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Stranglehold for the cheap and HDMI 360s

It's that time again when we open up the Sunday newspaper, gather up all the retail ads and painstakingly look for the best gaming deals this week has to offer. So, enough setup already ... let's get to it.

One of this week's best new release deals is at Circuit City where they're offering Stranglehold for only $47.99. That's a $12 savings which is quite the deal. We couldn't find any other software deals, but ran across Circuit City's 2-day Labor Day special (Sunday and Monday only) on a Premium 360 where they'll throw in a copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis and a wireless controller for free. Nothing amazing, but it's something. Finally, for those of you who want to be guaranteed a HDMI connection on your 360, Best Buy is advertising the "new" Xbox 360 Premium w/HDMI SKU. It's a very nice gesture that prevents online orderers from getting an old, HDMI-less 360.

That's all the noteworthy deals we could find in this week's Sunday ads, but we're sure you've come across other deals online so feel free to share with your fellow fanboys. You know, because sharing is the right thing to do.

Weekly deals: Stuntman stuff and cheaper Xbox Live

To be truthful, the Sunday retail ads are kind of a let down this week, not offering too many great deals that we haven't seen before. So, let's just get to it. Stuntman: Ignition releases this week and if you're in the market for the game you'll have to decide between a free 16 page game guide offered by Circuit City or Best Buy's exclusive code to unlock the, quote, "game's fastest car". Intense isn't it? Other Circuit City deals include a 12+1 month Halo 3 branded Xbox Live subscription for $39.99 and both black and white wireless controllers at $39.99. If you're not thrilled by those deals, maybe Target's $79.99 Guitar Hero II bundle will do it for you. Or not ...

Get BioShock and All-Pro Football for the cheap [update 1]

This morning, while flipping through the Sunday newspaper ads, we discovered a few pretty good gaming deals we thought we'd share with you. The first deal that caught our is eye was All-Pro Football 2K8 over at Best Buy which has been discounted to a very affordable $39.99, probably due to a little game called Madden 08 being released as of late. Also available at Best Buy this week is an offer where if you purchase the Xbox 360 HD DVD player you'll get the movie 300 for free on top of King Kong and the five other free movie offer. Finally, we know hordes of people will be purchasing BioShock this week and if you get it at Circuit City you'll save $10. That's right, BioShock will be available this Tuesday at Circuit City for $49.99. As always, spend wisely, be safe, and feel free to share the deals you've stumbled upon this week.

Update 1: Swapped out the image, because images can be confusing sometimes.

HDMI 360s at Best Buy have their own SKU

X3F Reader and Best Buy employee Zathu hit us up with some sage wisdom for those hunting down HDMI capable Xbox 360s. According to Zathu, his store got a fresh batch of them, and noticed that they have their own SKU and UPC, and anyone can simply ask their local Best Buy if they have SKU 8493838 in stock. He also notes that they should have a seperate price tag denoting the HDMIness of the console for easy pick'ns. That should assist any of you looking to get your hands on one.

[Thanks, Zathu]

Free gift card with Halo 3 and accessory purchase

Best Buy's latest promotional trickery in trying to get Halo fanboys to pre-order Halo 3 at their stores involves a gift card and free shipping. Their latest Halo 3 pre-order promotion offers up a free $10 Best Buy gift card and free shipping (on online orders) for customers who pre-order the game AND purchase an accessory priced at $29.99 or more. So, you'd more than likely need to be in the market for an extra controller for this deal to make any sense, because going out of your way to buy an accessory simply for a $10 gift card doesn't make much sense. And honestly, we still think Circuit City's 4' tall Master Chief wall graphic is the best pre-order offering out there, but if a $10 gift card attracts you then by all means go get 'em tiger!

Best Buy: Top Spin Bundle $399, HD DVD player $149

More Xbox 360 price drop, price change, price info leakage made its way onto the net today with Joystiq receiving a Best Buy inventory sheet detailing a Xbox 360 Top Spin bundle. According to the papers, the Top Spin bundle is going to retail for $399, be introduced on August 12th and include ... well, we aren't sure what it'll include, but we're thinking Top Spin would be a good guess. The arrival of a new bundle at the $399 price point further proves the overall Xbox 360 price cut, but if this bundle only includes Top Spin, then we'd stick with the (then) newly discounted $349 Premium.

Best Buy also went discount crazy on the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive this morning, slashing the price to $149.99 and even including the five free HD DVDs (pdf). But sadly, the HD DVD player stock has sold out online. Though, we advise checking with your local Best Buy, because we confirmed with our store and they too have dropped the price to $149 and it includes the King Kong movie and the five free HD DVD offer. We've got some shopping to do!

[Thanks santini]

Read - Xbox 360 Top Spin Bundle $399
Read - Xbox 360 HD DVD player $149

Best Buy is axing the Xbox 360 Core

Via an anonymous tipster (which are our favorite kinds), Joystiq received picture evidence that electronics retailer Best Buy is getting rid of the Xbox 360 Core system and isn't going to stock anymore. The tipster supplied sheet shows the Core model with a "deleted" status which means Best Buy has discontinued the item with an "out of stock" date of July 27th. The anonymous tipster also mentioned that the Xbox 360 core preference code is set to "y", which means that the retailer isn't expecting any more stock.

