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Guitar Hero driving interest in the real thing?

Any Guitar Hero comment thread is bound to draw out at least one person claiming that gamers should forget the game and try the real thing. It looks like all the cranky musicians have something to be thankful for, as it appears many Guitar Hero fans are doing just that. CNET reports that guitar teachers are seeing guitar students apply because of the game, even if they don't admit it directly. According to San Fran guitar teacher Jay Skler, "My adult students, they don't want to cop to it, but they're all, 'Have you played the game?'" Not every teacher agrees, some say that Guitar Hero will "kill music." Still, others like Skyler believe that at the very least the game gets young people interested in music they may not have been exposed to otherwise, rock and roll in particular.

So, has Guitar Hero or Rock Band given you a new interest in music? Have they driven you to learn the real thing? Of course, you know our answer.

Video: DragonForce will own you in GHIII

Not too long ago, it was revealed that DragonForce would finally be gracing Guitar Hero for it's third outing. The song chose for the game: the incredibly difficult "Through the Fire and Flames." But hey, don't take our word for it, just check out the video above. The amount of skill and practice required to nail this song borders on lunacy. Wherever the song isn't a maelstrom of hammer-ons and pull-offs, it is filled with machine gun strumming on multiple frets. It is both a nightmare and a beauty to behold, and we bet your little brother will master it in a week.

New GHIII tracks with international flair

Not to be outdone by the peripheral wizardry of Rock Band, for which ten new tracks were announced today, Activision has announced a new set of tracks for Guitar Hero III as well. The new tracks are comprised mainly of international bands with which our American readers likely won't be familiar. All 11 of the new tracks are master tracks, meaning that fans won't be forced to cringe at the sound of horribly impersonated lead singers. Behold:
  • "Minus Celsius," by Backyard Babies
  • "Hier Kommt Alex," by Die Toten Hosen
  • "In the Belly of a Shark," by Gallows
  • "I'm in the Band," by The Hellacopters
  • "Avalancha," by Heroes Del Silencio
  • "Take This Life," by In Flames
  • "Ruby," by Kaiser Chiefs
  • "Closer," by Lacuna Coil
  • "Generation Rock," by Revolverheld
  • "Mauvais Garcon," by NAAST
  • "Radio Song," by Superbus
You'll find a list of all other confirmed tracks after the break.

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Don't cut yourself just yet, MCR pack on Guitar Hero II

Major Nelson gives word that Guitar Hero II has another track pack available on Marketplace. This time, though, it's not a rehash of Guitar Hero I songs, but actually a band themed packed full of master tracks. Sounds too good to be true, right? Precisely, as it still costs 500 Microsoft Points, which is not as bad for fresh content, and the band in question is My Chemical Romance. Now, we've had a couple of rants about reader response to anything involving MCR and their 360, and expect to see more of the same here. In any case, the songs in the pack are "Famous Last Words," "This is How I Disappear," and "Teenagers." Now, remember that it's down the road, and not across the street.

Let the showdown begin: GHIII nabs Metallica

The gloves are off folks, after yesterday's revelation that Rock Band and Guitar Hero III would definitely be sharing songs, there was really only one other question that needed answering: what about Metallica? We know Metallica is in Rock Band, but what about Guitar Hero III? That question has been answered and answered well. As it turns out, Guitar Hero III will not only feature Metallica -- the news was slipped during an Activision conference call -- but the song to be featured is "One," and what's more, it's a master track. Metallica fans couldn't ask for much better than that. If the end result of having two competing music games is more awesome tracks for both of them, then we say bring on the competition.

[Via Joystiq]

GHIII lays on 6 more tracks: Sabbath, AFI, more

Activision has announced the addition of 6 more tracks to Guitar Hero III. The new tracks consist of both newer bands like AFI and Queens of the Stone Age and classic groups like Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. Check out the new tracks below.
  • "Miss Murder," by AFI
  • "3's and 7's," by Queens of the Stone Age
  • "Raining Blood," by Slayer
  • "Reptillia," by The Strokes
  • "Paranoid," as made famous by Black Sabbath
  • "Cities on Flame," as made famous by Blue Oyster Cult
  • "Mississippi Queen," as made famous by Mountain
As usual, pay close attention to the distinction between "by" and "as made famous by." In other words, 4 of the 7 new tracks are master recordings, leaving "Paranoid," "Cities on Flame," and "Mississippi Queen" as the only covers. We also must note that "Mississippi Queen" was featured in a leaked video of Rock Band shortly before E3 (the video has since been pulled). While its inclusion in Rock Band is far from official at this point, it will be interesting to see if Rock Band and Guitar Hero III wind up sharing songs. We've posted a list (politely cribbed from Joystiq) of the 22 officially announced tracks after the break.

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GHIII nabs DragonForce, Chili Peppers, more

The pleas of Guitar Hero fans everywhere have been answered. Yes, DragonForce will finally be featured in a Guitar Hero title, specifically Guitar Hero III. The fancy lads at ScoreHero have uncovered several new groups to be featured in the game including:
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers -- "Suck my Kiss"
  • ZZ Top -- "La Grange"
  • Iron Maiden -- "Number of the Beast"
  • DragonForce -- "Through the Fire and Flames"
Even better news, all the above tracks except "La Grange" are the master recordings. A new character by the name of Midori was also revealed, along with several new locations (we can't wait to see the Kaiju Megadome). Activision is adamant that Guitar Hero III is still a contender in the face of Rock Band. With impressive songs like these, as well as the ones we already know, they might be right.

