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GDC also ponders invite-only model

At the close of the 2008 Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year we heard rumblings that change was in store for the industry event. After achieving a record setting 18,000 attendees, about 1,000 of which were press, event coordinators are contemplating an invite only stance to the media.

Speaking with Kotaku, GDC event director Jamil Moledina expressed his fear for the industry learning event, "I am concerned that if we don't focus on what makes GDC work we will face some complications down the road." To alleviate those fears, GDC is considering changes to who will be allowed to cover the 2009 event from the show floor.

While other industry professionals lineup to question the validity of press presence, we're reminded of the invite changes made to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (DICE) to streamline the event coverage.

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Joystiq plays Every Extend Extra Extreme

Joystiq managed to get some hands-on time with Every Extend Extra Extreme from Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q? Entertainment. Described as something of an inverse take on the shooter genre (your goal is to blow up your own ship), Joystiq notes that E4 is a marked improvement over the original PSP iteration. First and foremost, the musical nature of the game (typical of Q? Entertainment titles) is now actually integrated with the gameplay. In other words, the actions you take in the game will affect the music. The game also incorporates a new shield system that encourages faster-paced gameplay. There is a new Endless mode which, appropriately enough, goes on forever so long as players continue to acquire Extend power-ups. Boss encounters have been removed from the game, which Joystiq finds puzzling, but overall the impression is definitely a good one. Head over to Joystiq for their full impressions.

Sessler: Don't judge unfinished Assassin's Creed

During Microsoft's E3 press conference, Ubisoft decided to demo their golden child Assassin's Creed, but things did not go as smoothly as they had hoped. You see, the demo was a tad buggy and suffered from bad collision detection, floating bodies and a somewhat questionable framerate. And everyone noticed. Assassin's Creed has suffered some negative press these past few days as some gamers have been bashing the on-stage demo and the game.

Enter G4 TV's Adam Sessler who climbed atop his soap box to tell gamers that we have no right to judge the game based on the bugs, because it just isn't finished. Sessler makes a great argument stating that video games are one of the only artistic mediums in which the artists allow fans to preview their work before it's complete. Bugs are normal in unfinished products, it's as simple as that. And we have to agree. Let's just take a deep breath and ignore Assassin's floating bodies. See, we bet you feel better already.

Video: Show your dark side in Force Unleashed

One of yesterday's more riveting trailers that showed the most potential has got to be the gem embedded above. The trailer is none other than Star Wars: Force Unleashed and man does the opening cinematic make our geeky side go a flutter. And from the looks of things, you'll not only be able to play as Darth Vader's apprentice, but you'll also get to use the force to wreak havoc. Give the trailer a watch and fantasize about the many ways you'll be able to unleash the force.

Halo 3 four player co-op semi confirmed

In a video interview with's Major Nelson, Microsoft's Vice President of Global Marketing Jeff Bell just might have let one of Halo 3's long rumored secrets slip. Towards the end of the interview, while talking about his gaming habits, Bell said that he loved playing Halo 2 co-op with his son and then said that "we're really looking forward to playing with my three sons, all together on Halo 3". All together playing Halo 3 eh? Sounds a lot like a four player campaign co-op Halo 3 experience to us. But, to be fair, he didn't specify how he and his children were going to play Halo 3, although his remarks came right after he was talking about the teamwork he and his one son experienced while playing Halo 2 co-op. So, it's not "officially" confirmed, but darned if it doesn't make for some great water cooler material.

[Via UNSCleric, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

E3 panoramas are 360 degrees of rotating fun

If you haven't stopped by for a while we sincerely recommend that you check out the E3 panoramas they've created and posted for you to enjoy. These 360 degree rotations allow you to view all kinds of fun E3 locations like Microsoft's E3 conference stage, behind the scenes action, the always interesting E3 crowd and the oh-so-large Santa Monica ferris wheel. Everyone knows that playing with virtual panoramas is amusing, so quit depriving yourself and rotate the day away!

Bringing it Home Wrap: Harry Potter demo too

Okay, we thought we experienced all that E3 Bringing it Home had to offer and even expressed out heartfelt goodbye to all the Marketplace fun. But we were a little premature in calling Bringing it Home finished, as Major Nelson just sent word that a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix demo just went live. Major also confirms that this Harry Potter demo officially marks the end of E3 Bringing it Home and so we advise taking a look at the completely complete list of Bringing it Home content we've gathered for you after the break. No heartfelt goodbye this time Bringing it Home, because it's too painful the second time around.

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New GoW PC content not coming to the 360

The Advanced Media Network sat down with Epic's Mark Rein and Cliffy B to chat about their big E3 announcements and learned some sad news about the new Gears of War PC content. When questioned about whether or not the new campaign missions or multiplayer maps announced for the PC version would be headed to the Xbox 360, Rein said it was "unlikely [that] we will bring that content to 360". Cliffy B further emphasized their doubt by stating that "if we didn't have any sort of exclusive on the PC, why would people buy the PC version?". The Epic crew explained that bringing the PC content over to the 360 would be an extremely time consuming task and that they're currently focused on other projects like Unreal Tournament 3.

