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They didn't listen. New GH II tracks still 500 points

In a slap to their fans' faces, Activision released a new Guitar Hero II music pack to the Marketplace and it's still overpriced. Up for download is the Guitar Hero Track Pack 4 featuring three songs including "I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones, "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple, and "You've Got Another Thing Coming" by Judas Priest for the ouch that hurts price of 500 Microsoft points.

We really thought Harmonix and Activision were taking a while to release new content, because they were actively negotiated and reworking their pricing strategy seeing that fans have been very vocal about the pricing of the last three DLC offerings. But our extended wait was for no gain, because the pricing hasn't changed. Try and keep your anger civil fanboys ... or at least pointed towards the guilty parties.

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Gregg Landess1

7-11-2007 @ 12:51PM

Gregg Landess said...

more overpriced garbage

still PURE BS


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7-11-2007 @ 12:52PM

refinedsugar said...

I wanna believe the point of contention is licensing costs / agreements and not the rampant "those greedy bastards at [insert company name here]" tripe making the rounds.


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7-11-2007 @ 12:52PM

cKevinb1978 said...

This is a shame. GHII is a great game and could be ruling the marketplace with a better DLC structure. I hope the guys over with Rock Band are paying attention.


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The Wicker Man4

7-11-2007 @ 12:54PM

The Wicker Man said...

Screw these corporate jackoffs. These artist gain exposure and more sales from this game. This is the end of GH for me. Rock Band it is. What happened "to the most downloads on live"?
They falsely advertised this game and should be held accountable. Their press statement is still on their stite i believe. I bought this version because they told the public they were going to have a steady stream of downloads new and old. They said they were also working on free songs from smaller acts, but....


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7-11-2007 @ 1:01PM

Iced_Eagle said...

Oh come on you have to be joking...

Activision, pay attention! We know you read these sites and how much we disliked the pricing! Why keep it the same?!


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7-11-2007 @ 1:02PM

xenocidic said...

I would be willing to wager the that these new songs are priced the same as the last ones is because many people bought the last ones , even at the high prices.

If people stop paying these prices, then you will see a drop.


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The Wicker Man7

7-11-2007 @ 1:03PM

The Wicker Man said...

No I was not aware of that info. Thank you for the correction and update. How are the 2 different publishers doing this? Just curious.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:03PM

murph said...


the only reason i bought the last 3 packs was because i had some free MS points. not this time Activision. try listening to your customers once in a while.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:03PM

dunnypop said...

basically we're pushed into a corner.
So far, the song packs are ridiculously priced.Yes I can afford it, but why would I want to get ripped off?
Atleast make the content worth it, like addition customes, arenas, guitars, achievements.... Then I'll be glad to pay 500 points for 3 songs.

For new songs, I'll just hook up my guitar to Frets of Fire!


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Les Doodis10

7-11-2007 @ 1:06PM

Les Doodis said...

Honestly, they probably sold so many of the first three packs at this price that they found no reason to drop the price, despite all the complaints.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:07PM

Frank said...

@ 5. Incorrect

MTV and EA work with Harmonix now on Rock Band.

Activision and Red Octane own the Guitar Hero brand now.

MTV in the past had sponsored Guitar Hero I and II events. That is the extent of any relationship Guitar Hero has with MTV.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:07PM

ANt said...

F-ck Em in plain English!!!


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7-11-2007 @ 1:08PM

Grievy said...

Like dunnypop. I can afford this and would love to buy it but I am not paying that much when there is such a brilliant collection of user created songs for Frets On Fire.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:18PM

Jared said...

Which means there's more GH downloadable content on live that I want, but refuse to be overcharged for. As such, I won't be buying it.
If it's licensing costs, let Activision come out and say so.
Until then, it's what I got with the game on my 360, and firing up the PS2 for GH1.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:24PM

sicklesdawg said...

hey at least u guys have the halo3 xbox.... :/


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7-11-2007 @ 1:25PM

Tarl said...

Well, that blows monkey chunks.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:26PM

DjDATZ said...

LOL...the online petition already has close to 10000 signatures...thats'd expect them to pay attn...


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7-11-2007 @ 1:27PM

ShaggyB said...

You know, i still believe they have a huge false advertising issue to deal with... "the most downloadable content Eva!!" lol please, Oblivion has more than 4 dls and one of theres gives you a pc game expansion (ie 30 hours more stuff to do).


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Tony Bowman19

7-11-2007 @ 1:38PM

Tony Bowman said...

i've got no problem with the price of these song packs. it's the equivalent of one episode of a show on the video marketplace. hell it's even a little cheaper than that.

you get about 22 to 25 minutes of entertainment out of your standard "half-hour" show." for 160 points.

you get the same amount of entertainment if not more in multiplayer and leaderboards out of one song in the song pack, which costs about 133 points per song, roughly.

sounds like a pretty good bargain to me.


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7-11-2007 @ 1:39PM

fragglefart said...

Too much for me, bought one pack I really wanted when heavily drunk, but I'm not buying any more, not at this price.


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