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NPD: Xbox 360's May sales are good enough

Gather around kids, it's NPD numbers time! May's NPD hardware/software sales just hit the news wire and aren't anything overly Earth shattering. The Xbox 360 did just fine in May, moving 155,000 units with four of the top ten selling games being 360 titles. So, things are going pretty good. Why not great? Because Nintendo is still grinning ear to ear as they unloaded an amazing 338,000 Wiis and are gaining ground on the 360's marketshare. But things aren't all that bad, because the PS3 is under performing selling only 81,000 units with no games listed on the top ten sales chart. The numbers speak for themselves and should make it pretty obvious where Microsoft needs to focus their evil. It's on Mario ... it's on.

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6-15-2007 @ 10:27AM

DjDATZ said...

I have a problem with the Wii being compared to the 360 and the PS3...its just not a next gen system. And with a price that is HALF of that of the "normal" 360...(the core is just a piece of ass..) it really isn't surprising that its selling more.

All else the same...if the demand for all 3 consoles it the the price goes up or down, console sales go down or up respectively... Its quite simple economics... Which is why the Wii is selling the most, the 360 2nd most and the PS3 the 3rd most...


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6-15-2007 @ 10:30AM

Toph said...

I'm a Wii60 guy, but I own one game; Super Paper Mario as in comparison to my 10+ 360 libary so far.
The Wii is a diversion system for me; not the primary. I like to see my nightstand as the best of both worlds; the western and eastern gaming communities.

Waiting on games for both consoles! (And enjoying the sound of chirping crickets concerning PS3, too. Stay 'Home', Sony.)



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6-15-2007 @ 10:52AM

Joshua said...

You know I own both systems and I'm glad Nintendo is staying in the game. That being said, I really don't like my Wii. In fact, I'm getting ready to sell it to someone I work with for her kids.

It is too focused on old classics and novalty mini-games. I don't have the patience to wait for more adult titles to hit the market.

These days I only really play VC content and surf the web on it. In other words...I don't need it.


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Uncle Muscles4

6-15-2007 @ 11:11AM

Uncle Muscles said...

I am old, so I am not real hip on all of this stuff, but what do these piss-poor sales numbers for the PS3 really mean? Will I be getting better (previous PS3 exclusive) games for my 360? Maybe more HD-DVD movies in the future, or does it just boil down to a mine is better than yours contest type deal?


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6-15-2007 @ 11:26AM

Tony said...

If you think about it from a business angle, the PS3 can potentially be relegated to GameCube "status". As in, if people aren't buying it, why bother giving it exclusives, well made ports, etc. A lot more things are turning out to be multiplatform and more and more the 360 seems to be the lead platform for development when something is multiplatform.

There's a lot of ways you can take it. Partially it's a "my system is doing better!" piss fest, but even more so I think it's a sign of potential future business and release issues.

As for the Wii sales, it'd be a lot more exciting if Wii was actually pushing games to an extent that actually made its consoles sold aspect seem meaningful. It's tie-in ratio seems to be terrible, aside from Wii Sports (which is packed in everywhere but Japan) and Wii Play (which includes a remote, which for a while was impossible to find).

So far, it seems mostly Nintendo itself is winning out here and I wonder if third parties will ever really get what they're expecting from it.


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6-15-2007 @ 11:35AM

AG said...

I still think that the two systems serve different audiences. I haven't found anyone who owns a next-gen system and a Wii who maintains interest in the Nintendo console after the initial honeymoon period. The most ardent supports all seem single system Wii owners. I think they don't know what they are missing.

Also, being an older gamer I have a setup for HD A/V, and I have a hard time stepping down in resolution.


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6-15-2007 @ 11:58AM

Brian said...

I wonder why Microsoft / team xbox can't convince themselves to drop the price to $200. (For the core)

I'd imagine they'd easily make up their losses in accessories. Just think... if the 360 sold nearly 400k last month, how much would MS have made on extra controllers, xbox live subscriptions, cameras, hd dvd drives, wireless headsets, and/or GAMES?

