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GDC also ponders invite-only model

At the close of the 2008 Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year we heard rumblings that change was in store for the industry event. After achieving a record setting 18,000 attendees, about 1,000 of which were press, event coordinators are contemplating an invite only stance to the media.

Speaking with Kotaku, GDC event director Jamil Moledina expressed his fear for the industry learning event, "I am concerned that if we don't focus on what makes GDC work we will face some complications down the road." To alleviate those fears, GDC is considering changes to who will be allowed to cover the 2009 event from the show floor.

While other industry professionals lineup to question the validity of press presence, we're reminded of the invite changes made to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (DICE) to streamline the event coverage.

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X3F interviews Peter Molyneux about Fable 2, BC, XNA

We've already posted the audio of our interview with Peter Molyneux, but we know not everyone is down with spoken word. As such, we've transcribed the entire interview for your reading pleasure. In this massive interview, Molyneux discusses Fable 2 co-op (he thinks Live co-op is a great idea by the way), the possibility of versus multiplayer (which is also a good idea according to Molyneux), and we even manage to squeeze in questions about Microsoft's new XNA initiative and the ill-fated BC. Find the lengthy and informative interview after the break.

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X3F interviews James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

The annual Game Developer's Conference played host to something of a Cinderella story this year, plunging a once unknown game developer into the limelight. We're talking, of course, about James Silva, creator of Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and Microsoft's new poster child for XNA Community Games. We managed to catch up with James during the conference and ask him how things have changed since the last time we spoke. We also discussed just how James feels about Peter Molyneux and whether or not he's still considering the "Pulling a Peter Moore" achievement for Dishwasher's guitar segments (see 360 Fancast 044 at around 1:05:00). Find the interview after the break. The audio version of the interview is also available in our latest Fancast.

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Fancast Xtra: Peter Molyneux interview at GDC08

Don't ask us how we did it, but we managed to corner Peter Molyneux at GDC this year. We subsequently tied him to a chair and forced him to answer our questions about Fable 2. No, no, of course we didn't do that. Peter Molyneux is, in fact, an entirely amiable man -- perhaps too amiable -- and was happy to answer our questions. We learn a few details about Fable 2's newly announced co-op features, the Xbox Live Arcade tie-in, and we even wedge in a question about the ill-fated BC. We've posted the audio from the interview below. The audio will also be delivered to subscribers of the Xbox 360 Fancast. Feel free to download the MP3 using the "Read" link as well. Finally, if you can't be bothered to listen to things -- we know how important you are -- stay tuned for the transcription coming later this week.

GDC08: Dennis Dyack is worried about GDC

During the Game Developers Conference, was able to record interviews with developers in the guise of their weekly 1UP Yours podcast, one such episode was with outspoken Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack. In the episode on February 21, Dyack outlined his worries for the future of GDC based on the marketing spin put on the, "once sacred," developer gathering.

"I worry about GDC [because] how many talks are you learning something versus when somebody is trying to sell you a product?" Dyack asked the crew made up of editors Garnett Lee, Shane Bettenhausen, Bryan Intihar and former 1UPer Mark MacDonald. "Are we calling this the Game Developers Conference [or] are we calling it the Game Demo Convention?"

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GDC08: Fable 2 to "touch more of the outside world"

After a slide hinted that a fourth, unnamed feature was set to be revealed by Peter Molyneux during a Fable 2 session at GDC today, we're left high and dry as the feature wasn't mentioned at all during the presentation. When asked about the mysterious fourth feature (more on the first three coming soon), Molyneux said that he wasn't allowed to talk about it. Why was it on the slide then, hmmm? Molyneux did hint that the feature would cause Fable 2 to "touch more of the outside world." Sounds like Xbox Live features. Considering an in-game menu featured a section titled "online," we'd say Live co-op and adversarial modes aren't out of the question. Either that, or the new feature is something entirely different: disappointment.

GDC08: Another new Fable 2 feature reveal coming today

We're currently sitting in a Fable 2 session at GDC entitled "The Big Three Features Revealed." Imagine our surprise when we saw the slide above (we'll excuse the missing apostrophe for now). Looks like Peter Molyneux might be revealling something we haven't heard about yet. Stay tuned.

GDC08: Get a job and earn some gold in Fable 2

X3F's own Richard Mitchell scored a GDC interview with Lionhead Studios' own Peter Molyneux (complete interview to be posted soon) and among the interesting tidbits revealed, we learn that we'll have to work for our gold in Fable 2.

Unlike many traditional RPGs where gold spurts from slain enemies, Fable 2 will not feature any of this "gold dropping". Instead, you'll have to work (or gamble) for ever last piece of gold you receive. But getting a job shouldn't feel like a chore, because Fable 2 will sport a wide array of different occupations including being a blacksmith, an assassin or a henchmen which will take full advantage of Fable 2's co-op features. Also, sticking to the topic of co-op, Molyneux coyly leaves the door open to the idea of being able to impregnate a friend's wife while making a visit. Nothing says best friends forever like making babies with a buddy's wife.

