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Toys R Us puts BioShock on shelves already

All around the internets gamers are reporting and showing picture proof that BioShock's release date has been broken by a certain retailer and that they have the game in hand. Reports starting surfacing that some Toys R Us stores have "accidentally" placed BioShock on their shelves, with gamers posting pictures of their early release purchase on NeoGAF, Cheap Ass Gamer, The7Gamers, 2K Games forums and more. So, if you have an itch for Big Daddy fun, make a call to your local Toys R Us today to see if they have BioShock available. Lesson learned, you just can't keep a Big Daddy from being released early ... you just can't.

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21. Simon, I'm in Cincinnati..

Anyway, I wouldn't assume your copy really IS 'on hold'...most of the times they say they'll do that to get customers off of the phone, but they really don't or can't place holds...scramble up there asap, man!

Posted at 11:58AM on Aug 15th 2007 by Magic Whiskey

22. lol .... Nicely said, Feelz Good.

Posted at 12:21PM on Aug 15th 2007 by refinedsugar

23. yea, mine is on hold in upstate new york, hopefully they don't catch on by the time i get there

Posted at 12:24PM on Aug 15th 2007 by mark

24. Just called local toys r us (chicago) and i asked to be transfered to electronics and they said are u askin bout bioshock and i said yes and they said we don't have any

Posted at 12:25PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Peter Rugo

25. fayetteville, ga. has them also, i just called. i however will not be buying one from there because i want the gamestop limited edition with the big daddy figurine!

Posted at 12:26PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Dapper Dan

26. the TRU website isnt even displaying Bioshock as available till the 21st, but i just called the store in camp hill, pa, theyre holding one for me... cant fucking wait.

whiskey, i feel you, i used to run the RZone counter at TRU and we were always really skitzy about street dates...

Posted at 12:34PM on Aug 15th 2007 by hotdogsplinter

27. For those that have the game, how is it? Is it decent at least or poo?

Posted at 12:37PM on Aug 15th 2007 by erivera3

28. Just got back from my GameStop (Orlando, FL) as well. I know the manager there and he stated to me, exactly what you just said. They (GameStop) are pissed that TRU broke the date and they (GameStop) are in talks with 2K to see if they can release BioShock prior to August 21st. If they can they should know within the next 24-36 Hours and will be calling there customers to let them know.

In addition they (GameStop) have already had their district managers call the TRU's in their districts and pull the BioShock copies they had yet to sell.

Posted at 12:55PM on Aug 15th 2007 by adam

29. Picked up my copy at lunch. 3 copies actually, for friends.

Posted at 12:59PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Bad Andy

30. the 3 local toyrus stores i called @ 10am all said they are not available and some even said they aren't available til the 21st -_-

Posted at 1:06PM on Aug 15th 2007 by mkveliferrari

31. The Toys R Us here in NJ said that it goes on sale on Friday, the 17th.

Posted at 1:07PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Tr1ggaSpazM

32. I'm at work but I was able to con my brother into calling around for me. Our Toys 'R Us (Rockford, IL) said they do have it, but one of the EBGames also had one LE Pre-order left, so I'm gonna scoop that up instead. I had been meaning to get in there to get a pre-order done one of these days but for some reason my mind kept telling me it was in September...

Posted at 1:19PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Sunny

33. My TRU in Melbourne,Fl
were sold out of the 6 copies they had.
That was at noon.

Posted at 1:55PM on Aug 15th 2007 by BTex

34. haha! i got mine in fayettevile ga. was the first person to buy one and then the manager came over to me on my way out and asked me if i could return it because she found out that it isnt suppose to be on sale til the 21st. she was like, i guarentee you will get your copy then. if not well get fined. i asked her if i was required to return it or not. she said no you dont have to but it would be nice if you did i laughed at her and walked out th edoor with m new copy of bioshock. hahah!!

Posted at 1:56PM on Aug 15th 2007 by tony

35. I live in Calgary A.B and iv called all the TRU and EB games stores in my area but not all of calgary. TRU told me they didint have any i forgot to ask if they even had any out today.
EB told me the relese date is the 21st and thats the ship date aswell. i told him whats what witha good jab jab straight. but yea if your in my area and youv got a copy post wher abouts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted at 1:56PM on Aug 15th 2007 by john doe

36. I'm tempted to call TRU here in Toronto, but there aren't any close to me, so I won't even bother. I'm not even into this game. lol

Posted at 2:20PM on Aug 15th 2007 by DjDATZ

37. *the TRUs here in Toronto...

Posted at 2:20PM on Aug 15th 2007 by DjDATZ

38. I wasn't too much into this game either Dj, but the Demo was spectacular. I wish I could rent this game for about a month :(

Posted at 2:35PM on Aug 15th 2007 by TORO

39. Went to Toys R Us in NJ At 250 Rt46 East. Purchased Madden 08 and got Bioshock for $29.99. Until August 18, purchase Madden 08 (any system) and get 2nd title of equal or lesser value for 50% off. What a deal!!! Thanks for the heads up.

Posted at 2:39PM on Aug 15th 2007 by Livan

40. Anybody find one in Los Angeles that has it?

Posted at 2:43PM on Aug 15th 2007 by This Charming Man

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