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GTA IV DLC delayed, new release date set {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jun 6th 2008 4:47AM That's lame. Firstly because interest has dropped for the game anyway, it's already down to number three in the XBL chart. Secondly, there's loads of games coming out around that time (i.e GoW2 to name one),so who will want to revisit Liberty City then? And thirdly has anyone seen Saints Row 2? Looks like they're making it everything GTAIV isn't. So Rockstar better have something very special to deliver come November ...

Shipping this week: Real Ultimate Power edition {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Jun 2nd 2008 2:38PM Got GRID, it's a wicked game. Well worth buying.

GRID demo goes platinum; game to follow? {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 26th 2008 1:10PM Agreed, good balance of arcade and sim and some good multiplayer as well, I will be purchasing.

Rare at work on Killer Instinct 3? Nope! {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 26th 2008 10:41AM About time Rare actually made a decent game isn't it? Exclusive to 360? Who cares. Hard to believe they used to be Ultimate Play The Game. What happened?

BioShock will splash onto the PS3 [update 2] {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 22nd 2008 3:20PM So it's coming to PS3? Big deal. Played it. Finished it. Moved on.

Would You Rather ... Demo Edition {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 14th 2008 4:56PM Too Human. Not interested in the kiddie games and no what to expect from Ninja Gaiden II.

GTAIV: Mainstream reaction roundup {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 12th 2008 12:09PM Only in America.

Things learned from the GoW2 gameplay video {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 10th 2008 4:16PM Looks good, but Force Unleashed is out first :)

Rumor: GTA IV will return to San Andreas {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

May 9th 2008 4:51AM I can't really see the DLC being San Andreas, the map is huge, it's simply not feasible.


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