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Europe and Canada to get Video Marketplace in Fall

At Microsoft's E307 Media Briefing, Peter Moore announced that Xbox Live's Video Marketplace would be going worldwide, or more specifically, to Europe as well as Canada. Apparently, XBLVM will be available in these new locales this fall, a full year since the announcement and launch in November 2006 in the States.

This came hot off of the announcement of Disney partnering with Microsoft to bring HD movies to Video Marketplace tonight. We're very happy to see Video Marketplace have a broader reach, though it will be interesting to see what content discrepancies there are when it launches in the coming months.

Eterna Sonata trailer now on Marketplace

The Eternal Sonata trailer that was showed you from IGN is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace in HD. It weighs in at 71 MB, and gives you a better scope on the the game's world, art style and gameplay. As we said before, the game follows the final hours of composer Frederic Chopin, while in a feverish dream state. All of that to say that we still can't wait for this to hit come September, though we hope it doesn't get crushed under the weight of Halo 3's release on the 25th. Either way, if you didn't watch the embedded trailer, or thought the quality didn't give you a proper impression, check it out on XBLM.

Transformers videos meet the eye

There are 4 Transformers: The Game videos available on Marketplace. One of them is the opening cinematic of the game, whilst the other three are all interviews. The first interview is with the game developer itself, and the other two are with lead actors from the film, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. Also worth noting is that in the text field that usually has some information like the developer or something above the file size is "<String text>". Very nice. Either way, the interviews vary from 67 to 94 MB a piece and the cinematic weighs in at 102 MB. Minor flub in the tagged information notwithstanding, are you interested in this movie to game adaptation, or do you think it will just end up as Achievement fodder?

Free and Premium MLG content on XBLM

Xbox Live Marketplace has a couple of videos and a Gamer picture pack from MLG, or Major League Gaming. The pack costs 80 MS Points and the videos are free. One video is sort of an introduction into the world of competitive gaming, while the other sort follows around one of the top tier players, Walshy, and is a lot meatier than the former. The video follows him around and gives insight into the life of a "professional gamer", and does a good job of representing those who compete. To say the least, he makes a bunch of really cool t-shirt designs. Definitely worth a watch, if you're interested in seeing what MLG is all about.

Soltrio Solitaire DLC flies under radar

New game content is available for the Xbox Live Arcade card game, Soltrio Solitaire. It adds 10 new game modes for the low price of 150 MS Points. Considering the game started out with 18 modes of play at 800 Microsoft Points, that's a pretty dang good price. Then again, you have to remember that it is Solitaire, which may not exactly be up your alley. Either way, the content is there and reasonably priced if you're interested.

Juiced 2 teaser trailer drifts onto Marketplace

A teaser trailer for Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights is available in both High and Standard definition on XBLM. It's short and sweet, considering they're 35 and 7 MB in size, respectively. Upon watching the FMV teaser, our initial response was uncontrollable laughter. The trailer seems to highlight some of the street racing "subculture", and features not one, but two gratuitous shots of a girl in a tight tank top and bikini bottom. Give it a watch, because at the very least it will give you a chuckle.

New Maps for Monster Madness

Xbox Live Marketplace has two new multiplayer maps available for Monster Madness, both costing 200 Microsoft points individually. The first is a 4v4 Capture the Flag level called Zack's House, and is a close quarters indoor map. The second map is called High School and is fit for 16 players, and has opportunities for vehicular combat outside, with close quarters action inside. Does this float anyone's boat, and do you think the 200 MS points is a fair price for each map?

Overlord demo rules Marketplace

After a bunch of demos hit Marketplace over the last three days (some more important than others), new ones still keep showing up. Today's offering so far is Overlord, which recently had a few videos pop up on the intertubes, and follows through on our plea. You may want to watch those before committing the 891.78 MB of space for the content, although some of you may already be convinced. So, are you enjoying this influx of interactive content, or do you not have the time to play these demos anyway?

1-800-Magic Episode 1 calls XBLM

The first episode of the Shadowrun machinima by Rooster Teeth Productions that we showed you yesterday, 1-800-Magic, is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. As you may have saw, the production values are rather high, but that's to be expected from the RvB crew. The video weighs in at 227.59 MB, which shouldn't take too long, and getting a higher resolution version to appreciate the finer details of their work is never a bad thing. If the series was regularly added to Marketplace, and continue to be free, would you follow it on XBLM?

Vampire Rain demo available in Canada & Mexico, not U.S.

The Vampire Rain demo was first released in Japan on Tuesday, and we suspected that it would become available in North America shortly thereafter. Well, we were right and today it is, but unfortunately for some (or rather, most), it's only available in two thirds of this continent. While being available in Mexico and Canada, as well as portions of Europe, Asia, and Australia, the demo is not on Marketplace in the US. Quite frankly this is quite odd, and we hope the rest of you get your hands on it sooner rather than later. We guess we can get you "exclusive" hands on impressions later today, if we aren't too busy.

Shadowrun Demo coming June 6th

FASA has given word on when we can expect the Shadowrun demo to hit Xbox Live Marketplace. As a means to give gamers with Halo 3 Beta withdrawal a quick fix, it will go live on June 6th. It will feature Power Station, and the gametype Raid, with Humans and Elves. It also won't have a time restriction for play, so you may frag to your heart's content, and it doesn't have an announced expiration at the moment. Full breakdown of what's in the demo after the break.

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Crackdown packs on Marketplace now

The Crackdown "Free-For-All Pack" and "Getting Busy Bonus Pack" are both now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Complete with fresh Achievements, you can have a jolly ole time with the new equipment, game modes, and vehicles. So, honestly, if you've taken a look at our videos on the content, what are you still doing here? Apparently you feel the price is right, right?

Videos: New Crackdown content packs breakdown

In Major Nelson's post this morning about the new Crackdown content, he put up some Xbox.com videos about some of the new features. Later on in the day, he hosted them up on his fresh YouTube account, and we have them here for your viewing pleasure. The above video shows the "Keys to the City" mode, giving you full control over the chaos and carnage that you cause in Pacific City. After the break we've got videos showing the new Game Types, Street Racing mode and equipment. Enjoy.

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SHReK the Third demo now widely available

A month ago we posted about a SHReK the Third demo that hit Marketplace, at least for Canada, the U.K., U.S., Sweden, and Australia. Even so, we never got around to our Xbox 360 Fanblogger duty of actually downloading and playing said demo. But perhaps Xbox Live members from the regions of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain can see the fault in our ways and enjoy the demo themselves. Wherever you are, have you played this demo yet?

Red vs Blue Baddie Picture Pack

Major Nelson gave word that a second set of Red vs Blue gamer pictures have hit Xbox Live Marketplace. This time, the theme is based on all the bad guys of the series, hence the name of "By the Numbers: Evil Picture Pack". For a cool 80 Microsoft Points, you get 8 pictures of "all your favorite Evil characters". So that's like, O'Malley, Wyoming and er ... six other pictures. You'll have to excuse us, we just buy the DVDs at PAX rather than watch it piecemeal. Either way, the other six favorites are featured, to be sure. Sadly no Mike Myers, though.

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