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Video: Parachutes, slides and a mobile living room

Those Xbox 360 marketers, always on a mission to be different, hip and creative in their commercial campaigns. Not that that is a bad thing or anything, it's just a fact that we've learned to embrace. And so, when a friend of mine mentioned that he saw a new Fall Xbox 360 commercial on the boob tube the other night (something about parachutes, couches and people running) I had to see it. With a piqued interest, I frantically searched for said commercial, finally stumbling upon it over at Game Trailers. Behold fanboys, a commercial featuring parachutes, couches and people running ... Xbox 360 style. (PS: A video game slide is one great idea.)

Video: Capcom's Dark Void is full of jet packs

Dark Void. Sounds like a great name for a sci-fi adventure game if we ever heard one. It kind of reminds us of darkness and big empty voids ... maybe that's what the marketing team behind the name was going for. The name also reminds us of space travel, jet packs, gyroscopes and a hero who isn't afraid of punching the daylights out of a person who gets up in his face. And that friends is exactly what Capcom's newly announced sci-fi action game Dark Void is all about or so we think. Because we sort of based all those facts off our experience of watching the game's official trailer that's embedded above. Go ahead, take in the Dark Void and enjoy.

Kane & Lynch insider vid talks story development

The first in what a appears to be a series of video diaries, the Kane & Lynch Insider #1 has been released. The video focuses on the story development of the upcoming crime action game from IO Interactive. Jens Peter Kurup, the game's director, discusses how the story has developed over time. Interestingly, the game was originally based solely around Kane, with Lynch playing only a background role. As development progressed, Lynch became more central to the story, until the developers decided to essentially turn the game into "a buddy movie." Also, Kurup stresses that players may not necessarily like Kane and Lynch, but that players should still care about them at least a little bit. In this he compares Kane and Lynch to characters like Scarface. He's a horrible human being, but you still manage to care about him. Basically, that's the goal for Kane & Lynch. Here's hoping IO Interactive manages to pull it off.

Warning: Video possibly NSFW thanks to violence and one instance of profanity.

Grunt says "Hey demon, the jerk store is out of you"

We've got another video for you today featuring our favorite little Covenant species from Halo 3 in Easter Egg goodness. Viewable above is videos showcasing the "Jerk Grunt" who can be found in Halo 3's last Warthog level and when cornered, he'll spit out some evil stuff. Really, this Grunt is one cocky little guy who isn't afraid to make fun of Master Chief or his past. The specifics for finding this potty-mouthed Grunt are explained at the end of the video, because you just may want to find and kick him into the lava for all the stuff he says. Or you could spare his life and make him your personal helmet shining slave. 'Tis your choice.

Video: Opening Lost Odyssey cinematic

Mmm, what's better than pre-rendered Japanese video game opening cinematic sequences that are based on massively in depth RPGs? Answer: not much. Embedded above is one of those movie quality opening cinematic from Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey. And after watching it, we bet you can't contain your urge to want to play the game, rent a horribly translated Japanese movie or at the very least order some Japanese food. Yes sir, it's that enjoyable and now we know why the game comes on four DVDs. Pre-rendered HD video eats last-gen media formats alive.

[Thanks, Chris]

Video: Assassin's Creed gameplay ... wow

We guess the video above could be considered a spoiler due to it being eight minutes of gameplay footage, but holy wow is it good times and we just had to share it with you. Embedded above and viewable much larger after the break is Assassin's Creed Montferrat Walkthrough gameplay footage and well ... what more can we say other than "wow"? Seriously, if you're willing to give it a look then prepare to fall in love with this game. We're under Assassin's Creed's spell and are liking it.

Final Halo 3 "Believe" video hits the web

The last in the "Believe" series of Halo 3 promotional videos has finally been released. We've embedded it above for your viewing pleasure, but be warned that it contains spoilers for anyone that has not completed the campaign. The rest of us can watch with impunity. Now that the "Believe" campaign has come to a close, what did you think of it? Did these videos convince any fanboys out there to give Halo 3 a try?

[Via GameStooge]

Soldier of Fortune: Payback will tear you apart

Activision just announced another installment into the Soldier of Fortune franchise and if the in-game footage above is any inclination to what the game has to offer, then we're in for a bloody good time.

Soldier of Fortune: Payback is set to release this November and will feature thirty plus weapons, a plentiful array of weapons and the typical mercenaries gameplay Soldier of Fortune games offer up. But let's get back to the in-game footage as seen in the video embedded above. Do you see the amount of blood that comes out of those guys, how their legs, arms, and heads pop off and how they crawl in agony on the ground legless, grasping for help? That's butter! And even though we aren't sure how good the game will end up being as a whole, we can definitely say that we enjoy the bloody dismemberment effects. Next-gen dismemberment FTW!

