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Molyneux says Live "more impactful" than Wii remote

In a recent interview, Peter Molyneux stated that he believed Xbox Live will be "far more impactful" to video gaming than the Wii remote in the long term. As Xbox 360 Fanboys, we can certainly understand his sentiments, though current sales numbers might suggest otherwise. Still, it raises an interesting question. Both the Wii remote and Xbox Live have changed console gaming as we know it. Sure, there have been motion controls before, and there have been online games on consoles, but the Wii remote and Xbox Live represent the most successful iterations of both concepts. The question then is which will have the most impact on the industry, input or networking? Motion controls may bring more gamers into the fold with intuitive input, but networking brings those gamers together with online play and downloadable goodies.

Our instinct tells us the end result will be combining the two (Xbox ThWii-Sixty?) but, for the sake of discussion, why not share your thoughts on the importance of motion controls versus social networking in gaming.

[Via Joystiq]

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9-06-2007 @ 3:47PM

Jon said...

Live is the most long-term impacting, and it was done first. In the long run, the internet is NOW, and we're seeing Live being implemented into different products - Live Messenger, Windows Live, having the ability to chat with friends from your xbox, while they are in class - video chat, etc.

Also theres the marketplace aspect. Renting movies and tv shows isn't new, doing so over the internet isn't new, doing both onto a CONSOLE is monumental. Xbox live reaches into the same market group which feeds the mega-movie conglomerate machine.

I don't see motion sensing controllers doing the same thing. This is old technology, and sure I give Nintendo props for actually making it work and making it popular, very popular. But this isn't ground breaking. I doubt SERIOUS gamers will ever want to drop their controllers. So if they technology continues it will be as an option, not the main platform. Xbox is marketing a NEXT-gen console, not old technology with new perks.


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Neon Jebus2

9-06-2007 @ 4:00PM

Neon Jebus said...

With the heavy focus Molyneux is stressing about feelings and emotions I have no doubt he would think this. The Wii is great at gatherings with people you already know but XBLive connects you to people across the globe.

So you can kill them, teabag them, then call them 'teh ghey'.

Try doing that while playing WiiSports with your grandma and see what happens.


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9-06-2007 @ 4:02PM

TORO said...

I tawt I taw Rich wyting like Tweety.

Anyways I agree with you Jon, the Marketplace is only going to get bigger. M$ did their hw, look how much revenue they've been generating. I don't see Nintendo making partnership with Disney, Fox, Comedy Central, etc. I think motion sensing will be used by some developers eventually, but not the norm.


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9-06-2007 @ 4:02PM

gotee12 said...

As an owner of both a 360 and Wii, I gotta say that IMO they're both hitting on the future of gaming. Nintendo hasn't really shown a thing as far as their online offering is concerned, while MS has set the standard to beat with Live. At the same time, I've spent over 20 years of my life (dang that makes me feel old) gaming, and I've never had as much fun gaming as I've had waving my arms like a madman on the Wii. Metroid Prime 3's controls really do breathe an insane amount of fresh air into the FPS genre.

I love the graphics on my 360. And games like Bioshock and Forza 2 are amazing in 1080, but I didn't have as much "fun" playing Bioshock as I did Metroid. The Wii's controller (when implemented correctly by devs) makes games fun again for me.

Graphics are great, but they're not everything. Xbox Live is great, but it's not everything. Waggle controls are great, but... well you get the idea. The next, next gen consoles hopefully will have a combination of all of the great ideas from this current gen.

I for one, welcome our future ThWiiSixty Overlords...


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9-06-2007 @ 4:03PM

CongoZombie said...

I'm far too lazy to play the Wii :p It makes my arms ache anyway. Ever tried to play Red Steel? Talk about using the controller for the sake of it...


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Iliad Force6

9-06-2007 @ 4:18PM

Iliad Force said...

I think Molyneux is right (even though he's on the MS payroll). The Wii was a ballsy move on Nintendo's part, and it's obviously paid off. But I'm not convinced of the system's long-term viability, nor am I convinced that motion control is the wave of the future. Sure, motion control is fun, there's no denying that. But is it the best way to play a game like Bioshock? Or Command & Conquer? Halo Wars? Mass Effect? I don't think so. Rather, I suspect motion control to have its best days in titles like WiiSports, but to seem a bit forced when applied to titles that require more precision than the nunchuk has to offer.

