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WRUP: sugar plums edition

It's a special time of year for many gamers out there. It is a time when many little gamers go to sleep with visions of new games dancing in their heads, the hope of the perfect holiday gift awaiting them when they wake. Not only that, but for most of us, it also means a nice vacation, giving us precious free time to enjoy said gifts. So, for this week's holiday edition of what are you playing, we ask not only what you will be playing this weekend, but we also ask what you hope to be playing as December draws to a close. What did you ask for, perhaps with some not so subtle hints to your parents or significant other? Next week, we'll see how everyone made out.

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[Original image: LabGP and SigOther]

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12-21-2007 @ 5:52PM

DeadPlasmaCell said...

Hah, Great pic


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12-22-2007 @ 10:05PM

refinedsugar said...

The picture could only have been better if the 360 had the three red rings of death. Sometimes you just have to embrace laughing at yourself.

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12-21-2007 @ 6:04PM

abaddon14 said...

I might play some halo 3 and some fifa 08 and i hope i get enough money at christmas so that i can afford the new pc i want. if i can i'll be playing lots of pc games but still a bit of halo 3 on the side =D


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Project Ekim4

12-21-2007 @ 6:08PM

Project Ekim said...

Halo 3, Mass effect, COD 4, Assassins Creed, orange box, medal of honor heroes 2 for wii, Super mario galaxys and maby some guitar hero to show off to my family.


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12-21-2007 @ 6:09PM

Peff said...

well, if i get the orange box and guitar hero III for christmas, then them, but other then that alot of halo 3.


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Gemini Ace6

12-21-2007 @ 6:25PM

Gemini Ace said...

My sister is getting me the Orange Box. I'll be playing for achievements this weekend. Just picked up used copies of NBA 2k6, NHL 2k6, MLB 2k6, and Madden 06. Whoring FTW!


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12-21-2007 @ 6:33PM

kp said...

i don't know why, but i keep pushing myself through cod4 on veteran. i really want to finish it, but man its brutal. so that, throw in some multiplayer of course. finish up bioshock on hard, no vitachambers. and i've been wanting to get back to the orange box too, still want to finish HL2 and both episodes.


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12-21-2007 @ 6:35PM

R0B3RT said...

Playing COD4 and orange box. Want GH3 and rock band!


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Larry *not allowed to say cheevo*9

I just beat COD4 on veteran. I'm going to tackle the mile high club achievement. Some Halo 3 for sure. Then I have next week off from work, w00t for vacation. It's catch up time on on my games! I'm talking games from last year!


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12-21-2007 @ 6:58PM

spambot said...

I'll be doing a lot of Rock Band this weekend, I'm sure.
But on top of that, I just bought a copy of the old Fallout PC games. I've never had the chance to play them, but I've always heard good things.


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Magic Whiskey11

12-21-2007 @ 7:34PM

Magic Whiskey said...

Tons of COD4 multiplayer (why do people just ramble on about their shirt sizes and what happened at their junior high while they play?), and I know I'm getting Mass Effect for Xmas so I'm looking forward to that. I need to work more on Mario Galaxy this week coming up, too.


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12-21-2007 @ 8:51PM

Ozyman666 said...

And those CoD4 players who carry on phone conversations while playing? What's up with that?

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12-21-2007 @ 8:52PM

colin said...

i'll be playing nothing ... again ... i need my box back. this is starting to hurt.


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12-21-2007 @ 8:56PM

Etchasketchist said...

Doing some fighting. got some achievements all set up on Virtua Fighter 5. Just copped DOA 4 Platinum Hits and some old school Guilty Gear X2 action.


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12-21-2007 @ 9:23PM

xboxbuff said...

currently playing GH3, PGR4, and COD4.
I want Rock Band.


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Bryan T16

12-21-2007 @ 11:04PM

Bryan T said...

Blue Dragon......yeah


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Kyle Richardson17

12-21-2007 @ 11:07PM

Kyle Richardson said...

By the close of December, I will be playing quite a selection. I am going to receive an Xbox 360 Elite this Christmas. I have been playing a Wii for a while now, but am really interested in the Xbox 360 games and Xbox Live. I should be playing Bioshock, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and Orange Box.


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12-22-2007 @ 3:43AM

colin said...

and that's just the new games ... Gears, Crackdown, Dead Rising

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12-21-2007 @ 11:11PM

Fiesta14 said...

Won't be great Christmas vacation for me. Just got the RRoD! Argh! And I was given GHIII and Scene it: LCA!


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12-22-2007 @ 12:44AM

Andrew said...

lots of the burnout demo online
the orange box
nhl 08 as usual


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