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All-Pro Football cover art and mad beats

2K Sports just released All-Pro Football's official box art, the game's full roster and announced the complete soundtrack. So, let's dig in. The cover art is mildly dull featuring what look to be painted caricatures of NFL legends Jerry Rice, John Elway and Barry Sanders. We say "meh". The game's roster is a little more impressive with a slew of retired NFL stars including Troy Aikman, Gale Sayers and coach Mike Ditka. Finally, the All-Pro Football soundtrack features mash-up tracks done by DJ Z-Trip and is very heavy on the hip-hop flavor. All-Pro Football cover art, soundtrack track listings, and complete roster posted after the break.

Read - Soundtrack
Read - Box Art and Roster

Cover Art

Soundtrack Tracks
1. "All-Pro Intro"
2. "Something Different" featuring Chali 2Na & Keno 1
3. "Sudden Death" featuring DJ Faust
4. "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em 2007" featuring Rakim & Chevelle
5. "Doin' It Like This" featuring Clutch
6. "Automatic At It" featuring Aceyalone
7. "Go Hard" featuring Gift of Gab & Dub Trio
8. "On My Side" featuring Lateef & Slug
9. "I Don't Need This Trouble" featuring Natural Self
10. "Sure Shot" featuring Casual & Pep Love
11. "Rock, Shock, Break" featuring Backyard Bangers
12. "Locked and Loaded" featuring Deftones & Dead Prez
13. "Tom Sawyer (Z-Trip Remix)" - Rush

Troy Aikman QB
Marcus Allen HB
Dck Anderson SS
John Anderson OLB
Ottis Anderson HB
Jim Bakken K
Carl Banks OLB
Lem Barney CB
Steve Bartkowski QB
Sammy Baugh QB
Chuck Bednarik OLB
Greg Bell HB
Raymond Berry WR
Elvin Bethea DE
Eric Bieniemy HB
Fred Biletnikoff WR
Tony Boselli T
Brian Bosworth OLB
Cliff Branch WR
Robert Brazile OLB
Bubby Brister QB
John Brodie QB
Tom Brookshier CB
Bob Brown T
Jerome Brown DT
Roosevelt Brown T
D|ck Butkus ILB
Willie Brown CB
Joey Browner SS
Ronnie Bull HB
Nick Buoniconti ILB
Leroy Butler FS
Dave Butz DT
Earl Campbell HB
Tony Canadeo HB
Mark Carrier WR
Harry Carson ILB
Anthony Carter WR
Dave Casper TE
Deron Cherry FS
Todd Christensen TE
Dwight Clark WR
Gary Clark WR
Ben Coates TE
Reggie Cobb HB
Roger Craig HB
Lou Creekmur T
Nolan Cromwell FS
Randy Cross G
Bill Curry C
Dermontti Dawson C
Len Dawson QB
Al Del Greco K
Joe Delamielleure T
Lynn D|ckey QB
Mike Ditka TE
Chris Doleman DE
Art Donovan DT
Troy Drayton TE
Billy Joe Dupree TE
Henry Ellard WR
John Elway QB
Chuck Foreman HB
Barry Foster HB
Bill Fralic G
Irving Fryar WR
Willie Gault WR
Ernest Givins WR
Mike Golic DT
Otto Graham QB
Eric Green TE
Russ Grimm G
Steve Grogan QB
Lou Groza K
Ray Guy P
Dan Hampton DT
Alvin Harper WR
Cliff Harris FS
Jim Hart QB
Lester Hayes CB
Abner Haynes HB
Mike Haynes CB
Bobby Hebert QB
Dalton Hilliard HB
Merril Hoge FB
Paul Hornung HB
Jeff Hostetler QB
Raghib Ismail WR
Keith Jackson TE
Joe Jacoby T
Jeff Jaeger K
John Jefferson WR
Pepper Johnson ILB
Daryl Johnston FB
Brent Jones TE
Brian Jones ILB
Deacon Jones DE
Rulon Jones DE
Stan Jones G
Too Tall Jones DE
Leroy Kelly HB
Bernie Kosar QB
Greg Kragen DT
Tommy Kramer QB
Dave Krieg QB
Jim Lachey T
Greg Landry QB
Night Train Lane CB
Jim Langer G
Lamar Lathon OLB
Dante Lavelli WR
Leon Lett DT
Albert Lewis CB
Bob Lilly DT
Floyd Little HB
Larry Little G
Greg Lloyd OLB
James Lofton WR
Ronnie Lott FS
Marty Lyons DT
Tom Mack G
John Mackey TE
Dexter Manley DE
Archie Manning QB
Gino Marchetti DE
Fred Marion SS
Jim Marshall DE
Dan Marino QB
Leonard Marshall DE
Eric Martin WR
Harvey Martin DE
Tony Martin WR
Don Maynard WR
George Mcafee SS
Randall Mcdaniel G
Terry McDaniel CB
Hugh McElhenny HB
Guy Mcintyre G
Freeman McNeil HB
Natrone Means HB
Karl Mecklenburg OLB
Dave Meggett HB
Pete Metzelaars TE
Keith Millard DT
Bobby Mitchell WR
Ron Mix T
Joe Montana QB
Herman Moore WR
Lenny Moore HB
Rob Moore WR
Mike Munchak T
Chuck Muncie HB
Anthony Munoz T
Eddie Murray K
Tony Nathan HB
Chuck Noll ILB
Ken Norton Jr OLB
Jay Novacek TE
Ken O'Brien QB
Neil O'Donnell QB
John Offerdahl ILB
Christian Okoye HB
Leslie O'Neal DE
Jim Otto C
Bubba Paris T
Jim Parker T
Bryce Paup OLB
Walter Payton HB
Drew Pearson WR
Joe Perry HB
William Perry DT
Pete Pihos WR
Gary Plummer ILB
Tom Rathman FB
Andre Reed WR
Mel Renfro CB
Jerry Rice WR
Eugene Robinson FS
Mike Rozier HB
Mark Rypien QB
Dan Saleaumua DT
Barry Sanders HB
Ricky Sanders WR
Jesse Sapolu G
Gale Sayers HB
Joe Schmidt ILB
Lee Roy Selmon DE
Clyde Simmons DE
O.J. Simpson HB
Billy Sims HB
Mike Singletary ILB
Emmitt Smith HB
Jackie Smith TE
Matt Snell HB
Chris Spielman ILB
Bob St. Clair T
Ken Stabler QB
Bart Starr QB
Roger Staubach QB
Jan Stenerud K
Dwight Stephenson C
Korey Stringer T
Scott Studwell ILB
Steve Tasker WR
Jack Tatum SS
Charley Taylor WR
John Taylor WR
Joe Theismann QB
Yancey Thigpen WR
Derrick Thomas OLB
Thurman Thomas HB
Mick Tingelhoff C
Tony Tolbert DE
Johnny Unitas QB
Charley Trippi HB
Jessie Tuggle OLB
Eric Turner FS
Rick Upchurch WR
Brad Van Pelt ILB
Bill Wade QB
Wesley Walker WR
Andre Ware QB
Curt Warner HB
Chris Warren HB
Charlie Waters SS
Ricky Watters HB
Richmond Webb T
Roger Wehrli CB
Randy White DT
Reggie White DE
Solomon Wilcots FS
Dave Wilcox OLB
Otis Wilson OLB
Steve Wisniewski G
Willie Wood SS
Ickey Woods FB
Rayfield Wright T
Ron Yary T
Warrren Moon QB

