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Reminder: Bungie to reveal Halo 3 Assembly map {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 29th 2008 10:08AM Yeah I find it funny that it's "in no way affiliated with Midship" yet in last weeks Bungie Update they specifically stated (in addition to the above:) It's medium size, about the same size as Midship. It's symmetrical, it's purple, it's covenant themed.....

We'll see, I just hope that there's a true moshpit in this one too (their levels with a defined pit are more fun hill games in my opinion.)

X3F TV: Denis Dyack, "Too Human" interview {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 27th 2008 3:13PM Why does he spell his name Denis instead of Dennis? Did his parents actually do that to him? There's only one other word I know similar: ?enis and for whatever reason I always seem to say his name as "Dee-niss" in my head...

X08: Gears 2 DLC to ship 'soon' after game release {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 22nd 2008 2:27PM and that's your right as a consumer

CoD4 takes back Xbox Live top spot {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 20th 2008 3:56PM Nah, it's because the dubXP this weekend was grifball. Next week: Team Snipers. Can't wait!

Dyack claims Epic 'defrauded' them and the industry {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 19th 2008 1:59PM It's 99 nights meets Mass Effect Warriors. With coop play, crazy upgrades and badass graphics (as in AMAZING graphics, especially in some of the bosses.)

Also, my favorite games are Halo, Blitz and Wik: Fable of Souls, none of which are ANYTHING like this game. That says a lot for it.

Grifball is back for the Halo 3 Double EXP Weekend {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 14th 2008 5:38PM GRR I hate grifball. I liked it for about 2 minutes until I started getting hit with d-bag 9 year olds that betray for fun. Actually, no, I didn't even really like it to begin with. I prefer to kill people :-P Same goes for Rocket Tag (why is this a permanent playlist?!?!?!)

At least Infection is next week.

Way too expensive Dark Knight 360s flood eBay {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 12th 2008 5:24PM May I ask why? You're still buying what amounts to an advertisement. Why is it worth more money, outside of maybe re-sale or sentimental value?

Halo 3: Earn double EXP and some achievements {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 7th 2008 5:56PM Same here, I need the overkill one and a few of the meta-game cheevo's. That's it! Problem is my disk is scratched and it won't let me play campaign! GRR!

Seriously, nice shiny ring right around the middle of the disk. Though, it's my cat's fault for knocking my 360 over from being vertical to horizontal...dumb cat preventing me from getting my achievements...

Halo 3 title update to switch up ranking system {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 4th 2008 9:55AM It's now an occasional double XP playlist, same with living dead.

There are sniper variants in Lone Wolves, Rumble Pit, Double Team, Team Slayer... (sniper shotty, team snipers)

You can always start up a custom game too...

Team up for a Halo 3 meleeing weekend {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Aug 1st 2008 5:44PM Do you know if you get ExP for being on the 2nd place team?


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