So, with our rumor hat firmly secure on our heads, we have to speculate to what this exactly means. The most obvious conclusion would be that Microsoft themselves is discontinuing the Core system. But that isn't the case, because Joystiq has since heard back from Redmond since running the story and Microsoft is stating that the Core is still important to the 360 offerings and isn't going anywhere. So, could this just be a case of Best Buy removing the SKU due to inventory sake or could the removal of the Core hint at the rumored price cut? You know, using the logic that Best Buy feels a soon to be priced $349 Premium system would sell well enough that there'd be no need for the Core does make sense. No matter what the case is, we don't have any real answer for Best Buy's lack of Core love, but the news does get our heads thinking crazy thoughts.

$10 gift card with purchase of wireless adapter

Our inbox just got spammed with a new Xbox 360 wireless networking adapter deal, so we feel obligated to share the news. From now until July 7th, Best Buy is offering a free $10 gift card with the purchase of a wireless adapter. This deal is valid online or in-store by printing off this coupon (pdf link). We know that this offer isn't the greatest deal ever, but for those of you who will be purchasing one soon why not get a free $10 gift card out of the deal. And while you're at it, watch Chuck and Cindi ... those kids are a riot!

$10 Best Buy gift card free with Forza 2 purchase

If you don't want to be limited to Circuit City's free $20 video game deal, then you may want to check out Best Buy's Forza 2 offer. From now until June 26th, Best Buy is offering a free $10 gift card to anyone who purchases Forza 2 in-store or online at To cash in on the deal, simply add Forza 2 and the $10 gift card to your shopping cart or print off this coupon (PDF link) and take it into your local Best Buy.

A free gift card or a free game with a Forza 2 purchase makes our heart sing. The only other thing that we can think of that would make our Forza 2 experience better would be a price drop on that wireless racing wheel. Wait a second, that already happened didn't it? All the better!

Snag Guitar Hero II for $10 less

360 Fanboy reader, Nitin, sends us word that he received a coupon from Best Buy offering $10 off games and accessory purchases of $75 dollars or more. Now, it just so happens that Guitar Hero II will set you back 90 clams when it debuts on Arpil 3rd, and it just so happens that the Best Buy coupon expires on April 4th. You see where we're going with this? Of course, there is one possible caveat. According to the fine print, the coupon doesn't include video game hardware. Now, we're pretty sure that refers to actual consoles, but don't blame us if the guy behind the counter says the guitar counts as hardware.

At any rate, you were going to pick up GHII anyway, right? You might as well try and save 10 bucks.

[Thanks, Nitin]

$2 Xbox 360 games today at Best Buy

Today, and today only, Best Buy stores in the United States are running a video game clearance to get rid of some old video game stock. According to a post on IGN's forums, select games from numerous consoles including the Xbox 360 are clearance priced and ripe for the picking. We noticed that Full Auto, King Kong, and Ridge Racer 6 are all listed for the rock bottom price of $1.99! Of course, the games are pretty crappy, but you can get some easy achievements or sell them on eBay. Other Xbox 360 titles are clearance priced at either $4.99 or $9.99 including Oblivion CE which is only $9.99. But be sure to note that this is a clearance and the available games will vary dramatically from store to store. And for your convenience, the full list of Xbox 360 clearance games and their prices are listed after the break.

[Via Digg]

Continue reading $2 Xbox 360 games today at Best Buy

Lost Planet for $39.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy is currently offering copies of Lost Planet for the reasonable price of $49.99. However, if you're a stickler for a good bargain, and we imagine you are, you can knock off an additional $10 with a special coupon in the latest issue of GamePro. The coupon specifies that copies will not be accepted, but we've heard tales of folks printing off high resolution copies and redeeming them with no trouble -- not that we condone that kind of behavior. In fact, a little sleuthing after the "read" link might just point you to the aforementioned high resolution coupons. You might even find out a few strategies for getting your coupon accepted.

Lost Planet for $39.99? Not a bad deal if you ask us.

Get free stuff when buying Battlestations: Midway

Looking through our Sunday paper, in between all the Windows Vista hoopla, we found a few cool offers for those of you who are going to purchase Battlestations: Midway. You get a free $5 gift card at Best Buy this week when you purchase the game, and over at Circuit City they are offering a free poster. We're thinking a $5 gift card is a little better deal so we recommend shopping at Best Buy. Do you know of another retailer or website offering better goods with the purchase of Battlestations: Midway?

Boxing Day sales galore at Best Buy

It's rather simple, Americans have Black Friday and Canadians have Boxing Day, so let the sales begin! If you live in Canada Best Buy is running some great deals on Xbox 360 goodies. The best example would have to be Enchanted Arms for only $19.99, but Gears of War is selling for $49.99, and the premium console bundle with GRAW is $100 off. So, if you haven't already, brave the cold, trample fellow shoppers, wage war on those who hinder your path, and spend some more holiday cash on video games ... that is if you live in Canada, eh?

[Thanks, Archangel04]

What a deal! Viva PiƱata and more only $29.99

Simply put, cheap games roxorz, especially cheap games that are good. In store at Best Buy and at you can purchase Viva Piñata, Pimp My Ride, and College Hoops 2K7 for the rock bottom price of $29.99. This deal is only good up until Saturday, December 23rd and can be purchased online (thank god) for those of us who hate to deal with the holiday crowds. It's almost Christmas and retailers want your money, retailers need your money, so make them happy and at least pick up Viva Piñata, because 5 out of 6 gamers agree Viva Piñata is the cool kids crack.

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