It's time to dominate! Sell the units at a bigger loss! (*temporary)


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6-15-2007 @ 12:24PM

Vargas said...

I agree with the comments above. I purchased a Wii in January and I LOVED it for three weeks. Then I wanted more depth from Wii Sports and could do the Wario Ware games in my sleep. I Got a lot of games from Gamefly and none of them had any staying power. The total lack of online and the tech demo minigame feel of most games just wore off real fast. I agree that Wii games are just fun for a day or two. I'm also not convinced yet you can really improve on traditional games with motion controls. Finally, call me a graphics whore if you want but the Wii games do look dated and that bothers me when I look at Excite Truck and then Dirt. (By the way I think Dirt Controls MUCH better with my Feedback wheel than tilting my Wiimote also)

My Wii just gathered dust for the last few months until last week when I traded it in for a PSP bundle of the system, 3 games, 3 movies and 4 gig card. A LOT of people have told me I'm crazy but I travel a lot on business and I think the PSP is finally coming into its own (God of War, FF Games, DD Tactics). I have actually enjoyed the PSP games and its nice to only carry my PSP on trips now instead of multiple media gadets (God Bless Handbrake!!)

I also looked at my limited home gaming time and didn't see my Wii even getting looked at when Shadow Run, Dirt, Blue Dragon, BioShock, Two Worlds, Overlord, and the Darkness drop this summer. Then the fall is just as good with GTA IV, Mass Effect, Assasian's Creed, Halo 3, and Lost Oddessy.

I just hope that these excellent sales numbers for the Wii don't lead to a lack of third party development of, I hate this term, hardcore games in 2008 and beyond. It will be unfortunate for ME if the top 3rd party teams are working on mini games or casual games because of the install base of the Wii. I hope Wii gets some more complex games and someone proves me wrong on motion control, I would love to have a reason to buy another one. (When they are $150 like the tech in the box should cost!!!)


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6-15-2007 @ 12:27PM

Bravo6 said...

I'll probably pick up a Wii whenever I can find one. I might pick up another 360 as well. Sorry, no PS3 tho


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6-15-2007 @ 12:32PM

Iced_Eagle said...

Wii just is starting to feel like a gimmick now... There's just a lot of annoying things in it that I think the mainstream public will pick up on soon, and also realize that there aren't too many Wii "must-have" titles.

I think the real test will be this holday when games like Halo 3 start shipping!


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6-15-2007 @ 12:33PM

Matt said...

I had read somewhere that the 360's 155,000 units was bad. I disagree. For a $400 next gen system there really is nothing to compare it to. Plus with 4 of the top 10 games being 360, I agree, things jsut just fine for the 360 at this point. With great games on the horizon and an ultimate price drop likely in the next year or so, things will only get better.

I also agree that comparing 360 sales to Wii sales is just ridiculous. Completely different price point, completely different games, completely different market. You might as well compare the 360 sales to the DS.


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VampireHunter Z12

6-15-2007 @ 1:16PM

VampireHunter Z said...

The Wii hasn't caught up to 360 yet. MSFT can hold out on a price drop for the rest of this year. Q1 next year they can drop the price by on all SKUs by $100. By then the Wii will be knocking on their doorstep and it's perfect time for a big move.

As usual they deliver when it comes to games. There are so many big titles coming out for the rest of this year it's just crazy.


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T Ghost13

6-15-2007 @ 2:27PM

T Ghost said...

Great writing on this one and great job on the site in general today Dustin! By the way, good job on the ShadowRun softcore politically correct "hating" on last podcast! I love how David burns inside when you tell the truth about ShadowRun but can't say anything once you are just.. Saying the truth!


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6-15-2007 @ 2:48PM

Gonzo said...

Shadowrun for Xbox 360 and PC is a great game, in my opinion.

I have several friends who really enjoyed the Shadowrun game series, and we really enjoy the game on the Xbox 360.

