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Video: Mass Effect's delicious dialogue

Perhaps you read our recent impressions of Mass Effect. If you did, you'll know that we were mightily impressed with the game's dialogue system. Rather than simply presenting players with a set of scripted responses, Mass Effect more or less has players choose their gut response. This gives conversations a much more natural flow, and as a side effect, actually made us pay attention to what the characters were saying. If a game can actually make you enjoy the things your character says, rather than simply skipping over it, that's a good sign.

Having seemingly read our minds, GameVideos has posted a video of the dialogue system in action. Give it a watch and see how interesting it can be. Take special note of the choices the player didn't make, and you'll have an idea of how many possibilities there are. November can't come fast enough.

[Via Joystiq]

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Reader Comments

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1. Grrr...I wanna listen. But I'm at work.

Posted at 9:37AM on Jul 19th 2007 by DjDATZ

2. I was completely bored out of my mind listening to that...but I'm still excited about the game. And yes, I love how the dialogue is set up, but without knowing much about the depth of the game, that conversation was just dull.

Posted at 9:45AM on Jul 19th 2007 by Bishop

3. So great. I can't wait for this game.

Posted at 9:49AM on Jul 19th 2007 by Ithilis

4. i had lost interest in this game for a while but however boring this clip is, it perked my interest up again.
anyone else notice that the alien looks like a blue drew berrymore? (spelling)

Posted at 9:55AM on Jul 19th 2007 by Faraz M.

5. Well, I suppose any dialogue scene from an RPG is boring to just watch in video form... but applying this to the full game, it is pretty exciting. Looking forward to it.

Posted at 10:05AM on Jul 19th 2007 by Tony

6. Was anyone else just a bit creeped out by that? I don't know what it was, the level of detail, the wierd looking blue girl or what but I was freaked out.

Posted at 10:50AM on Jul 19th 2007 by zourskittles

7. Realistic, but a little lifeless. Still believe the game will be great though.

Posted at 10:56AM on Jul 19th 2007 by RUSKULL

8. awesome - certainly rough around the edges (twitchy animations...) but leaps and bounds better than any dialogue system to date.

also, the old-school sci-fi music and presentation (stark, empty rooms) is intentional, a throwback to the 2001:ASO era. nice. adds that sense of wonder and subtle tension missing in modern sci-fi... my $.02

Posted at 11:08AM on Jul 19th 2007 by intRvenous

9. i love bein @ work with headphones

Posted at 11:12AM on Jul 19th 2007 by yuppy

10. "9. i love bein @ work with headphones"

Me too...the girl that works right beside me just i'm taking advantage of it. :D

Awesome...I fully understood this...reading the book (aka the prequel) helps alot with your understanding. I know who the protheans are/were, and who the geth are and why they potentially followed her.

Posted at 11:19AM on Jul 19th 2007 by DjDATZ

11. ...and best facial animation/lip-sync evar...

Posted at 11:20AM on Jul 19th 2007 by intRvenous

12. That was great.. flowed like you were watching a movie

Posted at 11:45AM on Jul 19th 2007 by Bravo6

13. yeah, it a really bad porno.
or any B movie from sci-fi channel.

the game is looking mighty fine otherwise.

Posted at 12:31PM on Jul 19th 2007 by ryan

14. Did you hear the music in the background. It creates the best sci-fi atmosphere that could possibly be established for the game. That is so impressive!

Posted at 1:00PM on Jul 19th 2007 by John Thornton

15. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

This part of the game ALONE was worth paying $50 for!!!!!!!!!

The decisions you could make were LITERALLY the coolest things I have ever seen in any videogame communication system!

In all honesty, it was SO FUNNY the second half of the video has Commander Shepard making decisions that I would NEVER do in the actual game!

For crying out loud, I would have been NICE to that girl in the game. Whoever was playing Mass Effect decided to be mean to her. NOW I KNOW what I would have missed!!! And it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I am already IN LOVE with Mass Effect!!!!!

Posted at 1:01PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Phil Mastry

16. Interesting how some comments are "stiff and creepy" and others are "amazing" - I guess it depends on what your expectations of a game are. This is clearly the best dialogue system ever, but it's no Spielberg production, certainly. Here's hoping this paves the way for similar projects w/ A-list acting talent and feature director involvement... maybe Mass Effect 2 will be helmed by Riddley Scott...?

Posted at 1:22PM on Jul 19th 2007 by intRvenous

17. I'm just hoping I finish bio-shock in time for this game otherwise i'm really going to have my hands tied.

Posted at 5:48PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Dave

18. I want to impregnate that alien and have her give birth to my alien child by the third game. That would be next gen. Plus bioware did it in baldurs gate 2 and the expansion(arie ftw) why not this game too.

Posted at 5:53PM on Jul 19th 2007 by BlackBeltJones

19. He's got alpha centarian fever, he's got alpha centarian fever. I'd do her. I'd tell her that the human being's preferred method of entry is through the BACKSIDE. A OOOOOOH!

Posted at 11:26PM on Jul 19th 2007 by Mike

20. this dude for some reason looks like he would have a creepy smile and an dialogue choice "strip"..."I've always wondered what a blue chick would look like naked"

Posted at 2:01AM on Jul 20th 2007 by wtfwazthat

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