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Video: BioShock 360 vs. BioShock PS3 look similar

Seeing that it has been quite a while since we've posted one of these little gems, here, for your viewing pleasure, is a video comparing the look of BioShock on the Xbox 360 versus BioShock on the Playstation 3. Press play, watch, analyze and we'll wait ...

Okay, by now your video watching should be complete, (achievement unlocked audio sample goes here) and hopefully you noticed that the games are nearly identical. How fun! You should have also realized that you wasted a good three minutes of your day squinting at your computer screen trying your damnedest to spot a pixel differences between the two. Don't feel bad though, because we did the same. It's just something that's in our fanboy genes that makes us do it.

Ken Levine: BioShock film won't be a stinker

Speaking to, 2K Boston's Ken Levine did his best to allay the fear that the upcoming BioShock film will be a turkey. "You're always going to be worried that in that first meeting they're going to be, like, 'OK, it's Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey on a desert island hunting for pirate treasure,' but it's not going to go that way," said Levine. The film's director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) "gets" BioShock according to Levine, and he assures fans that Verbinski and script writer John Logan "will very much honour the dramatic and thematic elements of the game." Considering Verbinski managed to turn a theme park ride into a decent set of films, we're hopeful that Levine's faith is justified. Then again, the last time someone made a game movie and claimed to really understand the source material, we wound up Silent Hill.

Fingers crossed.

Entertainment Weekly lists the classic games from the last 25 years

In its historic 1000th issue, Entertainment Weekly made a point to name the new classics of the last 25 years. While EW took everything from movies to tech to task, writers Geoff Keighley, Wook Kim and Gary Eng Walk clawed through the last 25 years of gaming to list the industry's most important releases. Two Xbox-exclusive titles landed in the top 25 of the 50 title list, at number 11 the classic 2001 Xbox launch title Halo: Combat Evolved from Bungie and ranking in at number 20 was Epic's Gears of War.

Other strong Xbox released titles on the list included Grand Theft Auto IV (#9), BioShock (#28), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (#30), Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (#38), Psychonauts (#43), Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (#45), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (#47) and Madden NFL 2005 (#50).

What are the most important titles in your gaming life and how do you think this list stacks up as a collection of gaming's new classics in the last 25 years? The full 50 title listing can be found after the jump.

Continue reading Entertainment Weekly lists the classic games from the last 25 years

Big Daddy gets the Spore treatment

As PC gamers patiently wait to play Will Wright's latest creation, Spore, they've recently had a chance to tinker with the Spore Creature Creator to test the customization options of the game. As expected the first monsters created were intentionally NSFW but some gamers took the opportunity to get creative. Using the PC tool gamers have recreated the Big Daddy from 2007's critically and commercially acclaimed BioShock. Other game character homages made with the tool include Mass Effect and a very bubbly Master Chief.

Download the Spore Creature Creator from Big Download today!

Deals: Cheap MS points and get Mass Effect free

This week we're all business, because we have an overly long list of retail deals to ramble off. So, we'll forgo the fluffy intro and just get to it.

Starting with Best Buy, all this week they're giving away a copy of Call of Duty 3 with the purchase of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and a free $10 gift card with purchase of The Incredible Hulk. Best Buy also discounted a few accessories, offering the Messenger Kit for $20, Wireless Headset for $50 and Vision Camera for $30. Heading over to Circuit City, you can snag a free $10 gift card with the purchase of either NASCAR 09 or Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, get the Rock Band bundle for $155 and BioShock or Mass Effect for $32. They're also offering Burnout Paradise for $40, Frontlines: FoW or MX vs. ATV for $48, Need for Speed Carbon for $24 and our favorite CC deal of the week, 1600 Microsoft points for $15. Next up is Target, where they're giving away a FREE copy of Mass Effect with the purchase two of the listed Xbox 360 titles including Ninja Gaiden II ($60), RSV2 ($40), Scene It? ($50), Gears of War ($40), NASCAR 09 ($60) or Assassin's Creed ($40). And finally, because we love our Canadian readers so much, we hopped on over to Best Buy Canada and discovered they're offering two free games with any Xbox 360 console purchase (selection based on one of four game bundles) and a 12 Month Xbox Live subscription card for $50. Now run along and have a spectacular time shopping.

