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Gadling's resident pilot explains what life in the cockpit is like

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HD DVD sales apparently still going strong {Engadget}

Sep 30th 2008 4:38PM but that's the point, if you don't care about special features then just don't include them in the rip...

HD DVD sales apparently still going strong {Engadget}

Sep 30th 2008 4:34PM Blu-Ray, HD/DVD combo player, $140 free shipping:

Sorry Tiberium, EA says you've been canceled {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Sep 30th 2008 4:19PM That really sucks. I can see where EA would see fundamental design problems with FPS + Squad control but I definitely hope that they go back to Command and Conquer + FPS at some day, that concept has real potential.

WiMAX tested in Reno, doesn't work in cars {Engadget}

Sep 30th 2008 11:15AM EPIC FAIL. Do your job Clearwire, the main challenge with mobile communications is with seamlessly transferring between towers - not to mention the fact that the commute is where the vast majority of usage is going to be (i.e. people who use public transport, not while they're driving their cars).

iPhone gets tweaked Safari in firmware 2.2 {Engadget}

Sep 27th 2008 11:42PM websurfing while on a phone call (at least over 3G/EDGE) is technically impossible without having 2 cellular chips in the phone.

Steam's 50% off weekend on Rockstar titles, many games only $5 {Joystiq}

Sep 27th 2008 11:50AM Rockstar took my $30 and dumped me off like a cheap prostitute. Weekend deals FTW!!

Steam's 50% off weekend on Rockstar titles, many games only $5 {Joystiq}

Sep 27th 2008 11:47AM Wild Metal is actually free, as are GTA 1 + 2

$130 Mirror's Edge includes Timbuk2 messenger bag {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Sep 26th 2008 3:44PM which is why I'm a little concerned about the quality of the bag - the deal's too good to be true. Besides the fact that it's not like the Dead Space limited edition where those are online-only and numbered, which means that they are going to ship oodles of these all over the place and I doubt that Timbuk2 would be able to keep up with that kind of order from EA without suffering in quality. Wait for a review/someone else to buy it first, especially since (at least in my case) this is not a day 1 purchase.

Xbox 360 tops PS3 in Japan, again {Xbox 360 Fanboy}

Sep 26th 2008 12:28AM 13,777

Well I dunno if I prefer lucky 7's or if I had rather the first 7 be a 3...

Songbird intros $79 disposable flexfit hearing aid {Engadget}

Sep 24th 2008 6:19PM Still crap - they expect people to calibrate their own hearing aids?! ROFL! Have you ever even had a hearing exam? And that's not the worst of it by far...


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