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Basic Mechanics

Basic Mechanics

There are few basic mechanics in PvN Dodgeball. Players can throw, pass, attack, dodge, and use special powers. Each action uses up a bit of stamina. Emptying one's stamina entirely will immobilize a player until the stamina is regained. Catching a ball, incidentally, restores a small amount of health to the player that catches it. A round is over once an entire team has been knocked out.

Special abilities can be activated whenever the stamina meter is flashing. Special abilities do a range of different things depending on each character. Some characters create an area effect attack that stuns surrounding players, others cause opponents to switch teams briefly. Other abilities include temporary invulnerability and automatically teleporting a dodgeball into a character's possession.

Finally, there are three types of throws, regular, homing, and power. A regular throw is performed while running or jumping. It's essentially a straight shot with little tracking. These throws can be dodged, caught, or countered -- counters are performed by striking a ball just as it reaches a player, which sends the ball flying straight back to the attacker. Homing throws will automatically track a target, even going around obstacles to do so. Homing throws must be caught or countered, as they cannot be dodged. Power throws are performed either at the apex of a jump or immediately after catching a pass from a teammate. Power throws do extra damage and cannot be countered or caught, only evaded.

Now let's take a look at each multiplayer mode.


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