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Lost Planet movie possibly in the pipeline

With big budget action flicks making all sorts of money this summer, and with Hollywood's constant searching for the next big thing, we shouldn't be to surprised to hear that another videogame movie could be coming our way. Honestly though, this time our surprise has less to do with that fact in and of itself, and more to do with the details surrounding it.

Over at the Evil Avatar forums, the news was posted that David "Solid Snake" Hayter is currently in talks with Warner Bros. to write a movie based on, of all things, Lost Planet. While we shouldn't forget that Hayter does have writing expierience, (X-Men 1 & 2) we just can't imagine that there's enough meat on a Capcpm third-person-shooter's bones to actually flesh things out into a feature film. Plus, if this ends up getting off the ground, what kind of significance will the IP have by the time the movie is actually released? Oh well, in Solid Snake we trust.

Shipping this week: Stroggbad & Akrid

First we should get this out of the way, I'm not Richard. As our American readers know it's Memorial Day and our fearless leader is spending time with his family so he asked Dustin or myself to take care of his weekly "Shipping This Week" post. Considering how well received it was the last time Dustin did one of Richard's regular features, I took the reigns. As a Canadian I'm not entirely sure what Memorial Day is. Okay, you can pretty much guess what it is based on what it's called. According to Dustin it's a day when American's memorialize stuff, but that just makes it sound like there's a lot of scrapbooking involved. Either way, Happy Memorial Day!

This week brings us two new, yet old, games. id Software and Splash Damage's class-based PC shooter, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, hits the Xbox 360 in a port by Nerve Software. While the PC version landed at retail around heavy-hitters like The Orange Box and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Quake Wars finds itself on the Xbox during a gaming release lull and hopes to catch a wider audience the second time around. Also hitting the Xbox 360 is Capcom's definitive version of Lost Planet with all new content including the ability to play as the evil Akrid. Lost Planet Extreme Condition: Colonies Edition, a game with a name so long I had to eat a sandwich in the middle of typing it for fear of losing strength, lands tomorrow for the price of a platinum release. So there you go, two new/old titles hit the Xbox. Planning on picking up either?

And yes, we promise Richard will be back to tell you about the games of the week next time.

Lost Planet: Colonies goes gold

There are two things we know for sure about Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - COLONIES Edition. First, someone at Capcom needs to fire the guy who makes these names up, for serious. Second, the Xbox 360 and PC exclusive is almost here.

Yesterday Capcom announced the platinum release of Lost Planet, which includes new missions, multiplayer maps and modes (including the ability to play as the evil Akrid), has gone gold. So throw on your parka and make a warm cup-o-coffee, it's about to get chilly up-in-this 'ma.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - COLONIES Edition *sigh* hits retail on May 27.

Experience Colonies' single player four ways

IGN has the scoop on a few things that makes Lost Planet: Colonies' single player different from its predecessor and no friends, it isn't new levels or a beefier story. Instead, Colonies will add four new player modes to the Lost Planet experience including a Halo 3'esque Score Attack mode, a Trial Battle mode, a First-Person mode and a not-unlocked-from-the-get-go Off-Limit mode. And out of all four, we don't know what to think about the First-Person mode. Playing Lost Planet as a FPS just sounds weird. Doesn't it? Make the hop over to IGN to get your Colonies single player mode information fix and be sure to watch the weirdness that is Lost Planet FPS in the video above. Weird ...

Lost Planet: Colonies - details and Akrid gameplay

Continuing our coverage of Capcom's Digital Day event is gameplay from the upcoming Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition. Colonies is the Platinum edition of the best-selling title Lost Planet: Extreme Condition adding new characters, multiplayer maps and modes. The most exciting of which is the ability to play as the Akrid, the enemy monsters from the single-player game, in various modes along with a ton of other announced features.