Being the Gears fan that I am it's hard to hear that new, exciting multiplayer AND campaign content will be available, but not for 360 owners. And no, there's no way I'm personally buying a beefy computer to run Gears of War PC just to experience the new content. No matter how you slice the news it sucks for 360 owners and Gears enthusiasts ... it's simple as that. Now, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep.

[Thanks, Jason S]

Bringing it Home Wrap: The BIGS demo and the end

It's a sad, sad day today, because it is the last time we'll be getting E3 Bringing it Home content this year. Though, we've had a good ride experiencing the Ace Combat 6 demo, downloading free E3 gamer pictures and digging through dozens of HD game trailers. Yes, Bringing it Home will be missed.

But today we've got one final Marketplace hoorah offering up The BIGS demo, trailers from Stranglehold, skate, and The Orange Box and some Stranglehold and Vampire Rain gamer pictures and themes to purchase too. Take a look at our recap of the past few days' E3 Bringing it Home content with all the new goodies bolded for easy viewing. Ooo, we promised we wouldn't cry ...

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E3's Rock Band Guitars wired, fuels 360 price speculation

After an intense session of Rock Band from Harmonix -- we totally nailed the vocal for Stone Temple Pilots' "Vasoline" by the way -- we noticed that the guitars had dangling wires tethering them to the Xbox 360. Considering the game has been widely advertised as having wireless guitars, this made us curious. Remembering the recently leaked price memo, you may recall that the wireless 360 guitar was listed at $79.99 while the PS3 guitar was listed at $59.99. Some have speculated that the 360 discrepancy is the result of having to pay Microsoft to use its proprietary wireless technology. Is MTV Games making cheaper wired guitars for those that can't afford wireless? Mmm ... could be.

Video: Army of Two, Rally Revo and more

Again, we've picked out some of the newest and most interesting E3 trailers and gameplay videos in hopes of feeding your insatiable E3 appetite. Above, we've got your The Simpsons Game trailer and after the break we've embedded the SEGA Rally Revo trailer along with gameplay footage from Medal of Honor: Airborne, Hellboy: The Science of Evil and Army of Two. But be forewarned, Army of Two features lots of man screaming and a very tender "healing" moment. We'll let you view that on your own. More videos embedded after the break.

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Pink and blue controllers shot in the wild

Yesterday, we mentioned that two new Xbox 360 controllers would be available in pink and blue this October. We were all fine and content with the new dark and intense colors, but new photos have us second guessing ourselves. The guys over at MaxConsole posted a shot of the new controllers in their natural habitat and honestly, the pictures supplied on don't match. Well, they are close, because the controllers are pink and blue, but in reality the controllers are more Easter egg pastel than dark intense colors. We're officially renaming the color descriptions to "puffy cloud sky blue" and "soft and gentle I need love pink". They're perfect for baby showers too!

Video: Turok deals out dinosaur death

We ran across this gameplay video and just had to share it with you guys to get your opinion. The video above is an in-game Turok demo with dinosaurs, knives, and intriguing kill animations. Speaking of those killing animations, we totally love how visceral they feel and the sheer brutality of them, but we are a little on the fence about how they could potentially interrupt gameplay. Who knows, maybe those third person killing scenes are timed as such they won't interfere all that much seeing that the game has a stealth feel to it. Give the Turok gameplay a good watch and share your opinion.

Halo 3 Rumors: New grenade type and map editor

E3 has produced a few Halo 3 rumors that have been brewing deep inside the internets for the past few days. One of the rumors comes straight out of the Halo 3 E3 trailer when it was quickly noticed that a few of the trailer's video clips include what looks to be a new grenade type. The grenade type, as seen above, was mentioned in Joystiq's Halo 3 trailer analysis where they referenced the icon's look to The Art of Halo book, and it looks very similar to what is called the Supa Double Cap Bomb. Though, the art book's description of the Cap Bomb is nothing more than a flash grenade that shoots out sparky sparks, but here's to hoping said flash grenade has a Gears of War "stun" effect.

The second rumor comes from 1UP and their Halo 3 campaign impressions writeup. In their article, they mention that while watching the demo they saw a menu option called "Forge" and when they asked Bungie about it, they received no comment. Well, any good Marathon fanboy would know that Bungie used a program also called Forge to create levels in their Marathon series. So, does this Halo 3 Forge menu option confirm some type of multiplayer map customization? Possibly. What we do know is that some of these rumors could be cleared up in the September issue of EGM which will include brand new Halo 3 details. We can't wait.

[Via Live-360, Thanks Daniel Allen]

Bringing it Home Wrap: Stuntman demo and trailers

It's day two of our Bringing it Home offerings and look what just crashed into the Marketplace. Stuntman: Ignition has arrived in demo form and is available for download off the Marketplace right now as well as a jumble of other E3 content. The Microsoft E3 press conference is finally up, broken into six separate parts, and will run you multiple GBs of bandwidth. Also, new trailers from games like Assassin's Creed, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Two Worlds are posted for download too. As always, a complete list of all the E3 Bringing it Home content is viewable after the break with new content bolded for your convenience. Happy downloading.

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