Reader Comments (Page 1 of 1)

Michael Suna1

6-06-2007 @ 12:29PM

Michael Suna said...

I dont see lawrence taylor. WTF???


2 starsvote downvote upReport
mat parker2

6-06-2007 @ 12:45PM

mat parker said...


Probably due to his appearance in Blitz


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 12:51PM

jduke said...

Neil O'Donnell sucked


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 12:52PM

Perno said...

Did you have to go as far as to say "meh"? Have some tact for crying out loud.

I'm definitely renting this one from GameFly...any competition to EA's monopoly is welcome with open arms!


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 1:07PM

Andrew said...


oj simpson?


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 1:20PM

Joe said...

OK, Ditka vs a hurricane. Who wins?


But the hurricane's name... is Hurricane Ditka.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 1:25PM

Anthony33 said...

@ 1

I feel your pain. I was dying to play as LT too. Damn those Blitz games!


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 1:44PM

Goulet said...

I have lost all faith in this game now! (not that I had heard much before today)Brian Bosworth is included but no love for Ryan Leaf?!? Someone's being paid off and I won't stop til I know who.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 2:00PM

Tony said...

"Someone's being paid off and I won't stop til I know who."

More than likely a bunch of people don't think they're being paid enough.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 2:05PM

Geoff said...

I like the cover. It's not "blinged out," and it's oozing classic, old-school gridiron. Much better than the other football games of recent memory.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 3:47PM

BigD said...

This game is has traditionally been far superior to EA with regards to game play. Much more SIM football. As well as their league structure is unmatched.

Is there a release date? Price point? Please people I encourage you to consider this game before fueling the EA monopoly.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 4:04PM

xavier.davis said...

Name a football cover that has been blinged out in recent memory...or does bling have some new meaning I'm unaware of...Madden, NCAA, and even Blitz have pictures of players in uniform..no bling, just their uniforms....


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-06-2007 @ 4:36PM

Geoff said...


I meant "blinged out" in a graphic design sense, very busy with swooshes and gradients everywhere. This lacks (in a good way) the "xtreme" vibe of most modern sports game covers and falls back on a classic, gritty, hand-painted style that's appropriate to the content of the game (legendary players).

I didn't mean to imply that the cover athletes themselves have been decked out in gold on other games' cover art.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-07-2007 @ 12:58AM

xavier.davis said...



2 starsvote downvote upReport

6-07-2007 @ 8:10AM

Jason said...

where is bo jackson? how can you have a football game without bo jackson?!?!


2 starsvote downvote upReport
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