacularly painful wedgie). Ogling aside, the images certainly do look sharp. We also have to point out that one shot contains a dodo. Given that Soul Calibur IV looks to be the last in the series, the fact that it contains an extinct bird seems appropriate. Here's hoping the gameplay does a better job of evolving (ba dum bum, psh!).

Hit the "read" link for more images.

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