[Via Joystiq]

Slash will rock out in Guitar Hero III

A new trailer for Guitar Hero III has dropped from the heavens of rock, and lo and behold, the game officially features legendary guitarist, Slash. Made famous by Guns N' Roses and now rocking with Velvet Revolver, Slash will be featured in the upcoming game, which is now subtitled Legends of Rock. Naturally, this leads us to believe there may be a few other famous rockers in the game as well, though this is only speculation at this point. Check out the latest trailer after the break.

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IGN's GHIII Preview on XBLM

IGN has put a preview for Guitar Hero III up on Xbox Live Marketplace in all its HD glory. The video gives us a first look at the new Les Paul wireless guitar, as well as some other cool features. One thing that impresses us was their use of face capture to have the lead singer properly lip-synced to the songs lyrics, as opposed to the previous iterations generic lip service. The video also touches on some of the visual changes, in the HUD as well as the art direction. A solid watch, if you're a fan of the series.

Red Octane: new GHII DLC in July

As the promises of loads of downloadable content echo through the empty halls of memory, Red Octane has let out a squeak, nay, the smallest chirp of information regarding the next batch of downloadable songs for Guitar Hero II. According to a forum post by a Red Octane admin by the name of rodth, new downloadable content for Guitar Hero II should drop sometime in July. Specifically, rodth noted, "While nothing's been formally announced, look for something to come down the pipeline around the July timeframe ...."

If you've been keeping track, this would be the second batch of DLC we've seen since April. We're not experts, but we're not sure that qualifies as the most DLC for any 360 game evar.

[Thanks, Aragorn]

Video: Slow Ride intro in GH III

Unfortunately, the videos of Guitar Hero III we showed you at the end of May are no longer available on YouTube. Gametrailers fortunately came to the rescue and put up the first minute or so of Foghat's "Slow Ride" on Expert difficulty. It definitely looks pretty and leaves us only wanting more. Hopefully we're get more details on the song list, possible online multiplayer, or when the wireless Les Paul will be available. Where does this stand on your holiday wishlist?

For fanatics: custom GHII guitar on eBay

Thanks to seemingly never ending supply issues, finding a second guitar for Guitar Hero II can be quite a challenge. Now, if you want to spend a little extra scratch, you can find custom guitars on eBay. Put up for auction by sheppyboy2000, the guitar features an original black-on-red paint job. This is actually his second guitar (you can see the first one here). Apparently stickers weren't enough for sheppyboy2000. You'd better really want this puppy, though: the current high bid is $85 with $11 more for shipping. For that price, you could buy a brand new copy of Guitar Hero II and give it to a friend. Still, if you like custom gaming accessories, this one seems pretty nice. Oh, and sheppyboy2000 plans to make more, so keep your eyes peeled if you like what you see.

[Thanks, Adam Wessel]

Rock out to the first vids of Guitar Hero III

Yup, these are videos of Guitar Hero III. Yup, they look pretty much like Guitar Hero II (and Guitar Hero I for that matter). Of course, no one really cares do they? It's Guitar Hero! With that said, there are some small differences worth noting. First of all, the character models look like they've received some new-gen love and are more detailed. The HUD has some slight graphical tweaks as well, though none of them seem to affect gameplay. The star power meter has been replaced with a series of light bulbs. As you fill the meter, more of them light up. They slowly fade out once star power is activated. In addition to displaying your current multiplier, the left side of the HUD now keeps track of how many notes you've hit consecutively. Frankly, we'd like the ability to turn that feature off, as it could add undue stress to achieving those perfect runs. You'll find another video embedded after the break. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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New Guitar Hero III tracks revealed, Les Paul guitar coming

As we're still struggling to crank out perfect scores on Hard difficulty in Guitar Hero II, Activision goes and announces a whole slew of new tracks coming to Guitar Hero III. Seriously, just look at all these damned tracks (which we have politely lifted from Joystiq)!
  • "Paint It Black" (by The Rolling Stones)
  • "Cherub Rock" (by Smashing Pumpkins)
  • "Sabotage" (by Beastie Boys)
  • "The Metal" (by Tenacious D)
  • "My Name is Jonas" (by Weezer)
  • "Knights of Cydonia" (by Muse)
  • "Rock And Roll All Nite" (as made famous by Kiss)
  • "School's Out" (as made famous by Alice Cooper)
  • "Slow Ride" (as made famous by Foghat)
  • "Cult of Personality" (by Living Colour)
  • "Barracuda" (as made famous by Heart)
First thing's first, please recognize the distinction between "by" and "as made famous by" in that list. You'll notice that a full 7 of those tracks appear to be recorded by the artist themselves. That's worth throwing up the horns right there. In some more exciting news, Activision has announced that Guitar Hero III's guitar controller will be modeled after the Gibson Les Paul, and will feature customizable faceplates. Furthermore, there will be wireless controllers available for the game, though it is unclear if said guitars will be included with the game or if they will be separate purchases. There is one troubling note in the press release, though: the new guitars will feature a new "button color design" in order to create a more authentic experience. Hopefully, this doesn't hinder the performance of the (very expensive) guitars we've all purchased for Guitar Hero II.

So, what's your favorite song on the list?

Canadian and UK Guitar Hero II supply woes

Joystiq reports that Guitar Hero II supply problems are becoming prevalent to gamers in Canada and the UK. This has been confirmed by one of Joystiq's UK bloggers, who states, "I've tried about a dozen retail stores, [it's] harder to find than a Wii." Wow, that is hard to find. When reached for comment, Red Octane told Joystiq that the supply issues were purely a result of an "insane amount of demand" for the title. Furthermore, they note that there are still many retailers in the United States experiencing supply troubles as well.

Red Octane's advice? Buy directly from the Red Octane store. If you just have to have Guitar Hero II (and honestly, you do), ordering from Red Octane may be your only hope. Be warned though, shipping costs are not cheap.

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