We realize Shadowrun is more of an action/adventure sort of game on Xbox 360, but it still has plenty of RPG elements in it. Like the races of the differrent characters and things like that.

Xbox 360 is a great system. The combined sales of the Wii and the PS3 were not as high as the Xbox 360 during the months of November and December of 2006, and that is when sales increase by a really large margin.

Ever since 2007 the Wii has sold the best, because it sells for the lowest money.

I've read several artices that point out high prices aren't the only reasons the Playstation 3 sells poorly. People aren't interested in Blu-ray, like they were interested in DVD. Maybe that's because Sony doesn't even bother to include high definition cables with the Playstation 3.

Playstation 3 games don't include features in games like Xbox 360 games do. Look at all the Xbox 360 games that let you use a headset to talk while playing online. Those same games on the Playstation 3 don't let you do that. I own Call of Duty 3, Ridge Racer, and F.E.A.R. on my Xbox 360, and all of those games let me talk online while playing, but the PS3 versions don't let you talk while playing. So, I'm very glad I bought the Xbox 360 versions.

Reasons like that are why the Xbox 360 outsells PS3. And because the Xbox 360 versions of games look better and are rated higher by just about everyone. And the Xbox 360 versions have way better online features and a way better controller that rumbles, unlike the PS3 controller.


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6-15-2007 @ 3:06PM

agelgamer said...

wii. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to waste your money playing a bunch of mini-games... go right ahead. The novelty is going to wear off. Hell, I rented one for a weekend because my wife wanted to give it a shot. She played it for 4 hours and said.. meh. it's not fun anymore.

Give us something more than just a bunch of minigames and MAYBE it'll be worth it.


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6-15-2007 @ 3:25PM

Beaudry said...

If the Wii novelty is really wearing off, why do the sales continue to go through the roof? Why do 3 times as many people buy a Wii instead of a 360?

Do you think that not everybody wants to play a first person shooter and that is mostly what 360 has to offer?


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6-15-2007 @ 4:32PM

ccc said...

The Wii is not threat to the 360 what so ever. I do however very much enjoy watching it Destroy the PS3 in sales and #s. Die Sony.


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6-15-2007 @ 4:51PM

Vargas said...

I don't think the attraction to the Wii is going to wear off soon for people who enjoy and are looking for the software the Wii is providing. I do think as this thread has shown that the appeal of the Wii has definetly worn off for some people interested in what has been your more traditional AAA software, the so called hard core gamer.

Also why do people keep holding onto the belief that the 360 is exclusively an FPS system. I admit the first Box had WAY to many FPS games. The 360 however has a very well rounded game library. Yes Halo 3 is the headliner of the fall games but Blue Dragon, Overlord, Two Worlds, Eternal Sonata, Mass Effect, GTA IV, Too Human, Devil May Cry, Splinter Cell, there are ten highly anticipated non FPS games just this year. The library already has Crackdown, Saints Row, Viva Pinata, Oblivion, Dirt, DoA 4, Forza 2, Dead Rising, Guitar Hero, Marvel U.Alliance, and Lost Planet and Gears (Granted they are third person shooters). Not to mention all the games on the Live Arcade. I don't expect everyone to want an X-box but saying it is just FPS games just seems totally incorrect to me.


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6-15-2007 @ 5:27PM

Bourega said...

I have a 360, a PS3 and a Wii. At the moment, the PS3 is shit.


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6-15-2007 @ 6:20PM

Measure said...

Nintendo may be shooting themselves in the foot with the wii... if it continues to be successful, which is a real possibility, what is to stop other companies from making cheap boxes that play fun games?

Making a top-tier console is so costly few companies have the money to try (watch out for EA on this one...) Only Microsoft had a motivation to spend billions to establish a foothold in the marketplace.

But if nintendo proves that you can make money on the hardware AND the software, they're going to get a lot of competition in a few years.

I need to flesh this out more...


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