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BioShock scares up GOTY honor from AP

BioShock, BioShock, BioShock ... you successful little monster you. The Associated Press just came out with their annual best and worst video game honors and lo and behold, you've taken the top title as their game of the year. Halo 3, Rock Band or The Orange Box couldn't take your GOTY title, instead they had to settle for "Most Overrated Game", "Best Game That Involves Getting Off the Sofa" and "Best Deal" awards. You have proven yourself to be this year's diamond BioShock, this year's crowning achievement in video game storytelling, immersion and appeal that the industry needs. And you've been rewarded. Congratulations.

[Via The Cult of Rapture]

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12-17-2007 @ 3:20PM

Etchasketchist said...

Bioshock should not win Game of the Year. Neither should Orange Box or Mass Effect. This year's prize should go to an online multi-player game. Rock Band, Halo 3 and COD4 should be the finalists. Halo 3 should win because unlike RB and COD4, H3 has online campaign co-op.


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12-17-2007 @ 3:41PM

iLuvUrOpinion said...

i have to disagree with u, Etchasketchist.
halo3's coop is practically useless unless u coordinate and orchestrate and beg for people to play with u. Coop was the only reason i bought halo3. I wish Bungie would fix it and add in-game matchmaking like Gears of War. I like Halo's long and challenging campaign, but it blows on graphics, sound and coop.
Top games for me are COD4, BioShock, and Orange Box.


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12-17-2007 @ 3:48PM

TheSh0wstopper said...

Halo 3 is over rated. Overrated does not mean a game is bad, it just means that it is over rated. Look at Gears. Great game but highly overrated. GOTY could go either way between COD4, Bioshock, or Mass Effect. But I will lean towards BioShock. Was a breathe of fresh air in a a genre that is over abused.



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12-17-2007 @ 3:52PM

ccc said...

Halo 3 was little more than a tool to sell 360s.
Even if bioshock didn't win MAss Effect or COD4 would have. In Game Informers awards halo 3 wasn't even in any of the editers top 5 favorite games of the year. Add to this that no one else is handing halo 3 anything except time mag, nuff said.


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12-17-2007 @ 3:56PM

David(Postal) said...

Congrats game of the year you deserver it... in fact i think it is the best game i have played in multiple years


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will fn b26

12-17-2007 @ 4:16PM

will fn b said...

OMG, a member of the press actually says something negative about halo? How long do you think before MS fires the writer?


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12-17-2007 @ 4:49PM

JakubK666 said...

I believe that Yahtzee already made six more reviews for The Escapist :)

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12-17-2007 @ 4:19PM

JakubK666 said...

People have recently developed a habit for bashing simple, entertaining thus excellent fps'es for being simple, entertaining games.

Halo isn't overrated nor overhyped because to be honest everything we've expected. It's an entertaining, simple shooter.Run & Gun, not much to add about it, yet everybody loves it and it fully fills it's purpose.

I don't believe that any realist here hoped that Halo would be something more than what we got.In fact everybody enjoyed the game and the bitching came later.

Don't compare it to Bioshock because
1.As I already said criticising Simple FPS for being a Simple FPS is a wrong way of thinking.
2. I for example would rather stick with an entertaining Halo 3 rather than Bioshock which is so up it's own ass with messages etc. that at some point you're not sure wherever this game is trying to be a horror, a shooter or a some philosophic crap.

I'm sick of people bashing Halo 3 and claiming it to be overhyped and overrated.It's perfectly what it's meant to be so you can piss off and say that to 5,000,000 copies sold.


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Frederick Madera29

12-17-2007 @ 5:15PM

Frederick Madera said...

Totally agree with you! If Halo 3 wouldn't have been carrying all the hype it did before launch I bet all the critics would be claiming GOTY. I think critics like to bash Halo because it is:

1.The most fun fps on any console

2.The game people will still be playing a couple years from now when bioshock and COD4 are afterthoughts.

3.The most financially successful fps

4.The most popular game regardless of what they label it.

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12-17-2007 @ 6:13PM

Trekster_Gamer said...

I think any GOTY or any awards for that matter are useless. It comes down to a personal choice for every individual player. Critics and judges can believe what they want but if you personally think a game is the funnest game overall that you have played this year then that is your GOTY :)

Come on we all know Gyruss beats all of them anyways! ;P (cheezy attempt at levity)


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12-17-2007 @ 10:16PM

ccc said...

People bash Halo 3 because it fucking sucks, no other reason. If you get off playing the "simple Game" good for you, be a "simple gamer" then.
The market is about competition in quality which Bio Shock has in spades. Halo 3 other than its massive sales isn't worth mentioning in the same sentence with the real games that came out this year that were actually good. The Escapist was dead on with the review for this game. And even though halo 3 got decent reviews, you don't see anyone giving it any awards. Except best multiplayer game which it dosn't even deserve with COD4 out there.


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12-17-2007 @ 11:00PM

stinger503 said...

I think that most of vga's are trying to compare apples and oranges. This being Best Story/Atmosphere = Best Game. I think they should be two different things, in which, Bioshock would win the former and Halo 3 would be the latter. I mean come on, the multiplayer is spot on, single player is exhilerating finish to the triolgy. In my opinion Bioshock was much like Prey, in that it had a great story and atmosphere, good gameplay, and interesting ideas.


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12-18-2007 @ 2:35AM

erivera3 said...

What exactly makes Halo 3 a simple game? Is it the 4 player online coop? Is it the massive scaled vehicular multiplayer combat? Is it the epic ending to one of the best video game trilogies around? Is it the Forge? Is it the saved films features? Please, tell me, I am dying to know how Halo 3 can be called simple and a game like Bioshock with ONLY a single player campaign and NOTHING else can be called not simple?

Idiots can't be satiated, no matter how much a great game brings with.


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12-18-2007 @ 9:35AM

petersjov said...


Bioshock deserves the GOTY award, but you have to crank the difficult up, until its hard enough, a true survival horror game - hanging on by the nails.........but had i friend drop in played it on easy-chesesy ...... then the game is fun!! ....but....sucks...big....time. Eww.


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12-18-2007 @ 10:35AM

Zach said...

Entertainment Weekly picked Bioshock GOTY too:



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12-18-2007 @ 3:11PM

ccc said...

If you wern't around for or havn't played other fps games like Quke 3 or UT you won't understand why Halo is simple. Bottom line is its easy to beat and easy to master online play. PLay Quke 3 online and lets see how long it takes you to actually get good at it. Maybe simple isn't the right word for the Halo series, perhaps casual is more correct.


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