GDC08: Star Wars - The Force Unleashed gameplay videos

Fresh from GDC08 are a few videos for the upcoming, and looking awesome, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from LucasArts. The first video is a trailer titled Raxus and showcases the beautiful environments and combat that have been touted as the best thing seen from a Star Wars license since Knights of the Old Republic. The second video, embedded after the jump, is a compilation of gameplay from the floor that literally has us picking our jaws up off the ground. Force pushing trees and knocking them down? Chopping trees down with a lightsaber throw? Do want. Check them out and may the force be with you. Yeah that line was really forced. Ha, pun.

[Thanks, zizzy]

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GDC08: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 weapons trailer

Four card stud up river. Is that a Poker term? Okay, we're not the best poker players in the world but we can turn a mean card in Poker Smash for XBLA. Thankfully, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesn't require an in depth knowledge of the sport and works fine as long as you know what weapons to use and with this nifty weapons trailer Ubi Soft has put the knowledge in your hands. Wait, poker's a sport? It was gambling like two weeks ago. Well at least when people ask why we share the same Toyota Corolla to the X3F Towers everyday we can say it's because we're terrible athletes.

GDC08: Download deadline extended for XNA trials

If you still haven't found the time to download all seven free XNA Community Game trials then we ask, why the heck not? These game trials are only available on a very limited basis. Originally, they were only available for download until this Sunday and playable through March 9th when they'll turn into non-playable lumps of megabytes. But we've just been informed that the download period has been extended to Tuesday, February 26th at midnight pacific due to a few GDC attendees complaining that they wouldn't be home before the download deadline. So, that's good news for fanboys who are die-hard procrastinators or those who are away from home (possibly on vacation) until Monday. Now you have absolutely no reason not to download and try these XNA Community Games. If anything, you'll have to at least try The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Little Gamers and JellyCar just for us. Go. Download. NOW!

Ninja Gaiden II demo hits Xbox Live and it's not what you think ...

For the last two days we eagerly clicked refresh on Xbox Live Marketplace to play the fabled Ninja Gaiden II Demo that was teased to gamers all over the world.

Right now, the Xbox Live page has been updated and the demo has been launched! The only problem is the demo is actually a video of someone playing the demo.

No, we're not kidding. Yes we realize that putting a banner claiming a Ninja Gaiden II Demo was forthcoming and posting a video is a little misleading. So, the demo is up for you to try. If you try and watch it that is! Something tells me this will not go over well with the fans.

GDC08: Bomberman & Pac-Man win big at XBLA Awards

Keeping to their word, Microsoft just announced at GDC the winners of the first annual Xbox Live Arcade Awards and man oh man did Bomberman Live and Pac-Man: Championship Edition win big.

Out of the ten award categories, six category winners were chosen by the Xbox Live community who voted online this past January. And after the votes were tallied, Bomberman Live ended up being the big winner taking home the coveted Best Overall Arcade Game of 2007 as well as Best Competitive Multiplayer Game. Pac-Man: CE also came out on top, nabbing Best Original Game, Best Family-Friendly Game and Xbox LIVE Arcade Staff Choice honors. So, between Bomberman and Pac-Man, they took home half of all the awards. Not too shabby. After the break, check out all of 2007's top XBLA Award winners for each of the ten categories. And be sure to begin preparation for 2008's XBLA Awards, we have a feeling that the competition is going to be fierce.

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GDC08: The man behind The Dishwasher

From what we can tell post XNA demo release, the buzz surrounding James Silva's The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai has been overwhelmingly positive. And rightfully so.

After our Fancast chat with James a few months back, we knew he was onto something and were confident that trusty Silva wouldn't let us down. During that same Fancast we learned a little bit about The Dishwasher's history, where the idea came from and how he got involved with XNA development. Though, sadly, we felt that we never got a chance to know the real James Silva. But now we feel we have a better understanding of the man behind The Dishwasher thanks to a "James Silva - A Life" documentary video that was shown during Microsoft's GDC keynote. And after giving it a watch, we're much more spiritually connected to James and The Dishwasher, so much that we're thinking about leaving our cushy blogging job just to become dishwashers ourselves. Go ahead, give Silva's story a watch but be warned that it's a very touching tale. So touching that it may make you (or at least Major Nelson) shed a tear.

GDC08: Xbox 360 hardware sales reach 18 million

In an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft's John Schappert sat down to discuss all things Xbox 360, mentioned that (to date) Xbox 360 hardware sales have eclipsed the 18 million unit mark. Not bad, but not amazing. January was the last time we were officially updated on units sold, when Microsoft announced that 360 worldwide sales hit the 17.7 million console mark. So, 18 million units by the end of February seems to fall in line with the 360's sales trend. Microsoft will have to be on their game in 2008, because warding off the RROD, dealing with the Wii's increasing North American sales and defending against a tricky PS3 who's gunning for second place will take some effort. Then again, who's really worried? We have GoW2, Fable 2, Halo Wars and a stellar XBLA lineup to ignite sales.

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