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SDF Reviews BioShock; first unbiased look at title

During the recording of this week's fancast, we were discussing BioShock's spectacular reviews scores thus far, and our special guest pointed out Sony Defense Force's take on the title. It was nice to see the journalist in question take a step back and look at the game for what it is, regardless of the platform the site specializes in. Time is taken to make accurate comparisons between the performance on the 360 as well as the potential differences found should BioShock ever run on the PS3. All in all, it was a good read, and nice to see an unbiased review that isn't afraid to point out BioShock's glaring flaws that take away from a potential immersive experience.

Under the advisement of Heliophage: "Tee-hee-hee loljk guyz ^_^"

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Knight Marquise1

8-20-2007 @ 1:04PM

Knight Marquise said...

X3F crashed the SDF servers with the link. Shows how much traffic they're used to, doesn't it?


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8-20-2007 @ 1:04PM

Jeff said...



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8-20-2007 @ 1:06PM

Tony said...

Reload it again. They're getting a lot of hits probably more due to Digg than anything else. There's no such thing as the "X3F Effect" lol.

I thought it was funny, personally. I'm not so sure about some of the comments that really took it seriously, though.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:09PM

MDJ2010 said...

Hold on one second, has X3F been hacked or something? Unbiased? This is the most pointless review I have read. It seems to be the review equivilent of Andy Pipkin from Little Britain - 'I DONT LIKE IT'. Also he's talking about a PS3 version like its a sure thing? Am I wrong in saying there is no indication of a PS3 version at all. I played the same demo he did, and I can guarantee a lot more times and to come away from that with your leading thought being about graphical glitches just reeks of envy that the PS3 has no games line-up. Im sorry but PS3 fanboys are gonna have to work harder than this to dampen my excitement for the release. UNBIASED MY ASS!!!!


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8-20-2007 @ 1:09PM

shlem90 said...

This review is completely biased against the 360. Most of the review is bashing what the 360 "can't do" while boasting how "superior" the PS3 is. Last time I checked, in a review, you are supposed to review the game, not your dumbass bias for a particular system. He didn't even talk about the game to defend his 5/10 review score.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:12PM

Mauricio said...

Here is a copy of the "Review"

---------After many months of anticipation I finally got my copy of Bioshock and played through it over the past few days. There are many things to like about Bioshock such as the graphics (not animation), parts of the story and the water effects. That’s about where the good stuff ends.

First let me say how excited I was for the game after playing the demo on the 360. While the animation seemed stiff and you could tell the 360 was being pushed too hard it still looked like it had a lot of potential. So imagine my disappointment when I got the final version only to find none of the animation hitches, shooting glitches and AI was cleaned up. I also wonder how much better the graphics would’ve been had they not been compressed to fit on a DVD. Now I do not fault the developers for this, they only had so much system power to work with so maybe this will all be addressed with the PS3 version when it comes out.

To conclude, let this game cook in the oven just a little bit longer and wait for the superior PS3 version. Cleaned up textures, animations, AI, extra weapons, Home space, standard HDD and Blu-ray will make this flawed game into a perfect gem.

SDF Score: 5/10 --------



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8-20-2007 @ 1:13PM

TORO said...

The heading should read: "SDF Reviews BioShock; first unbiased look at title from PS3 fanboy"


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Knuckles Dawson8

8-20-2007 @ 1:15PM

Knuckles Dawson said...

Jeff Wins.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:16PM

Xavier said...

you call that an unbiased review? that sounds like utter fanboy bullshit..all he talked about was the graphics and that was it.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:16PM

chenry said...

@5 No, really?


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8-20-2007 @ 1:17PM

chenry said...

@9 Sarcasm (noun):
A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule


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8-20-2007 @ 1:18PM

DjDATZ said...

LOL that was unbiased as anything ever will get.


WTF is the point of writing such a horrid, and extremely biased review?! lol


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8-20-2007 @ 1:18PM

Mauricio said...

Relax guys, if this is a real review we all know its a steaming pile of bullshit.

Bioshock is everything a PS3 game wants to be. Hell, its everything any gaming experience should be.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:20PM

TORO said...

Hey guys b4 we get all worked up, Knuckles (the poster) was joking! Read the "glaring flaws" link, or post #8.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:25PM

SynGamer said...

How is this review unbiased? Even after looking past the name (Sony Defense Force), a 5/10 is hardly a deserving score for this game. At worst, 9/10 simply because some people may not like the fact that there is no multiplayer...

Seriously, whoever thinks this review is unbiased, let alone good, needs some help...


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8-20-2007 @ 1:25PM

Chuckles said...

I love this guys review, only because it did exactly what he wanted it to do.... cause a frenzy on the web. I think it is the most hilarious take on the game I have read yet. All those that are taking the review or this article seriously need to have a reality check.

Oh and did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary?

P.S. This is the most excited I have been for a game in a long time and can't wait to get my copy tomorrow.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:25PM

Heliophage said...

Wow... some of you guys scare me. I thought it was obvious that David was joking. Apparently it wan't obvious enough, even with the tongue-in-cheek link.

What more do you need? "Tee-hee-hee loljk guyz ^_^"?


I had a good laugh, at least.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:29PM

TORO said...

I'm more of a multiplayer guy, so I'm still undecided whether to purchase this game. I'd definitely rent it, do any fanboys want to tell me why I should buy this game instead?

Lol then I think to myself, I should just get it because it's one of the greatest Xbox360 games to released thus far.


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8-20-2007 @ 1:30PM

Grant said...

what a joke review.

Instead of "bioshock review"

it should have been titled:
"Why PS3 ROXORZ! and Xbox 360 SUXXXX!!!"


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8-20-2007 @ 1:31PM

Bravo6 said...

LOL.. that was clever. A little TOO clever considering the responses though.


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