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Beautiful Katamari to be 360 exclusive

Again, the rumors turned out to be true! Beautiful Katamari is headed to the Xbox 360 exclusively with no PS3 version in sight. In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, they state that production on the PS3 version of Beautiful Katamari has been halted and that the Xbox 360 version is set to roll out this Fall. Famitsu also uncovered a few new multiplayer details including split screen co-op and online battle modes. Heavenly.

And so another game completes its journey to becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive title. Maybe Namco would be kind enough to tell us exactly why they decided against developing Beautiful Katamari on the PS3. Because god knows we'd love to gush over all the juicy details.

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1. maybe Namco just felt they'd lose more money making it multiplatform. they always go for the console with the higher user base. this is why they started with the PS2 first and not the XBOX 1.

OR MS just gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Posted at 11:27AM on Jul 9th 2007 by ryan

2. "Maybe Namco would be kind enough to tell us exactly why they decided against developing Beautiful Katamari on the PS3. Because god knows we'd love to gush over all the juicy details."

Money...tons and tons of cold, hard cash.

Posted at 11:32AM on Jul 9th 2007 by Vader582

3. Sexy.

Posted at 11:49AM on Jul 9th 2007 by chenry

4. I can't wait for this one.

I'm sure it was that M$ built a good relationship with Namco. Remember the big announcement last night... PACMAN!

Posted at 11:49AM on Jul 9th 2007 by dunnypop

5. Honestly, Katamari isn't important or popular enough for MS to pay them anything for it. There's better things to toss around cash for and even as a Katamari fan, I can admit it.

It's probably just an ease of development situation... I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 saw it later if the 360 version did reasonably well.

Posted at 12:02PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Tony

6. Katamari is a cult and fan favorite, and will actually cause some (not many, but some) to purchase a 360. I personally love the Katamari games; I really think they're an absolutely viable IP, fun, and original. (Not to mention super Japanese kawaii!)

I'll go ahead and mention the price drop for Playstation 3 here..they dropped 17 percent to $500 bones today. I don't think that's enough to entice the mass market to line up for the damn console, and I really think, still, it's all about the software. If there's no 'talked about' games on the shelves or upcoming releases that the net is abuzz about, then that's a serious problem for Sony.

Until PS3 is less than $450 and and if, by this time next year they release no less then 50 games, I won't see Sony moving their position any time soon.

Posted at 12:10PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Toph

7. I think games like Katamari ARE important to the 360 if they intend on expanding their appeal. Great move by Microsoft.

Posted at 12:12PM on Jul 9th 2007 by RolexDPracer

8. Yes, keep on relishing the death of the PS3 while the Wii continues to eat your lunch...

You 360 Fanboys need to learn who the REAL competition is, and it isn't the PS3 at this point.

Posted at 12:15PM on Jul 9th 2007 by GRT

9. They're both competition. I don't think pointing out some significant changes in the PS3 market shows some sort of delusion by default. I think most people are aware of the situation... there's a reason why MS isn't even pushing the Wii60 idea anymore, despite doing it in the past lol.

Posted at 12:21PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Tony

10. You 360 Fanboys need to learn who the REAL competition is, and it isn't the Wii at this PRICE point.


Posted at 12:36PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Trykt

11. @GRT: and the PS2 is eating yours. Maybe you should recognize YOUR competition. But guess what, the PS3 not having games, or not having rumble, being way too expensice, or not having a good set up for online gameplay excuses are coming to an end. I'm sure the game comparisons will continue (well the trees look crisper on the 360, well more washed out, so it makes it look more real) and my favorite, "the PS3 will NEVER have graphics as good as the 360", but you have to admit Sony is going to close the gap in the next year, which means that the MS guys are gonna crank out some tight shit to keep the edge (or at least try to). When the true next gen guys get rolling, the wii will be a memory (at least to adults). When you get old enough to BUY any of the games, you too will go next gen

Posted at 12:39PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Titty Pink

12. Sorry not exclusive

Posted at 12:44PM on Jul 9th 2007 by mat parker

13. I don't think the wii is really in the same league as the ps3 or 360.
(yes I own a wii and a ps3, and a 360).

I haven't really played the ps3 - it was a gift, and it's been collecting dust.