[Thanks, THA1icarus]

Team Fortress 2 video: Meet the Demoman

The fourth in Valve's series of Team Fortress 2 class videos has emerged, this time showcasing the Demoman. So far, the Demoman has received very little fanfare, with nary a bit of video footage in sight. Sure, we all like riddling things with bullets as the Heavy, or letting our turrets do it for us as the Engineer, but what about the pure, visceral joy of blowing stuff up? Yeah, the Soldier has a rocket launcher, but what about real explosive death? That's where the Demoman comes in. Rather than spoil the video for you, we'll simply direct you to watch it with your heads full of eyeballs.

[Thanks, Sunny]

Third Fable 2 video diary available

Lionhead Studios released a new Fable 2 video diary today, the third in the series, and it's available for download off their website or via the XBLM. The new video diary takes a behind the scenes look at the Fable 2 Central Technology Group, their role within the game's dev team and what they do to help make the sequel be game of the year quality. Not only do they talk the tech talk, but they also show off their Lionhead party skills and celebrate their 10th anniversary with a little costume party. Silly costumes, interesting commentary and British accents await your download, so go already and get the third Fable 2 video diary ASAP.

Video: First 17 minutes of Project Origin

Downloadable over at IGN and embedded after the break is a horror-rich and somewhat spoiler'ish video of the first 17 minutes of Monolith's sequel to F.E.A.R. called Project Origin. And after watching just a snippet of the gameplay video we noticed two themes in the game; there's lots of hospital gear laying around and lots of blood on the walls. So, if you've got a thing for blood streaked along hallways or doctor's offices in general, then give the new F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin gameplay video a watch. That is unless you don't want your game spoiled and soiled, because then we'd advise staying far, far away from this post and forgetting we ever mentioned that the first 17 minutes of Project Origin is posted after the break. Because, you know, it is posted after the break ... just saying.

[Via Game Stooge]

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Teh most amazing plasma grenade stick ... evar

Halo 3's saved films feature is one of the single coolest things implemented into a game to date, especially when you need video proof of the most amazing grenade stick ever. Embedded above is the video of BlackShadowMist's most amazing plasma grenade stick that made our jaw drop and left us with only one descriptive adjective ... amazing. Just picture it. You're in The Pit, see a sniper on the turret tower, so you launch a grenade through the air in desperation, you then see your grenade miss the sniper's body, but are overjoyed to watch your plasma land in the gravity lift behind the tower and get flung into the air only to land on said sniper's head. What more can we say than ... amazing.

[Via Game Stooge]

KUF: Circle of Doom vids hack, slash the tubes

Hack and slash games are typically plagued by the same problems. Specifically, many such games tone down the difficulty in favor of lots of enemies and epic battles. True, destroying lots of enemies with a single swing of your mighty sword can be satisfying, but it wears thin after a while (see: KOEI) One can only slaughter so many thousands of hapless enemies before getting bored, after all. Judging by these videos of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, the developers at BlueSide are sticking very close to the typical hack and slash formula. Take the boss battle video above. From what we can see, the boss manages to damage the hero once in the entire video. There is one video that gives us hope, in which enemies actually seem to be posing a challenge. Check it out after the break, and hope that the game can deliver.

Continue reading KUF: Circle of Doom vids hack, slash the tubes

New live action Halo 3 video amazes [update]

Update 1: Found the video on YouTube, check it out after the break.

Just when you thought you couldn't handle anymore Halo 3 media we found a brand new live action Neill Blomkamp Halo 3 short available exclusively over at

This new short is a follow up to the Arms Race video released during E3 and is either the second or third in the video short series seeing that some of the footage looks to be from the second leaked video. Anyway, the new nameless short clocks in at a few minutes in length and features an intense battle between a squad of UNSC marines and Covenant forces (including a few Brutes with some nasty Spikers) while they desperately await Master Chief's help. Seriously, seeing a Brute beat a marine to a bloody pulp with a gravity hammer is crazy cool in a twisted kind of way. And also be sure to watch until the end, because you'll see a Brute get exploded by a rocket launcher which, in our book, is worth the price of admission. Kaboom, kaboom and happy viewing.

[Thanks, muffin man]

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Video: Two new Halo 3 Believe commercials

Continuing the Halo 3 Believe commercial legacy are two brand new videos, "Enemy Weapon" and "Hunted". Embedded above is the Enemy Weapon commercial in which two retired UNSC soldiers take a stroll through the war museum and talk about the weapons of war. This commercial is good ... really good. The other Believe commercial gem, Hunted (which is posted after the break), is a soldier's account of a hold out where he walks through the darkened forest and talks about the time his squad was hunted by Covenant forces and could only wait for Master Chief to save them. As always, both Believe commercials roxorz and should make you either get misty eyed or make you sniffle a bit. What more can we say, give 'em a watch fanboys.

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