Bioshock 3 confirmed, likely coming with the movie

While it was assumed when there was an announcement of Bioshock 2, it's now been confirmed that the series is officially set to be a trilogy. In an investor conference call Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO discussed the movie and the likelihood that it wouldn't be ready in time for the second game (duh) but that it could see release alongside the third in the series. Given the surprising sales of the first game and the potential of the IP at this point, Bioshock 3 is as sure of a thing now as Halo 3 was in 2003. That is to say financially guaranteed, but a long way off.

BioShock will splash onto the PS3 [update 2]

Update 2: Okay, we admit it ... it's true. BioShock is headed to the PS3.

This rumor is beginning to be more factual then not, with news that next month's EGM will also be revealing the PS3 version of BioShock. And it's reportedly scheduled to release around Christmas '08. Interesting ...

A warning to 360 fanboys who pride themselves on being selfish and protective over their 360 exclusive titles. We have rumor news that will not sit well with you.

CVG is reporting that next month's issue of UK PSM3 promises an in-depth look at (deep breath kids) BioShock for the PS3. ZOMG! Shocker! According to early magazine reports, the PS3 version of BioShock is said to be superior to the currently Xbox 360 exclusive version, packed with all previously released DLC and improved visuals. While you wipe your selfish fanboys tears, take comfort that this news is still firmly planted in the rumor garden and know that even if it does turn out to be true, you being the 360 fanboy that you already experienced the world of Rapture last year. Now, buck up.

[Via PS3 Fanboy, Thanks xenocidic]

Bid on Ken Levine autographed copy of BioShock

Feeling charitable yet you still want to receive something tangible for your tax write-off'able donation? Then how about bidding on a Ken Levine autographed copy of BioShock (the Xbox 360 version, of course) which is currently on the auction block over at eBay by the folks at Game Giving. A non-profit organization who donates all auction proceeds to various charities that help children worldwide. You have nine days to bid on this piece of Ken Levine, BioShock, 2K Games history, so get to it! Heck, if BioShock doesn't float your boat (no pun intended), then we advise focusing your bidding efforts on Game Giving's Rock Band bundle. Just stay far, far away from Eragon ...

Gore Verbinski to direct Bioshock movie

Wow. This could turn out to be great news. According to a Variety article, Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean director) has been snagged to direct the movie adaptation of Bioshock. Even better, John Logan, the screenwriter on The Last Samurai, The Aviator, Gladiator and more, is going to be doing the screenplay. AND, the Take Two Chairman, Strauss Zelnick, has supposedly structured the deal in such a way that it actually happens, unlike other notable video games movies that have attempted to run the Hollywood gauntlet. With such a setup as this, we could be looking at the beginnings of the best video game movie ever made. Hmm ... we wonder what Uwe Boll thinks of this?

Get creative with BioShock vending MP3 downloads

Major Nelson and Elizabeth from 2K Games just partnered up to offer a few short, sweet and completely downloadable audio clips from everybody's favorite Big Daddy adventure, BioShock. The audio clips are all master tracks taken from Rapture's quirky odd talking vending machines. As an added bonus, once you play but one of these audio clips, we guarantee that you'll be instantly taken back to your Rapture gaming days. Ahhh ... Rapture ...

Now, you may be asking what the heck you want with a few random (yet very yummy) audio samples from BioShock's vending machines. Well, if you were a creative fellow, you wouldn't be asking that now would you? Use them as a ringtone, apply them as your computer's error message, mix some samples into a full fledged song or just keep looping a clip while you sleep at night. Be creative and share how you'll be using your newly downloaded BioShock vending clips.

Ken Levine does best to clear the storytelling air

As is becoming more and more common these days, a developer heard about the internet debacle that their comments or actions sparked, AND responded with relative quickness. This time it's BioShock's very own Ken Levine and his comments about dumbing down the stories in video games to be understandable for the lowest common denominator. His response was posted over at VE3D, and in it he goes deeper into his side comment about the medium of games having potential through player choice.

