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IGN's GHIII Preview on XBLM

IGN has put a preview for Guitar Hero III up on Xbox Live Marketplace in all its HD glory. The video gives us a first look at the new Les Paul wireless guitar, as well as some other cool features. One thing that impresses us was their use of face capture to have the lead singer properly lip-synced to the songs lyrics, as opposed to the previous iterations generic lip service. The video also touches on some of the visual changes, in the HUD as well as the art direction. A solid watch, if you're a fan of the series.

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Hey Apples1

7-01-2007 @ 2:35AM

Hey Apples said...

I really want to get excited for GH3, but every news bite, screenshot, and video has had the exact opposite effect.

Every piece of the user interface is inferior or counter-intuitive to GH2.

The motion capture strikes me as a collosal waste of effort. I can't say in months of playing GH games that I've ever noticed or cared about the lead singer's face animation.

And the art style... well art is subjective, but my subjective opinion says it's a botch. They took one of the most lovable characters in Judy Nails and turned her into the proverbial skank-whore rocker chick.


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Mr BoiomStick XL2

7-01-2007 @ 7:45AM

Mr BoiomStick XL said...

What I find very funny about this is they continue to forget that GHII was released only 3 months ago and that their fan's who they promised "The most DLC avalible on LIVE" have failed to deliver on every level!!
How about this for a title....GH:(Add Middle Finger!!)
Don't make promises that you never intended to keep RO!!


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7-01-2007 @ 12:03PM

konajinx said...

After the debacle that was GHII on the 360, I'm completely uninterested in this series anymore. And my attitude about it changed before all the overpriced DLC crap. It's just not much of a fun game anymore, period. I always thought "Frequency" and "Amplitude" were more enjoyable music-based games. "Rez" too, for that matter. Those are the kinds of music games I'd like to see more of, personally. The novelty of playing GH has just worn off.


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7-01-2007 @ 1:27PM

Tim said...

The new UI looks awesome. As long as it has more and different songs to play I'll probably buy it.

I'm more excited about Rock Band obviously, since it's pretty much 3 guitar heros rolled into one (Each instrument has it's own 'Campaign' mode for you to play through).

If GH3 has a good track list then why wouldn't you get it? You're not buying it for looks. You're buying it for something fun to do with your friends when it's cold out this winter.

Rock Band ftw though.


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7-01-2007 @ 6:05PM

notguiltystyle said...

Can anyone remeber that Red Octain promised Co-Op play? Where the hell is that??? Most of the god dam achievements involes a partner wich sucks! Must be the only game that has got NO online interactive (except leaderboards, wich is so fuĀ£$%^g stupid, who cares if your 11090998 in the world).


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7-01-2007 @ 11:31PM

ccc said...

Where is this content in the marketplace?
I cant find it anywhere.

Lets see GH Encore rocks the 80's downloadable FTW!

GH3 better have online co-op/vs.
Still the rankings R kool if ur in the top 1000:)

Guitar Hero is way more than a novelty man. And way more successful than all those games U mentioned. Adding in Parrappa the rappa, umjammer lammy, Space channel 5 and any other music game U can think of, Gh still sold better than all of them combined.
U sound like some1 that got mad at it for failing to handle Expert.
Ive seen shit loads of people that cant even play the game on easy. When I play that game in public on expert, Its like in Romero's Land of the Dead movie when all the zombies are staring at the fire works. People just view it as amazing or something its funny.


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7-02-2007 @ 6:14PM

Squirrels said...

What about how there are absolutely no second controllers being sold in stores??? This is a great article about how Red Octane and Activision are screwing customers out of in-store support of the 360 Guitar Hero II:


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