It's not that Xbox Live is all that revolutionary--after all, PC gamers have enjoyed networked gameplay for years. But MS pulled it off with remarkable aplomb. They've built a surprisingly vibrant, organic, and responsive community--and all from the ground up. I just hope MS doesn't exploit it by overcharging--something I fear may already be happening.


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9-06-2007 @ 4:23PM

DjDATZ said...

I will not put down my controller. I've been offered to play the Wii before and I didn't even want to pick up the Wiimote from how amateur the gaming on it looked. I've played all of the friends that were there and loved the Wii in Halo 2, which they professed they were amazing at, and which I think I'm quite shit at...and I still wooped their asses. There's just something to haveing a real controller that I can let go of. Imagine playing Forza 2 with a Wiimote...yea fuckin right. I'll stick to my design-award-winning Xbox 360 controller. (Everytime I pick it up, it just FEELS as if it WANTS to be in your hands.)


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9-06-2007 @ 4:25PM

DjDATZ said...

And I do think that XBL is LIGHT years ahead of the Wiimote in terms of the impact it has caused.

Oh yea, and PSN hasn't even been mentioned. I wonder why...


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9-06-2007 @ 4:44PM

Josh said...

Xbox Live is the only reason I still play video games.


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9-06-2007 @ 4:56PM

Loban said...

DjDATZ, while I do agree the Xbox 360 controller is the best traditional controller I've ever used, it's obvious you've never used the Wiimote. It's extremely comfortable, very precise, and of very high quality. Try playing some RE4 or Metroid with it and you'll never want to use a traditional controller on a console FPS again. It's not intended for simulation racing games (like forza), but it's perfect for arcade racers (like excitetruck or mario kart).

As for playing Forza, if you're going to talk the ultimate controller for a racing sim, you may as well disregard anything but a force feedback wheel, shift knob, and pedals. The 360 controller is a joke compared to that setup.

Noone said the wiimote was perfect, but for what it's meant for, it's a beautiful piece of technology, just like the 360 controller.

As for Live, I personally don't have time to play online with my two kids taking up all my time these days, but I don't think it's fair to directly compare the Wiimote and Live. Live is largely based on software and therefore can be quickly and easily upgraded and improved. The next true iteration of motion controller will come in the form of the controller for the Wii2 I'm sure, so we'll just have to wait until then to see another revolution from Nintendo, which I'm sure Sony will again copy.

All that being said, I love my Wii60 setup and anyone who bashes either console is obviously ignorant of each of their strengths and intended purpose.


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9-06-2007 @ 4:59PM

Loban said...

While I love my 360, I disagree that Live has caused much of an impact outside of those that have 360s. PC gamers have been gaming online for years with free messaging, voicechat, etc. Live did do a great job of bringing all that to the console world and making it seemless and intuitive. However, those outside of gaming have never heard of Live, but my grandma knows what a Wiimote is. What does that tell you?


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9-06-2007 @ 6:04PM

Corey said...

Apples to oranges.


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9-06-2007 @ 6:06PM

Lucky said...

To bad live is invisable to the average or uninformed shopper.


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9-06-2007 @ 6:28PM

Etchasketchist said...

Xbox Live is a way bigger deal than the Wiimote. That's not to dis the Wiimote. It's just that you can't compare an input-device with an entire network. A Wii-mote is made of plastic. Xbox Live is people. It's made out of PEOPLE! People > plastic.


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9-06-2007 @ 6:36PM

Jon said...



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9-06-2007 @ 7:51PM

Ant said...

"XBox-ThWii Sixty?" BOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not even mildly punny.


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Mike show!17

9-06-2007 @ 8:42PM

Mike show! said...

implanting both these systems together is hard and will likely fail

see: PS3


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Mike show!18

9-06-2007 @ 8:43PM

Mike show! said...

...implementing **


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Mike show!19

9-06-2007 @ 8:44PM

Mike show! said...



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Jonah Falcon20

9-07-2007 @ 3:00AM

Jonah Falcon said...

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