In fact he can say it better than us, so we'll just let him do it: "(Players) can, IF THEY CHOOSE, go deeper. That's where in BioShock all the other storytelling devices kick in: the diaries, the public service announcements, the posters, the thousands of little scenes in the world of Rapture that tell the story of what happened there. But I like to assume there's going to be some part of the audience that doesn't care about that, and those people can opt out of it. But for the people who do care, they can choose to opt in and get a fairly complex story (and a VERY complex story relative to other console first person shooters)."

The second part of Ken's response can be found after the break.

Continue reading Ken Levine does best to clear the storytelling air

Bioshock creator: Plot has to be f****** stupid

We all know that Bioshock was a widely praised game. We all know that much of that praise was directed at its storytelling and narrative. So then when news like this comes around it makes us look at things a little differently. In an interview with PC Zone, Ken Levine the project lead on Bioshock, was quoted as saying:
"If you want people to follow your plot, it has to be really f****** stupid." "What are you doing in Bioshock?" continued Levine, "Act 1: Find the submarine and get out. But, the sub goes down. So, Act 2: You go find and kill Ryan".

He's certainly correct (duh), noting that
Bioshock's original story plan involved at least three civil wars and spanned across a total of 70 years (possible Bioshock 2 hints?). Despite lambasting the necessary dumbing down, Levine does praise the gaming medium's ability to immerse the player to whatever degree they choose via player exploration and discovery. With Ken involved, we're not at all worried about 2K Marin, and we have high hopes for whatever new IP he's working on next.

Take 2: Bioshock MMO "potential opportunity"

Well it's to be expected that when an IP becomes successful it begins to be exploited, but it sure seemed to happen fast with Bioshock. After the game's release and subsequent success, rumors whirled about a sequel, and mobile rights were even purchased, but Take 2 appears to have even larger plans for the new franchise. An entry on MTV Multiplayer details Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick, speaking at the 2008 Smid Cap Conference giving an explanation for why Take 2 is turning down EA's offer to purchase the company for $26 a share.

To do this he details the company's past projects, present assets, and future potentials. That's where the above image came from. We already know that the mobile rights have been sold, and there have been Bioshock movie rumors before too. Well it seems the MMO arena may be the next space targeted by Take 2 for 1950's dystopian invasion. How about it readers, would you be interested in a Bioshock MMO?

Ken Levine will be involved with BioShock 2

We briefly mentioned this during our recap of the Take Two earnings call last night, but we wanted to echo the story so BioShock fans can sleep easy. At the tail-end of the Take Two earnings call last night Chairman Strauss Zelnick clarified questions we had regarding the BioShock sequel that was announced during the 2K investors call earlier in the day. When discussing the upcoming sequel Zelnick assured listeners that BioShock series creator Ken Levine, "will be working on BioShock 2."

While we hope this means Ken will lend his vision to the 2K Marin team in hopes of creating yet another successful foray into the franchise, who knows if it means Ken will just be in Australia on a LOST landmark bus tour. So readers we ask, how important is Ken Levine's involvement in a sequel to BioShock?

[via Joystiq]

BioShock 2 announced, drops Q4 2009

After BioShock was met with critical and commercial success the prospect of a sequel seemed to be a foregone conclusion and today 2K Games finally admitted that the title is in the works. The surprising news is that 2K Boston, formally Irrational Games, will not be at the helm of BioShock 2's development, rather the job has been tasked to 2K Marin, who are reportedly staffed with former Irrational Games members. No involvement from Ken Levine was mentioned during the announcement.

The info dropped from an investor relations report 2K released today. With talks of an impending buyout on the horizon for parent company Take Two, the timing of this announcement couldn't be better. While the average gamer doesn't care about the business side of the industry, it will be interesting to see how Take Two's stock spikes based on the announcement. Either way, gamers can expect to take-out another group of Big Daddies in the last months of 2009 - so start lining up.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Via, Joystiq]

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