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Stranglehold for the cheap and HDMI 360s

It's that time again when we open up the Sunday newspaper, gather up all the retail ads and painstakingly look for the best gaming deals this week has to offer. So, enough setup already ... let's get to it.

One of this week's best new release deals is at Circuit City where they're offering Stranglehold for only $47.99. That's a $12 savings which is quite the deal. We couldn't find any other software deals, but ran across Circuit City's 2-day Labor Day special (Sunday and Monday only) on a Premium 360 where they'll throw in a copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis and a wireless controller for free. Nothing amazing, but it's something. Finally, for those of you who want to be guaranteed a HDMI connection on your 360, Best Buy is advertising the "new" Xbox 360 Premium w/HDMI SKU. It's a very nice gesture that prevents online orderers from getting an old, HDMI-less 360.

That's all the noteworthy deals we could find in this week's Sunday ads, but we're sure you've come across other deals online so feel free to share with your fellow fanboys. You know, because sharing is the right thing to do.

Weekly deals: Stuntman stuff and cheaper Xbox Live

To be truthful, the Sunday retail ads are kind of a let down this week, not offering too many great deals that we haven't seen before. So, let's just get to it. Stuntman: Ignition releases this week and if you're in the market for the game you'll have to decide between a free 16 page game guide offered by Circuit City or Best Buy's exclusive code to unlock the, quote, "game's fastest car". Intense isn't it? Other Circuit City deals include a 12+1 month Halo 3 branded Xbox Live subscription for $39.99 and both black and white wireless controllers at $39.99. If you're not thrilled by those deals, maybe Target's $79.99 Guitar Hero II bundle will do it for you. Or not ...

Sunday deals: 3200 MSFT points for $20 and more!

We're happy to announce that the Sunday deal rumor was true! This week at Circuit City when you buy two Xbox Live accessories, you get $20 off instantly. This offer includes headsets, Xbox Live subscriptions and of course Microsoft points. So fanboys, it's like getting 3200 Microsoft points for $20, buying 1600 points and getting 1600 for free or simply half off ... however you want to look at it. We also noticed that this week at Circuit City Project Sylpheed is available for the low, low price of $39.99. Check that out if it tickles your fancy.

That's about it for great Xbox 360 deals this week and be sure to pick up some (technically) half off Microsoft points. Spontaneous Marketplace purchases await!

Sunday Deal Rumor: Get 3200 MSFT points for $20

Today's rumor of Sunday deals is a sweet one, so sweet it'll rot your teeth from the inside out and that my friend is very, very sweet. GameRush is reporting that this Sunday's Circuit City ad will feature an offer for $20 off the purchase of two Xbox 360 accessories priced $19.99 or above. And so, if said rumor is true, you could purchase two 1600 Microsoft point cards priced at $19.99 (which Circuit City considers accessories) and get an instant $20 off leaving you with 3200 Microsoft points for $20. See, we told you the deal was sweet. But, it's just a rumor right now, because GameRush doesn't supply any leaked ad-scans so we'll have to wait until Sunday rolls around. But if it's true, we'll so be standing in line come Sunday morning for our bountiful Microsoft points harvest.

[Via Digg]

Get The Darkness for only $49.99

Doing a second pass over our Sunday newspaper ads, we noticed that Circuit City is offering The Darkness for ten bucks cheaper than retail. This week, both online and in-store, The Darkness is available for the low, low price of $49.99, but doesn't include the 2K Sports Darkling like Gamestop offers. Oh well, $10 is $10, so save some cash and pick the game up over at the city of circuits unless you are hell-bent on getting the 2K Sports Darkling. If you are, we understand.

Purchase Shadowrun or Forza 2, get a free game

This week at Circuit City online or in-store, when you purchase either Shadowrun or Forza 2 you get a free Xbox 360 game valued at $19.99. It's a pretty good deal seeing that Circuit City's rival Best Buy doesn't offer any incentive to buy either game. Though, you'll be hard pressed to find a good 360 game for $20 as we only could dig up games like Cars, Rockstar's Table Tennis, The Outfit, and (shudder) Bomberman: Act Zero in that price range. But, it's a free game for purchasing a game you already wanted to purchase ... you game to purchase?

