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Joystiq plays Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Joystiq managed to wrap their hands around a guitar and try out Guitar Hero: Aerosmith before its official release next month. The verdict: it's a lot like Guitar Hero III with a helluva lot more Aerosmith. There are new venues, some new characters, and other minor changes, but overall it's the same game (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Head over to Joystiq to read their impressions and sneak a peak at GH: Aerosmith's track list.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (360)

Rock out with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Slurpees

Nothing screams rock God like a 7-11 Slurpee, so that must be why Activision, Microsoft and 7-11 have partnered to offer up Guitar Hero themed Slurpee cups at 7-11 stores nationwide to help promote the upcoming release of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. And know that the promotion isn't just so fans can collect GH cups, you can also win all kinds of Guitar Hero goodies, games, and Xbox 360 hardware with online entry codes that are available on each Slurpee cup.

So, go ahead and drink sweet Slurpee deliciousness until brain freeze takes over, because you have a long way to go to catch up to to Steven Tyler's eighteen Slurpee a day consumption. Though, it really isn't fair, his body's liquid intake device is unusually large.

[Via Joystiq]

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - 9 new hero shots

Guitar Hero isn't without its share of strange-looking character models and Activision has just dropped nine new screens of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith proving it yet again.

These new shots showcase the world famous title band Aerosmith along with popular in game guitar rocker Judy Nails. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith hits the Xbox 360 on this June.

Gallery: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Video: This is how Aerosmith rocks the guitar

There's a brand new Guitar Hero Aerosmith "Rock Out Trailer" that recently released which aims at pulling you back into the Guitar Hero world. Which it does, because GHAero's look really hasn't changed all that much from GHIII, except for the addition of real-time ribbon physics that have been added for Steven Tyler's microphone stand. And we don't know if it's just us or not, but don't you think the cartoon version of Steven Tyler is a bit on the manorexic side? We can count his ribs ... just saying.

Aerosmith exclusive to Guitar Hero, Rock Band DLC denied

Rock Band fanboys who never plan on ever going back to the Guitar Hero days yet fully support Steven Tyler and his band will be shedding a tear today. Shedding a tear because it was just revealed that Aerosmith struck a deal with the Guitar Hero franchise allowing them exclusive use of their music, meaning no Aero love for Harmonix or Rock Band. Which isn't all that surprising seeing that Activision has been treating Aerosmith like royalty lately, with plans of releasing a special Guitar Hero: Aerosmith edition later this June and licensing their likeness, names and music. All said, Rock Band owners can still experience a bit of Aerosmith with the game's "Train Kept A Rollin" track which was licensed prior to the band's agreement with Activision. It'll be the only Aerosmith Rock Band sees for a long, long while.

[Via Joystiq]

GH: Aerosmith: Same old Les Paul, new faceplate

Activision recently sent word about Guitar Hero: Aerosmith's bundle offer and for everyone who was hoping for a brand new wireless guitar peripheral, we have the enjoyably-twisted honor of crushing your fragile guitar dreams. How it's laid out, with any $99 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith bundle purchase you'll receive the game, a special Aerosmith tour book and a wireless Gibson Les Paul guitar controller as was bundled with GHIII. But with a special red Aerosmith faceplate. No new guitar technology, just a new faceplate. We aren't sure if we're supposed to feel cheated or angry at ourselves for expecting something entirely new. Humph to it all.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith trailer 'Same Old Song and Dance' but is still 'Amazing'

As everyone knows, Activision's first foray into the band-dedicated Guitar Hero releases kicks off with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith this summer. While we've joked about the title in the past we're excited to see how the final product will hit with fans of the billion-dollar franchise. One interesting note from the video is the text that follows the introduction of legendary rockers. After gazing upon the awesome interestingly animated faces of the band, the trailer introduces the gamer as "and you." This disappointingly points at the inability to play as Joe Perry, Brad Whitford or Tom Hamilton. But we'll wait and see. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is set to rock on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii this June.

GH: Aerosmith to feature Kinks, Cheap Trick, Jett and more

Guitar Hero fans who are no fans of the Aerosmith will be happy to know that this Summer's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will not be limited to music from the mouth of Steven Tyler. Praise the music gods!

Gameinformer received the scoop straight from Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry's mouth, when he mentioned that bands like The Kinks, Cheap Trick, Mott the Hoople and Joan Jett will also be featured in GH:Aero. These new band announcements, on top of Lenny Kravitz, The White Stripes and Deep Purple all of which Perry confirmed previously, make GH:Aero a more rounded and acceptable purchase. That said, we wonder how gamers' negative sentiment surrounding Activision and how they're handling the GH franchise will play out and how well GH:Aero will sell. Thumbs up to the new band announcements though.

Secure your copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith today!

For those of you interested in the upcoming Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, you can ensure your copy will be set aside from Red Octane's official website when the flood of loyal Steven Tyler fans remember to buy it after taking their Alzheimer's medication.

No, we joke. We wouldn't want to offend people with Alzheimer's by insinuating they would want to play a dedicated Aerosmith Guitar Hero game, which actually also features artists that inspired and are inspired by the band.

Set to hit stores this June, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith brings GH fans closer to a band that is known for their ... vocals. Wait, we still don't get it. OK, Aerosmith is cool enough but their staple band member is the singer not the guitarist. In fact we don't even know who the guitarist is but we assume he's the guy holding the guitar in the header above. Else, that could be a roadie doing some sound tests. Wait, I think Neversoft just trademarked Guitar Hero: Sound Test. Sorry readers, our bad.

Note: To clarify, this was written in jest. I know who Joe Perry is guys. ToJo is awesome, we're poking fun.


Guitar Hero: Aerosmith announced and a free GHIII DLC download

Activision just made it official today that the next Guitar Hero incarnation will in fact be called Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and will feature songs exclusively from ... well, the band Aerosmith.

GHAero (that's the official X3F abbreviation from now on) is scheduled for a June release when gamers will be able to play alongside Steven Tyler and truly embrace their inner Aerosmith fanboy. The number of tracks, what sort of bundle, pricing information and word about whether or not the GH franchise has been whored out have yet to be confirmed, but one could expect all the specifics to be in line with previous Guitar Hero releases. Yah dig?

Activision also revealed that in celebration of their "groundbreaking" GHAero (man are we love that abbreviation) announcement, they will be releasing Aerosmith's "Dream On" to the XBLM as a free GHIII download. The free DLC will be available from February 16th through the 18th, so be sure to gobble that up before it disappears.

[Via ScoreHero, Thanks Elliott]

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