I play the wii everytime someone comes over. Other than that, it collects dust. I do have about 6 games for it. None of them entice me to play. Why? Lack of online play. The wii is going to win in hardware sales, but the software sales. I doubt we'll see a Halo or a Gears of War. And who wants to play a ps2 graphics in the next couple of years? My gf complains about the wii's graphics. She said "These graphics suck!" and yes she's sick of rayman and wii sports.

What I do play on a daily basis is the 360. One of the main reasons is the online play. It's amazing.

I'll give credit to the ps3 for having some amazing hardware, but it's a catch 22, software will come when there are hardware sales.

Posted at 12:59PM on Jul 9th 2007 by dunnypop

14. I think most gamers will have a PS3 and a Wii, or a 360 and a Wii. The Wii isn't a direct competitor to either of the higher-powered consoles, and that's exactly what Nintendo wanted it to be. It'll sell more, make more money and move more games than either the 360 or the PS3, but it can't be considered in the same market or power that the other two are.

In other words..if Xbox 360 and the PS3 are 1 and 2, then the Wii is 'a'.

I'm a Wii60 guy myself and I can't wait to play Manhunt 2 if it actually releases! haha

Posted at 1:09PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Toph

15. @13
sorry you're an idiot. did you not read the part saying up until recently the ps3 version has bene halted? read your sources before you post them up.

Posted at 1:22PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Eddy

16. @17

read it yourself

Posted at 1:24PM on Jul 9th 2007 by mat parker

17. I think MS paid for this fits into their "casual gamer" demographic that MS is desperate to caputre.

Posted at 1:29PM on Jul 9th 2007 by ezwaffles

18. @11: The irony of someone using the name "Titty Pink" suggesting I need to get older is just freakin' dumbfounding.

For the record, I own a 360, Wii & a PS3. And I'm old enough that I was witness to the stupid flame wars between the Atari Jaguar and the 3D0. Both sides of that battle (both th3 fans and the companies backing the hardware) fought each other to the death, and both lost.

Sony blew it, the PS3 isn't going to recover from their mistakes. Microsoft has to target the Wii now. Luckily Peter Moore seems to understand that better than the editors at this site (who are always slashing on the PS3 and never seem to have a bad thing to say about Nintendo) and the tunnel-visioned people who comment here (and I'm not suggesting everyone who comments here is like that).

If you're happy with the 360 where it is today, then fine. It'll remain the #1 system for hardcore gamers who like lots and lots of shooters. But if you'd like to see a wider variety of games (like Loco Roco) then the 360 needs to gain credibility with the Japanese gamers and with the more casual gaming market.

And in those two demographics, the Wii is kicking everyone's arse right now, which is a damned shame because its such a lousy console. The graphics are crap, there still isn't online play to speak of, the games are all mini-game collections. And yet developers are starting to flock to it like flies to feces.

Personally, I'd rather see developers creating next generation games for the XBox360 (or the PS3, for that matter) than devoting their resources to low-def Wii waggle games. Maybe that's just me, though.

Posted at 2:19PM on Jul 9th 2007 by GRT

19. Cherry Tree Times on the 360:)

PS3 is garbage, anyone that thinks the ps3 is gonna come back from the 10 plus million lead in console sales the 360 has needs to evaluate thier thinking process. And that lead grows by the day, After September it will be a gap over 12 million thanx just to Halo. Say what U want ps3 loosers, the #s are a fact. Even if ps3 pricedropped to 299.99 and packaged something like God Of War 3 with it today, its too late. Lol, and as far as the Wii goes, its kool but nowhere on the same page as the 360. Which makes things even more funny because, the Wii is kicking the ps3's ass in sales too. It really is a great time to hate on sony.

Posted at 2:24PM on Jul 9th 2007 by ccc

20. Why does everyone think that just because MS has billions of dollars that they bribe companies for exclusives? That's ignorant.

Posted at 2:30PM on Jul 9th 2007 by Xanto

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