Read - Buy Forza 2
Read - Buy Shadowrun

4' Master Chief wall graphic free with preorder

If you have yet to preorder your copy of Halo 3, then we've uncovered a super deal for you. Circuit City is offering a FREE 4' tall Master Chief wall graphic with any Halo 3 Standard or Limited edition preorder. But for some reason this offer isn't valid for Legendary edition preorders, which we find a little odd. So, simply plop down a minimum of $10 on a preorder and you'll get a 4' tall Master Chief when the game ships in September. Heck, some of us may be willing to pay the $10 just to get the sweet wall graphic. Hurry fanboys and go preorder, preorder like you've never preordered before!

Call of Duty 3 GE gets the discount fever

After finally getting around to reading this Sunday's fifteen pound paper we've stumbled upon a pretty good deal for Call of Duty fans. This week at Circuit City you can get the newer 360 version of Call of Duty 3 Gold Edition for only $39.99. Though, it looks like it is sold out online, so you may have to stop by your local store to get this deal. The difference between the original COD 3 and the gold edition is that the gold edition comes with a bonus disc of additional content and a key code to download the Valor Map Pack off of the XBLM for free. That's a $10 savings my friends. See, reading the newspaper can be fun, that is when you find good deals on video games.

Free Halo faceplate with Crackdown purchase

If you are going to be purchasing Crackdown this Tuesday, then you may want to head over to your local Circuit City. Since Crackdown comes with the Halo 3 beta invite, Circuit City is offering a free Halo faceplate (a $20 value) with the purchase of Crackdown. Free stuff always makes us happy, especially free Halo merchandise. And speaking of which, shouldn't it be a mandate that every new Xbox 360 game release has to include a free faceplate? It's a great idea and something we'll be pitching to Microsoft and their lovely marketing team.

Get free stuff when buying Battlestations: Midway

Looking through our Sunday paper, in between all the Windows Vista hoopla, we found a few cool offers for those of you who are going to purchase Battlestations: Midway. You get a free $5 gift card at Best Buy this week when you purchase the game, and over at Circuit City they are offering a free poster. We're thinking a $5 gift card is a little better deal so we recommend shopping at Best Buy. Do you know of another retailer or website offering better goods with the purchase of Battlestations: Midway?

Don't have Gears yet? Get it for only $44.99

Haven't picked up Gears of War yet due to insufficient funds? Don't sweat it, we still like you even though you don't have the killer app for the Xbox 360 (you loser!). But now you have no excuse, because in this Sunday's ad Circuit City is offering a sweet $15 discount on Gears making it available for purchase at a very reasonable $44.99. You can choose to pick it up online and have it shipped to your doorstep or just head down to your local Circuit City to get it now. So, don't be the only kid on the block without Gears, because you'll just be ridiculed and have absolutely zero friends if you don't get this game ... oh yeah, I'm laying the peer pressure on pretty thick.

Circuit City back compat rip-off

For the bargain price of $28.99, the smiling crooks at Circuit City will help some gullible soccer mom install "backwards compatibility" on a newly purchased Xbox 360, despite the fact back compat updates are free via Xbox Live (or by mail for those without an internet connection). On a more positive note, a call to my local store confirmed that Circuit City does not charge Downes Syndrome kids double for all Xbox 360 related purchases. At least not yet.

Madden 07 for $47.99 is letting Madden 07 go for $47.99. If only they'd throw in a jockstrap.

[Thanks Corey]

MS first party titles for $29.99

According their latest Sunday circular (helpfully scanned by Xboxic) electronics retailer FYE is letting aging launch titles PGR3, PDZ and Kameo go for the low, low price of $29.99. The offer doesn't appear to be available on their website, so consider it an old-fashioned brick and mortar sale, complete with fine print (no rainchecks, two per customer). Circuit City will likely match the price if you bring in the ad.

Circuit City's 360 "relaunch" 10am tomorrow

According to their circular, electronics retailer Circuit City will have a minimum of 12 Xbox 360 consoles (we're assuming they mean 12 premium consoles) per store tomorrow, March 5th at 10am. For those of you who've managed to track one down already, but are looking for some more games, you'll be able to pick up Project Gotham Racing 3 and Perfect Dark Zero for only $39.99 each.

[Via digg]

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