Gamers who have an old save file and are thinking of pinking this one up to continue your Lost Planet adventure should be wary. Capcom has stated that the game is not compatible with the previous release. Colonies has been built for cross-platform play with Games for Windows Live in mind so we assume the code had to have been changed, sure that doesn't make sense for single-player game but anyone interested in this version would be in it for the multiplayer if they've already played the original. But on the lighter side of the news, the game will feature 1000 fresh gamer points to be acquired. Check out Akrid gameplay after the jump.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition is set to release on May 27 on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Continue reading Lost Planet: Colonies - details and Akrid gameplay

Lost Planet: Colonies, $29.99, More Details

When we discovered that the long-rumored Lost Planet: Colonies would be an expansion-of-sorts to the first game, we weren't exactly thrilled, and exclaimed that it better hit at the right price. Well, we had nothing to worry about, as 1up is reporting that when the game hits in the US it'll be at the price point of $29.99. For the thirty dollars, you'll get even more than we had originally listed, and the scope of the content goes far beyond that of a game such as Ninja Gaiden Black.

The new character models include two new females, two new robots, and five other characters. The new infantry guns are Hand Gun, a Revolver, a Flame Launcher, and Hand Cannon, with the new Mech weapons being the Pile Bunker, a VS Rifle, a Rocket Pod and a Laser Lance. There are four new maps are Crossfire City, Area 921, Lost Arena, and a zero-gravity map, Assault Space. As well as all that, there are a half dozen new multiplayer modes includeing Akrid Hunter, VS Annihalator, CounterGrab, Point Snatcher, Akrid Egg Battle, and Egg Bandit. That's a lot. Plus, there's more that we didn't get to. With all this new content and an even lower price point than we suggested, you can be certain we'll be picking this one up.

Lost Planet: Colonies, Confirmation & Details

Remember when we said that soon we'd have more information on Lost Planet: Colonies? Well we weren't lying, as this week's Famitsu confirmed a ton of information about the game. First and foremost, this is not an entirely new game, this is a remake of the original with more assets and expanded multiplayer. Think of it as similar to Ninja Gaiden Sigma, only for the same console. Hmmm, so that explains why the ESRB was able to rate it so early ... Anyway here's some of the things listed in the article as new:
  • New Multiplayer modes, including Humans VS Akrid
  • 4 New maps, 2 of which are possibly a city and a desert
  • New Female Playable Character
  • Ten New weapons
  • New Monsters
  • Trial Battle and Score Attack modes for the campaign bosses
  • 360/PC Cross-platform play
Now while this all sounds great, we still have a few questions. First, price, this can't possibly be a full-retail title can it? There's new content, but unless there's still some secrets held back there's not much more than the original had. But if this hits at the right price ($40 or so) it could see a resurgence in the online Lost Planet community. That leads us right to our second question though, with this seeing release on PC and 360, why not simply make it available as DLC? Perhaps it's because so few in Japan actually have a 360 to download to, and this is seeing release there first on May 29th. No word on release dates for other territories just yet.

[Via NeoGAF]

Lost Planet Colonies is coming, so 'stay tuned'

A while back, we spotted a game by the name of Lost Planet Colonies over on the infamous USK German ratings board website, which got Lost Planet fanboys worked up into a full fledged excitement tizzy. And now we're proud to say that the Colonies excitement is getting kicked up a notch.

Recently, the ESRB ratings board website reviewed and listed none other than our friend Lost Planet Colonies and even more tizzy inducing is the fact that it the ESRB lists it as a PC and Xbox 360 title. W00t to that! Seeing that there is no hiding from the fact that Lost Planet Colonies is real, IGN pressed Capcom about the ESRB listing and asked what is headed down the Lost Planet development pipeline. Their response, "stay tuned". And stay tuned we will.

Sequel time! Lost Planet: Colonies discovered

Thanks to the USK German video games ratings board (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle or USK) we may have un-earthed proof that Capcom's Lost Planet franchise is not dead.

Xbox-Archiv stumbled across an entry for a game called Lost Planet Colonies over on the USK website that was reviewed this past July today. Instantly, thoughts of a Lost Planet bug splattering sequel raced in our heads when we heard the news and after visiting the USK site, we were pleasantly surprised. The Lost Planet Colonies entry lists the game to be a third person shooter (yes!) and solely on the Xbox 360 (double yes!) Adding more proof to the Lost Planet sequel fire is the fact that the game is published by CEG Interactive Entertainment, a German subsidiary of (you guessed it) Capcom. We've heard lots of whispers of a Lost Planet sequel this year, but nothing has surfaced to be this concrete. Here's to Lost Planet Colonies becoming a reality and being an amazing sequel.

[Via Xbox-Archiv]

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